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Cricketer Fardin Qayyumi Died Too Young

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Fardin Qayyumi was funny, enthusiastic, passionate, lovable, confident and a wonderfully nice guy. I just came to know about his passing. A 15-year-old cricketer from northern California, Fardin played in the North California Cricket Association (NCCA) league.

Ganesh Sanap, who played with Fardin, recalls:

He had his own way of dressing up for the game and it was fun seeing a 15-year-old among us. He was our future Captain-designate. He had an amazing will to succeed. Some of us can only dream about possessing as much talent as him.

About halfway through last season Fardin started opening the batting for Valley Cricketers and showed tremendous defensive techniques. During this year’s team meeting Fardin asked what his batting position was going to be this season and I asked him what position would he like to bat. He mentioned that he would like to open and then I told him that he didn’t even need to ask about his position. Such was the kid’s manners and attitude, he didn’t take things for granted. One of the most important aspects for anyone to succeed, not just on the field, but off it too.

I came to know Fardin from his posts at the cricketweb forums. Fardin proclaimed that he had defense like that of Dravid and spin like that of Vettori. His enthusiasm was there for all to see. The way Fardin spoke about his exploits would not make people go angry at him for bragging. He was just too lovable.

Fardin won the hearts of many people through his humour as well. People loved Fardin for who Fardin was.

Fardin’s younger brother, Farhad Qayyumi, recalls that between his brother’s wisecracks — of which there were many — Fardin also taught him to take his education seriously. “He wanted me to graduate, study a lot,” Farhad said.

Whether it was his friends, team-mates, coaches, internet folks or any one else Fardin came in touch with, Fardin touched hearts. His MySpace page says that he has only 118 friends. I am sure there are many, many more.

I can confidently say that every one who even interacted with Fardin will remember him for the rest of their lives.

Tribute threads for Fardin can be found on the NCCA Cricket site, Cricketweb, and Planetcricket.

Ganesh Sanap wrote on the NCCA Cricket site:

Fardin’s family has migrated from Afghanistan in recent years and has very few means. The family is still to come to terms with the reality. Fardin’s father has made an appeal for financial assistance for immediate expenses and more. Valley Cricketers/ East Bay Cricket Club and a few wellwishers have pledged some amount but we need a lot more. I would like to request all NCCA Clubs and cricketers to donate generously for this noble cause. Please contact me for details. Every dollar will count and no amount will be too small. Your privacy will be maintained.

Shounak Ganguly has created a PayPal fund account. People are encouraged to donate to it. Alternatively, checks in the name of Shoaib Qayyumi, Fardin’s father, can be sent to: Ganesh Sanap, 4240 Ramshall pl. Santa Clara, CA 95054.

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  • AJ

    i was friends with fardin such a good guy i cant belive that he is gone but he is in a better place now.The day i found out that he was gone i couldnt belive it i really thought that it was all a dream but when i appeared at his funeral it was real fardin well be missed by his friends may allah bless his soal

  • Thanks PK for this touching article.