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Creed Being Sued

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Fans suing Creed for the lead singer’s inability to perfom concert due to either intoxication and/or medication.

George Jones reportedly is willing to appear as an expert witness.

The bigger question: Can I sue Creed for the price of the CD’s my son forced us to buy when he went through a Creed phrase? And include a claim for punitive damages related to mental anguish and despair at the state of rock and roll?

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  • Eric Olsen

    Nice one Chris: the Christian Pearl Jam, what a concept.

  • The Theory

    They’re not Christian… they’re “Spiritual”… there is a difference.

    Though, they DO suck, so it doesn’t really matter.


  • Eric Olsen

    Sorry TT, maybe they’re spiritual Christians, I guess they could be sufi’s. Anyway, we all agree they suck bath bubbles.

  • I don’t know, I think this has grim ramifications for rock music in general. After all, if every rock band that went on stage drunk or on drugs got sued by some dickhead, probably 90% of all rock bands would go out of business. Anyway, someone should just sue Scott Stapp for being a tiresome Vedder clone and having a bad mullet. That’s heinous enough.

  • Peter Rigano

    At one time, Creed was one of the greatest bands on the planet! It’s a shame they broke up but I’m eternally grateful for all they’ve given through their music….