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Cringe Inducing Cinematic Moments, 2003

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This morning, on the way to work, I nearly had an accident when an oncoming car swerved into and out of my lane. It was one of those moments that leaves you pissed, gasping, and trying to get your sphincter to unclench. And, oddly, the first thing I thought of was a scene from a movie I saw last year which left me feeling the exact same way. So, without any further ado, my belated, only year-in-retrospect list for last year:

1. The scene that I was reminded of this morning was the car crash scene with Chris Cooper in Adaptation. Basically it’s shot from a perspective of viewing into the car from outside the driver’s side as it is backing out of a driveway with the view of oncoming traffic blocked by a truck. As soon as the truck is cleared, we see the front of the oncoming car and SMASH. It was so unexpected it caused me to sieze up when I first saw it. (Additionally, there is a crash scene later in the film where Nicholas Cage exits the vehicle headfirst through the windshield which is also pretty harsh.)

2. The whole deal with Buck in Kill Bill had me squirming in my seat. Maybe it’s just me.

3. Kathy Bates hottub scene in About Schmidt. Do I really need to explain? It’s like seeing your mom naked.

Please feel free to add your own.

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  • i actually agree with you about the Buck bit in Kill Bill. I think it’s not just what happens, but the way it is done. The character Buck isn’t exactly likeable but, somehow, you feel sorry for him having his head rammed multiple times in a metal door.

  • Joe

    Actually, I was talking more about the fact that he was pimping a coma victim than his demise, but I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective.

  • Eric Olsen

    great angle Joe, thanks.

  • I hope that you cringed for aesthetic reasons with the hottub scene in “About Schmit” rather than you were somewhat turned on.

    And your mom? Is she hot? If so, can you supply pictures?

    Personally, the whole of “Death to Smoochie” made me cringe.

  • Joe

    What’s the opposite of engorged and tingly? That’s how I felt during that scene. And I suppose Mom’s hot, if you dig seniors.

  • Considering her role as Annie Wilkes, I don’t think you want to dis Kathy Bates. And her nude scene wasn’t that cringeworthy (yes, you’re hot, now put down the hammer). Now Lara Flynn Boyle, that’s a scarey looking insect. I saw an old photo of her the other day and she actually looked like a human being.

    So, your mom, are we talking Florence Henderson or Bea Arthur? And I’m not sayin’ which is which.

  • Joe

    Well, Mr. Man, let’s just say you won’t be humming “and then there’s Maude…” but what about your mummy? Not to keep bringing the subject of Canadian nut warmers up, but, well?

  • Hey, if Drew Carey can have a torrid affair with Mrs. Bradey, it’s all a balding aging guy can do but dream, can’t he? And if your mom is off the market, I’ll understand, but a little dignity, please.

    Or is she under contract to Larry Flynt? Because, I’ll understand. My mom? She’s dead, you insensitive bastard! Now look what you’ve done, you’ve made me cry!!!

  • Joe

    So you have nut coolers, too?

  • Sorry, my bad, I should have referenced Mrs. Partridge, Shirley Jones, who also did the star turn in “Shakes The Clown” as a clown groupie. I get those clown groupies confused. Oh, wait, I’m wrong, it is Florence Henderson.

    So who was that old lady who greased me up last night?

  • So you have nut coolers, too?

    We have them in several choices:

    You want nuts on a wall, we have have walnuts.
    You want nuts on your chest, we have chestnuts.
    You want nuts on your chin, you have a cock in your mouth.

  • Joe

    Sorry, nut coolers was in reference to your mom. It’s cool, I’m actually an orphan myself, but I’m sure my real mom is even hotter than Flo Henderson, I’m thinking a poor man’s Mary Tyler Moore.

  • I’ll see your Mary Tyler Moore and raise you a Sophia Loren.

  • Joe

    Don’t make me pull out the Raquel Welch.

    Well, now that we’ve alienated just about anyone who’d even remotely want to comment about the original post… Did you see this?

  • I don’t think you really have a Raquel Welsh in your hand, so I’ll raise you a Tuesday Weld. So what do you want to see my hand?

    Hey, dames, booze, poker, who knew?

  • Joe

    Barbara Eden, Elizabeth Montgomery, or Ann Margaret may or may not be my high. Your move.