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Craves Experience – T-Square: Moon, Venus, Mars: Astrology-Based Advice

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aHi Elsa,

I’ve been struggling for months with a move I should make or not and I’m completely unable to make a choice, being torn and too afraid of regretting it later.

I’m in a relationship with a great man for almost 7 years now. We’ve been living together for 5 years and we bought a beautiful house that we love one year ago. Things have always been easy between us: We almost never fight, enjoy being together most of the times, have great sex, etc. He adores me, almost treat me like a princess and I love him too.

BUT… I’m 25 now, and from the beginning of this relationship, I’ve never been sure if he was the ONE for me. I wonder how I can be so difficult even though years have proven to me that he’s a total gentleman and that we really get well together. I’m feeling guilty of being so unsatisfied. And I really wish I could decide to commit for real with him.

But I always have these dreams from time to time of living alone, meeting new people, being free and experiencing some other passions. And every time another interesting man shows me some interests, it’s a total headache for me to say “no,” remain faithful and I just feel so torn ’cause it’s screaming “yes” inside of me.

I’m afraid if I stay, I will miss a major part in my life and that I’ll grow up as a dull person. And I’m afraid if I go, I’ll make the biggest mistake in my life, ending lonely, poor and sad, full of regrets because I will have broken the heart of a wonderful person and because I’ll never find someone as wonderful as him!

I know nobody can take that decision for me, but I would like to know, considering my personality and the one of my boyfriend, what kind of situation is more likely to make me happier.

Thank you in advance for your great advices,
Uncomfortable Girl

Dear Uncomfortable,

It sounds to me like you’re growing up. You met this man when you were a teenager. Young girls tend to take a traditional role in relationship, not really understanding how incredibly individual they are. You’ve probably developed a fairly fixed way of relating to your man, and it sounds like it’s good, even very good, however now you crave the freedom to experiment.

And with an Aquarius Moon, involved in a T-square between Mars and Venus, I don’t think these urges are going to go away, because they are part of the authentic you. So do you leave the guy? Not so fast.

Good sex with someone you like / love / get along with is one hell of ticket to toss away. So I’m wondering, have you shared any of this with him? Can you experiment with him / within the relationship? Or does he want you to stay your sweet little teenaged self? This is what you need to find out.

Because you will evolve, this is a given. And if he’s got a problem with that, the relationship will ultimately fail. But make sure he’s limited in this way, okay? Because you may find out otherwise and in whichever case, armed with this information, things should clarify.

Good luck.

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