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Crabwalk.com January 2003 Mix of the Month

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Crabwalk.com/January 2003 Mix of the Month

  1. Led Zeppelin “The Song Remains The Same” – One of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, next to “The Immigrant Song.”
  2. Badly Drawn Boy “River, Sea, Ocean” – Very Beatlesish song, not too bad.
  3. The Roots “The Seed (2.0)” – An absolutely bad-ass rap song. The topic kind of sucks, spreading one’s “seed,” (don’t we have enough irresponsible fatherhood in the hip-hop world?) but it’s a very good song.
  4. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead “Another Morning Stoner” – Rockin’ tune with lots of energy.
  5. Massive Attack “Risingson” – Slow, trancy vocals over a looped beat that gets kind of heavy toward the end. I was disappointed, since I expected something extremely heavy. With a name like Massive Attack, I thought it would be industrial-hardcore type music, not acid-rock trance.
  6. The Raveonettes “Do You Believe Her” – This was more like what I expected for the last song, UNTIL the singer kicks in with that annoying alterno-whine. Still, not a bad song.
  7. Beachwood Sparks “The Sun Surrounds Me” – A very Zeppelin-esque feel with a less flashy guitar.
  8. Saint Etienne “Action” – Synth-pop with a female lead who can sing pretty damn good. It has a nice bass-line, too even if it is looped.
  9. Cornershop “Good Shit” – Very nice song with a groove of it’s own. A song with a pretty good message, too.
  10. Eliades Ochoa “Si Sabes Bailar Me Son” – A nice salsa beat with a really sweet horn break. You can almost feel the smoky cuban nightclub.
  11. Travis Morrison “Around The Way Girl” – Quick, where’s my copy of Mamma Said Knock You Out?? Get this shit away from me. I equate it to the REALLY bad cover of “Boyz ‘N Tha Hood” by Dynamite Hack, BAD, just plain bad. White boys doing acoustic covers of old-school rap is thankfully a trend that didn’t catch on.
  12. Richard Thompson “Flammes d’Enfer” – Josh is right, the guitar in this song is absolutely wicked.
  13. The Red Stick Ramblers “Valse de Balfa” – Country meets cajun with some very fine fiddle work. It has a nice, groovy feel to it.
  14. The Black Heart Procession “Did You Wonder” – More uninspiring power-pop that you can’t hate, but don’t like either.
  15. De la Soul “Buddy” – A blast from the past. I was never into any rap this light. It’s listenable weak but pop-rap with a guest appearance by Q-tip.
  16. Sleater-Kinney “Oh!” – Girl band pop-rock. There is nothing special about this song.
  17. Preston School of Industry “Falling Away” – Light, radio-pop that is an extremely easy listen. I’d want to listen to this at poolside on a cool breezy summer afternoon.
  18. Lift to Experience “Waiting to Hit” – An odd song with some seriously cheesy lyrics. I think it’s rather weak.
  19. Quasi “Which Side Are You On, Colonel?” – Another odd song. This one’s rather mellow but the dog barking over electronics at the end of the song add the right flavor to save the song. I actually like it.
  20. Blackalicious “Made You Feel That Way” – A laid-back rap with a very smooth vocal touch. This CD will be my next purchase.

A huge improvement over December’s mix. This one was really easy to listen to and easier to get into than December. The “international” kick Josh was on is fading, which I consider a good thing.

An unfortunate side-note, Josh is ending the CDMOM trade. It got too big and he has too many other things to take care of. While that’s sad, I completely understand that making upwards of 100 CD’s to trade for CD’s that you rarely have the time to listen to could be too much for one person. There’s rumblings of some traders “keeping it going,” so I’ll have to see what happens. March will be the last CDMOM trade. Thanks, Josh!

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