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Creation and the Flood

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For hundreds of years the origin of life has been debated. Scientists have made assumptions of the age of the earth and how it began. Creationists believe the earth is young — around 6,000 years –while evolutionists believe the earth is billions of years old. What if the proof we have been looking for is right under our nose? The primary detailed historical account from the Bible is the Flood, found in Genesis chapter seven. The Flood presents relevant evidence to recent historical discoveries, fossils, and unexplainable land formations.

In the Bible, the story of the Flood involves a man named Noah who built an Ark to survive the Flood. After the Flood, the Bible states the Ark landed on a mountaintop. In the last 50 years, several people have claimed to see an object resembling the Ark’s description in the Bible near the summit of Mount Ararat in Turkey. The CIA is in the process of putting together an investigation of the site. As soon as they receive the okay from the Turkish government, the process of digging into the ice surrounding the presumed Ark will begin. If this object does turn out to be Noah’s Ark, it will, I believe, cause people to realize the Bible is the truth and evolution was just an improvable idea.

Paleontology, or the study of fossils, has erupted in the last century, bringing about millions of fossils of all types of creatures from all over the world. How do scientists explain fossils of animals giving birth or fossils of animals eating other animals? An example of this can be found on page nine of Dr. Walt Brown’s book, In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, in Figure 7 entitled “Fish Swallowing Fish.” The Flood presents a simple and logical explanation. It stirred up the dirt, rock, and ash, and then they resettled on top of these creatures. Thick layers of dirt and miles of water pressurized and preserved these fossils in minutes. This process is known as rapid burial and preservation.

Animals were not the only things buried and preserved quickly. Fossils of whole tree trunks have been found all over the world. One example is the Fossilized Forest in Yellowstone National Park. These trees are called polystrate trees, and it happens when a tree is suddenly buried entirely with dirt and water. Before the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980, scientists believed it took millions of years for this fossilization to happen. When Mount St. Helens erupted, the same fossilized trees were found under all the ash in the lake-bottom of Spirit Lake.

What about the fossils of dinosaurs? Didn’t they fossilize over millions of years? The word “dinosaur” actually originated from a man named Sir Richard Owen in 1842 and means “terrible lizard.” The Biblical viewpoint of dinosaurs is that they lived with humans around 6,000 years ago. Job 40:15-18 says, “Look at the behemoth, which I made along with you and which feed on grass like an ox. What strength he has in his loins, what power in the muscles of his belly! His tail sways like a cedar; the sinews of his thighs are close knit. His bones are tubes of bronze, his limbs like rods of iron.”

Most scientists believe behemoth means hippo or elephant, but the Hebrew language has words to describe these animals just as they do for crocodile or whale, which the animal leviathan is presumed to be. Isaiah 27:1 describes leviathan as “…the gliding serpent…the coiling serpent…the monster of the sea.”

Explanations for the extinction of these giant reptiles include the Flood. Noah probably took dinosaurs on the Ark, but they were babies for safety’s sake. However, after they got off the Ark, the bulk of the food chain had been destroyed. Creationists assume the complete extinction of land dinosaurs was a combination of a lack of food and a change in life expectancy.

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  • Deano

    Okaaay… I’ll start by suggesting that you learn what the accepted scientific definition of a “theory” is – how it is arrived at, what it entails and how it is tested, revised etc… prior to you arbitrarily deciding that evolution “has been proven wrong time and time again”.

    Creationism doesn’t even meet the basic tenets of scienctific theory – it is faith-based, not science-based. I suggest you leave it in the church where it rightly belongs.

    There is literally tons of scientific evidence in support of evolutionary theory. I highly recommend you go out and read some basic textbooks written by leaders in the field of biology, geology, and palentology etc. and stop parroting the dogma of the Creationists. Don’t believe me, try looking at the evidence.

    You can start by reading about Carbon-14 dating which has been around since the 1940′s and can be used to reliably date organic carbonaceous materials back to 60,000 years (somewhat more than the proported 6,000 you cite).

  • duane

    “Noah probably took dinosaurs on the Ark….”

    Yeah, probably. Forgetful God didn’t plan ahead though. When the dinosaurs left the ark, they starved to death because the food chain below them had been wiped out by the flood.

    And the absent-minded God spake saying, “Ooopsie.”

    And Noah gnashed his teeth and lamented, “You mean I just spent 40 days shoveling brontosaurus shit for nothing?! Jesus Christ!”

  • Bernie of

    “Explanations for the extinction of these giant reptiles include the Flood. Noah probably took dinosaurs on the Ark, but they were babies for safety’s sake. However, after they got off the Ark, the bulk of the food chain had been destroyed. Creationists assume the complete extinction of land dinosaurs was a combination of a lack of food and a change in life expectancy.”

    I think it is illogical for animals to die after the flood because of inadequate food. That is saying God is dumb. Here God goes to great lengths to collect animals, save them from water… then have them die because of lack of food???

    Then again, what food would there be for anything after such a horrendous flood, which was so powerful it shifted the continents… because later you also say:

    “What about Continental Drift? I am sure everyone has noticed how Africa and South America seem like they would fit together. There is a theory describing one large land mass, called Pangea, that was all the earth’s land combined. Creationists believe this theory, as do evolutionists. There are many different opinions about how the continents became as they are today.

    The theory adopted by most creationists is the Hydro-plate Theory. It states that three large hydro-plates collided into each other at the end of a global flood and broke into several smaller plates. The Bible states that when the Flood came, the “fountains of the deep” spewed up. Henry M. Morris gives a description of what happened during the Flood in his book, The Biblical Basis for Modern Science: “This latter upheaval must have been followed by the eruption of subterranean magmas, and these by great earthquakes, and these by tremendous tidal waves in the sea.”

    It was utter catastrophical destruction!”

  • Bennett

    Oh lord, not again… This and the tale of Adam and Eve hanging out with peaceful dinosaurs go hand in hand. I’m sorry, but your fable is far from rational, as (it appears) is the book you reference.

    Try again if you like, but please base your writing on more than one religous ‘tract’.

    Dr. Brown’s book furthers the Christian Coalition’s goal of dumbing down the world.

  • duane

    Good thinking, Bernie (#3). I hadn’t thought of that … I mean, if I ignore what I said in #2.

  • Scott Deitche

    Even a majority of creationists do not believe in Young Earth Creationism. It is definitely fringe pseudoscience. Even the Vatican acknowledges the ancient age of the Earth.

    So many questions, so little space.

    Can the author show any peer-reviewed literature or experimentation to back up the claims?

    If evolution has been disprovecd over and over, how come thousands of scientific papers, spanning dozens of disciplines, are published each year, while ZERO scientific research is done in regards to creation?

    Civilization has existed for close to 10,000 years. If the Earth is only 6,000 years old (or 9000, or 5000- even the young earth creationists cannot agree), did these cities float in space like Lando Calrissian’s sky-city?

    If the flood wiped out creatures, why did fish dramtically change appearances? The flood would not have wiped them out.

    Bottom line, mainstream Christians (and Jews) do not believe in young earth creationism; only the fringe.

  • Amanda

    What effect would “proof” of God’s existence have on the concept of faith, which seems to involve belief in something without the benefit of definite evidence?

    How would such a discovery change Christianity? Would people who accepted Christ in light of the new discovery still be saved, even though they did not have the same kind of “faith” that current believers do? Would this mean that everyone would go to Heaven (well, maybe not everyone, since there are those who refuse to accept even the most thoroughly proven truths)?

  • http:.// Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I think we should all consider that the author is a sophomore in college and not go too hard on her. Nobody has, thank G-d. Let’s hope it stays that way….

    Briana, I’d like to recommend a couple of books for you to read, given the orientation of your ideas.

    Duane won’t like them, but IMHO, they are well worth looking at. One is the, Creation and the Big Bang, and the other is the Science of G-d. Both are by Gerald Schroeder, a physicist and oceanographer who teaches in Jerusalem. The basic idea in all of Dr. Schoeder’s books is that science and religion are more or less two sides of the same coin.

    I also recommend The Riddle of the Exodus, by Jim Long. All can be found in a decent bookstore, or on Amazon.

    All of these deal with proving events cited in the Bible.

    I’m a believing Jew who does his best to keep the Shabbat and the commandments. To be absolutely honest with you, I have serious problems with the portion of Genesis dealing with Noah. The numbers just do not add up. For example, the number of ‘amót – cubits – cited in Genesis do not get anywhere near covering Ararat, the mountain where the Bible says the boat landed, and where a boat has been spotted, but which the Turks are keeping foreigners off of. The cubit is a little over a foot long, going from the fist to the elbow. And I’m not the only one with problems. Serious rabbinic scholars also have problems with the Flood story. This is not to say it is not true. G-d does not lie. But, like the story of the Creation, the actual story of the Flood may be hidden in the text.

    Also, looking beyond the Bible, I recommend you take a serious look at the tales of Gilgamesh. In this instance, as with many others (like the story of Abraham defeating the four kings to rescue his nephew) the Bible may be a key linking up history and archaeology and illuminating both, rather than serving as the straight up text.

    Good luck!