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Craig Ferguson Leads the Late Late Night Pack

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Mike McDaniel, of the Houston Chronicle, ranked the late show lesser-knowns today.

In McDaniel’s critique of Conan O’Brien, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel, Ferguson received the highest overall score.

McDaniel graded each of the late night hosts in the areas of “recent laugh lines”, “interviewability”, and “overview”. Also included in his assessment are the “details”: recurring skits/acts, sidekick, band, and airtime.

Ferguson’s “interviewability” was touted as “easily the best of this bunch. Operates without notes and really converses with his guests.” (I couldn’t have said it better myself.)

O’Brien earned a 7.5 out of 10, Ferguson got an 8.5, and Kimmel nabbed a paltry 6.0.

While each of the comics/hosts have a subjective appeal, one certainly can’t argue the fact that no one can ever replace the Master of Late Night, Johnny Carson. But, these three are trying their best to honor the man who set the bar so high. With plenty of current affairs material and an endless supply of talent willing to appear on the shows, Ferguson, Kimmel, and O’Brien, can all occupy their respective niches and keep us entertained.

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  • Christine NYC

    Yes, I watched the program and the mental illness reference was with regard to John Lennon. Something about manic-depressive or bi-polar disorder. Basically, the author’s point was that Yoko Ono worked very hard to protect John during these dark hours which greatly strained John’s relationship with Paul…Yoko even turned Paul away at the Dakota door when he came to visit once…Imagine! (pun intended.)

    Pay attention folks! If you’re watching Craig you need to be on the ball to capture all his brilliance! 🙂

    Conan is god? C’mon…don’t be such a cheeky monkey!

  • Ann

    Um, I thought that was in reference to John Lennon, not Paul McCartney, and I recall Spitz referring to Lennon as a tortured soul.

  • erm, conan o’brien is god.

  • john galloway

    Gosh..I feel like the veil has been lifted and I’ve been exposed for the pathetic old geezer I am who lives vicariously through others while eating my stale crackers..I think I’ll log-off and cry now..

  • Rhiannon

    Mr. Galloway,I’ve sorry you feel that McCartney was attacked. I took it not so much as he was mentally sick, but that he’d had problems in his life, as everyone does. Events leave scars, and it’s these scars that cause artists to rise to their greatest talent. Truthfully, I don’t think anyone could or would harm the reputation of such a brilliant artist.

  • Mr. Galloway, I think your judgment of Ferguson based on his interview with Bob Spitz is very shortsighted.

    Craig was asking about the rumors of mental illness, attempting to clarify what he’s heard. That doesn’t mean he hates Paul. That doesn’t mean he was maligning Paul. He was looking for answers.

  • John Galloway

    As some of you Beatle posters might know I petty much use this news
    group to support John & Yoko and to have fun putting down McCartney and
    his wife Heather Mills. Truth be told I know Paul is gifted and its his
    business who he sleeps with. One of my favorite beatle songs is “let it
    be” with “fixing a hole” right up there. So you should not be suprised
    that last night when watching “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson” my
    mouth dropped when Ferguson suggested Paul McCartney was “mentally
    ill.” He was interviewing Bob Spritz about his new Beatle Biography.
    Not only was I angered but I will not watch his program again. You see
    its one thing to mess around with Paul on a news group to which less
    than 500 people are registered-its quite another to mess with a gifted
    man’s reputation on a broadcast reaching millions. John Lennon once
    argued that it was one thing for him to be critical of the Beatles but
    he would not stand idlely by as Mick Jagger made glib pot shots at
    them. And this Paul basher feels the same. I hope David Letterman calls
    him into his office soon..