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With a set of wheels and some plastic, many teens (and adults, for that matter) go out on the town participating in spending binges. Used responsibly, a credit card can be a great tool. In fact, if you pay off your balance every month, you’re borrowing money for free. Don’t confuse that with getting free money, which can be a temptation for people who have some credit to their name.

Credit cards can be a way to establish credit for larger purchases down the road like a car or a home. Get in the habit of making your payments on time, there can be stiff penalties if you don’t. Did you know that if you just pay the monthly minimum, it could take you years to pay off your credit card debt? Why do you think so many merchants are willing to accept credit cards? It’s easy money for them and the credit card companies, but you pay bookoo bucks if you play the get-it-now-pay-for-it-later game.

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