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Crabwalk.com-December 2002 Mix of the Month

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Crabwalk.com-December 2002 Mix of the Month

  1. Calexico “Crooked Road and the Briar” – O.K. song but nothing that would make me check out more by them.
  2. The Young Fresh Fellows “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonite” – Starts out in the “old-school” punk method, “one-two-three-four” then bashes into a power-pop punk type song. One of those bands that’s high on energy, low on originality. I like bands like that, though. It’s a pretty good song.
  3. Destroyer “Modern Painters” – Nice. A Floyd-ish start, very good guitar and keyboards throughout. Mellow track with a very good vocalist.
  4. Sebadoah “The Freed Pig” – A nice hate song in a poppy style. Cute.
  5. Death Cab for Cutie “This Charming Man” – More Death Cab. I’ve heard much better from this band on Josh’s mixes. I’m still not a fan, but they are kind of growing on me.
  6. Money Mark “Hand in Your Head” – Interesting, especially for the chime sounds (keyboards?) accentuating the end of many vocal lines. Sort of Doors-sounding (think “Riders On the Storm”), musically if not vocally.
  7. Girls Against Boys “My Martini” – Death metal type vocals over luke-warm power chords. Although I want to hate it, I can’t. It’s catchy.
  8. My Bloody Valentine “When You Sleep” – Ambient guitar-rock trash with bad, muted vocals. Noise-rock that’s best left as background music to something. As a sidenote, I’ve heard this song somewhere before but I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a cover or it’s just ripping something else off.
  9. Clem Snide “Nick Drake Tape” – I actually like this one for some odd reason. Sounds very grass-roots bluesy. Even the whiny vocals do this particular song justice. If you add some fiddle, it becomes a country song. Nice song.
  10. M. Ward “Fearless” – I’m not familiar with the American Music Club original, but this is lackluster and energy-less. A sleepy-time track, I would say.
  11. Coldplay “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – Ewwwwwww. I’ve never liked Coldplay. They seem like a generic “nu-metal” contrived project to me. However, with just a piano and the vocalist (Chris Martin), this sounds so throwbackish that I actually thought it was one of the Sinatra-era clones. It’s definately not wrecked by that radio-guitar/mindless rhythm that Coldplay is fond of.
  12. David Bowie and Bing Crosby “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy” – I’m not a big fan of Christmas songs to start with but when you start getting “rockers” doing Christmas songs, my mind gets numb. Picture Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona or the Bowie from Labyrinth doing a Christmas song and you’ll figure out what I’m talking about. I have no problem with Bing’s Christmas classics, per se, but I just can’t get too far into Bowie on this track.
  13. Legendary Crystal Chandelier “Everybody is Happy” – I know that guitar riff from the beginning from somewhere but again, I can’t exactly place it. Another pretty decent song masquerading as power-pop punk. There’s a weird outro with “studio” talking then some strange keyboard thing.
  14. Jets to Brazil “Resistance is Futile” – Nice, heavier track with a good vocalist and some tight music. Early punkish sound. This is hands down my favorite on the mix.
  15. Java “Au Banquet Au Chausseurs” – One of the more eccentric songs I’ve heard lately. It’s a mix of club DJ music with latino lyrics. According to Josh, it’s “entirely about mad cow disease and related safety issues.” I’ll take his word for that, but it’s a very interesting song.
  16. Lo’Jo “Baji Larabat” – I like the beat, the feel and the sounds of this song. I simply have no idea what they are singing. It’s OK, though since it’s got a nice feel.
  17. Moreno Veloso “Arrivederci” – Nothing special about the music but the vocals are smooth like chocolate ice cream even though I don’t understand a word. They do, however, sound S-E-X-Y.
  18. La Tordue “Rene Bouteille” – A muted piano background, I picture some sort of 1950’s French nightclub from a bad spy movie. Interesting feel, though.
  19. The French Kicks “1985” – I’m not impressed. Simple rhythm fronted by lame vocals.
  20. World Party “Ship of Fools” – This is Karl Wallinger’s post Waterboys band. I have a later album (Bang!), which I think sounds a whole lot tighter than this song. Not too bad, though.
  21. Pernice Brothers “The Ballad of Bjorn Borg” – It doesn’t sound exactly ballady to me, but I’m more familiar with traditional Irish ballads… It’s an OK song, nothing noteworthy about it. I’m sick of whiny, generic vocalists.
  22. Elvis Presley “Blue Christmas” – It’s the King at Christmastime! My mom was a super Elvis fan, so I’m familiar with this one. It’s grown on me a lot since I was younger and rebellious toward anything mom liked (but don’t tell her!).

I’m not sure if the novelty is wearing off, but I seem to be more critical this month than ever before. I found more to criticize here than I found to really get into. As usual, Josh didn’t throw anything at me that I overtly HATE, but he didn’t give me anything to really like, either. It was definately worth a few listens, but there’s nothing here that pushes me to run out and check out any of these bands any further than this mix. I REALLY hope he gets off his international music kick soon.

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