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Creative Ideas for a Perfect Easter Basket

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Easter is only a few days away, and if your family celebrates the holiday, you might want to consider what gifts to give. Sure, you can go with the traditional basket full of pastel candies, plastic shreds that try to pass off as grass, and a chocolate bunny, but why not try something different? If you’re looking for something that is sure to rock their bunny tails off this spring, here are a few options to consider.


For the Kids

Instead of getting a simple basket from your local big box store with the same toys and decorations, purchase a gift basket designed specifically around a theme your children will enjoy. Findgift.com lets you search baskets from other companies according to recipient, occasion, price range, and more. Their gifts for kids feature several Easter baskets your kids will enjoy, such as a Disney-themed activity basket; a movie night basket complete with candy and popcorn perfect for a family night in; or a giant box full of Easter cookies.

Gifts for Him

It’s pretty safe to assume that if you’re considering buying an Easter basket for your husband, he probably isn’t looking for a pink basket containing a chocolate bunny. GiftTree offers lots of gift basket selections for him, whether he would like something sweet, something practical, something to entertain him, or something good to drink. If your husband enjoys beer, there is a craft beer and snacks basket he’ll be sure to enjoy after Easter dinner.

If you think he might enjoy a little pampering, The Man Can features an array of all-natural skin care products, sealed up in a manly paint can. GiftTree also offers puzzle and game gift sets like The Entertainer, which features wine, dice, playing cards, and more.  

Gifts for Her

If your wife could use some at-home rest and relaxation, then instead of giving her a bag of malted chocolates, give her a spa gift basket complete with bubble bath, aromatherapy lotion, exfoliants, and another bath accessories. If you know she appreciates a glass of wine now and then, Wine.com features a wide assortment of wine gift baskets that come complete with other treats, such as cupcakes, dried fruits, cheese assortments, and chocolate. Several of the gift baskets also come in unconventional packaging, such as a picnic basket, a steel colander, or even a steel paella pan if you select their Spanish paella and wine gift set.

For the Grandparents

For most holidays, grandparents are often the giver of gifts and don’t always receive a special trinket of their own. If you would like to send your grandparents something special for Easter (or you think that they might want something special “from the kids”), The Serious Teddy Bear Company sells teddy bear gift baskets that are created specifically for adults. You and the kids can create a personalized gift basket to send their way, or you can personalize a gift basket and have it delivered to wherever your family might be gathering to celebrate the holiday. You can select the type of bear to include, any sweets you might want to add, and select from any additional add-ons, such as a book or a trinket. 

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