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Cream Reunion – It’s Official

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Posted on Friday, December 17 on Where’s Eric, Clapton made the formal announcement on BBC 2’s Johnnie Walker program. Four shows in May 2005 at the Royal Albert Hall will be recorded.

As I noted previously, I look forward to the filmed record of this concert, as it’s unlikely there will be a tour. Cream’s film legacy is mediocre at best, with dreadful filming and sound on Farewell Concert (the constant zooming and horrid reverb is enough to induce headaches) and the clips filmed at the Revolution Club are examples of how not to film a rock band in concert (for example, during “Sunshine Of Your Love”‘s guitar solo, the camera focuses on Ginger….

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  • I’ll be fascinated to see how they sound these days. Cream was one of the best rock acts to ever come along, a perfect and nearly pure blend of blues-hard rock energy.

    Eric Berlin
    Dumpster Bust: Miracles from Mind Trash

  • I look forward to this reunion. I bought Bruce’s “Shadows In The Air” CD and he and EC do an inspired rendition of “Sunshine Of Your Love”. When I first heard the remake, I thought that these two should work together more often.

  • AAAAGGGHHHH!!! I found out 2 weeks late about tix going on sale for this near-impossible eventuality.
    It’s almost enough to make up for the
    recent, maddening Bush years. I’ve
    seen all 3 of them in different configs over the years— i have no doubt that
    they will be just as good, if not better,
    than the original. The hottest ticket
    on the planet with good reason.

  • I bet they sound better today than they did in their heydey. They’ve had years to hone their skills and are bound to be way less stoned than they were.


  • fla3006

    I’m 57, saw Cream in Houston on their Farewell tour in 68. Also saw Bruce & Baker together a few years ago, Baker looked really good and healthy, played well too. Bruce recently had two liver transplants, was doing poorly for awhile, hope he is up to it. Too bad legendary bands like Cream often quit working together even for short stints until it’s almost too late and the rest of world gets shortchanged.

  • Jeff Halter

    I saw Cream play on May 3, 2005 at the Royal Albert Hall. THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! No 15 minute solos, but more like 7,8, and 9 minutes. AMAZING!!