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When we speak generically of the word “craft,” the English language causes us to pause and wonder if we are speaking of the type of craft that ladies like to make to spruce up their nest (home), something that flies or floats, or maybe even the practice of Wicca.

Some types of crafts generate a lot of attention and speculation, like U.F.O.s., while other crafts may be constructed by our children at elementary or preschool, and be hidden away because we feel too guilty to put them out with the trash.

What is your craft? A craft can also loosely mean your profession, more especially if you are an Artisan. It may just be that most people think of an aircraft when they think of the word craft, but remember their are also watercraft and hovercraft as well. A personal hovercraft is a delight, almost as much fun getting some serious G’s in an F-16 fighter craft.

You can craft some pretty interesting sentences when you write, too. Like saying, “Hello!” to your editor. Because he is the engine behind this outfit.

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