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Crest Of A Knave Remastered

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Artist: Jethro Tull
Title: Crest Of A Knave (1987/2005)
Genre: Rock
Label: Capitol/EMI
Jethro Tull Website

Crest Of A Knave won Jethro Tull a Grammy and as it turned out it was voted the best metal album! It just goes to show that the people voting for these awards do not seem to have a clue. Its obvious that they had not heard some of the earlier albums by this band that were much more deserving of an award, Thick As A Brick comes to mind immediately because it was so innovative and groundbreaking. With all of that said, Crest Of A Knave is a fine rock album, minus the progressive elements however. I agree with Ian Anderson, its one of my favorites as well. For its pure, straight ahead rock approach, you cannot ask for more. Martin Barre proves once again why has been one of the preeminent string benders of the last 40 years.

“Farm on the Freeway,” not looked upon as a classic JT track, most certainly is in my book and “Budapest” is an incredible tune that still stands tall today and is one of the highlights of their live performances. “Steel Monkey” is quite the rocker to start the set. It is the band’s own personal tribute to that little old band from Texas, you know the dudes with the long beards?

I am spoiled and accustomed to enjoying a plethora of bonus tracks on nearly every release of this remastered series, this one offers only one, “Part of the Machine,” which is excellent. The remastering is superb per usual and I immediately pulled my old copy out of my CD rack and threw it in a box once I heard this. It was a very intelligent decision to get Anderson involved with this process and to offer his perception of each album’s sessions. It makes each release so special to all of us hardcore JT fans. Another one well done-I would expect nothing less.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

June 30, 2005


01. Steel Monkey
02. Farm on the Freeway
03. Jump Start
04. She Said She Was a Dancer
05. Dogs in the Midwinter
06. Budapest
07. Mountain Men
08. Waking Edge
09. Raising Steam
10. Part of the Machine (Bonus Track)

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  • A 9/10? Let’s not get carried away here. This album certainly is not the dog most people make it out to be, I actually like it, especially the progressive edges, but it doesn’t rank close to their best work. What would you rate Aqualung and Thick As A Brick 19/10? It is nice to see someone stick up for it though.

  • What do you mean get carried away? The crap that is coming out these days? This is a 9/10 in comparison. JT is one of the best bands in the world even on a bad day. Aqualung and Thick As A Brick are 10/10 easily. There are no progressive edges apparent in this music, its one of the most straight ahead rock albums with blues influenced guitar, per usual, that they ever recorded. That is why I listed it as Rock for the genre, it sounds pretty generic compared to a lot of their other work.

  • I agree with you about “The crap that is coming out these days” in comparison to even Tull’s worst work, but if their best stuff is a 10 then “Crest” might deserve a 7 in my opinion. Sounds a little like Dire Straits too.

  • I love Tull so I was very generous with the rating, I tend to be more generous with ratings than other reviewers any way, but I do not care what people think, its my feeling and perception. There was a time that I did not rate anything, which I think I would like to return to so people do not read into it so much. Ratings are opinions, nothing more, they simply do not carry a lot of weight with me. When I read a review I absorb what is being said not a rating scale from 1 to 10. So many sites require this rating system so I just do it. Its not meant to take too seriously, read on with joy!

  • That’s cool. I didn’t mean it as a slam, I was just adding my two cents to a review that interested me. That is what this site is all about.

  • Crest Of A Knave won Jethro Tull a Grammy and as it turned out it was voted the best metal album! It just goes to show that the people voting for these awards do not seem to have a clue.

    It didn’t win “best metal album“. It won a Grammy for the combined category of Hard Rock / Metal.

  • No offense taken Paul. I just don’t want people to take “ratings” too serious. I prefer people would just read the review and decide if this is something they are interested in, like yourself. This is a great site for communicating ideas, thoughts and opinions. Yes this is what its all about. This a large group of people being critical of critics or critcs being critical of each other, it works both ways. Just like music, you lay your cards on the table and leave the door open for criticism, that is the price for admission. I am glad that people are reading my reviews!

  • SFC Ski

    I would have sworn that there was a song called “Rattlesnake Trail” on this release. Have to check Google I suppose.
    This is a pretty good album, but it’s not their best work, I agree.

  • JR

    “the Rattlesnake Trail” was on the next album, Rock Island

  • SFC Ski

    Thanks, when I think that far back the years blend together.