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Coxon back in Blur?

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CMU reports that at least one tabloid is reporting that Coxon might have patched up his differences with Albarn and may be heading back to the fold.

Graham Coxon quit the band back in 2002 of course after a reported bust up with Damon Albarn. Damon later said: “Graham will always be the guitarist in Blur… I’m sure there’ll come a time when we’ll make music again together”, but Coxon responded in an interview by saying: “If that’s true then why was I un-invited to the studio when I was in Blur? I’m not particularly interested in progress in that area at the moment.”

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  • Mat Blais

    Of course, I’m only one fan among many that hopes to see the group properly reformed. Graham’s angst must be remedied before the band can gel and mesh like they once did. I hope that they can rise above their differences and rediscover their inspiration as a band. A friend and I (we’re both big fans) were discussing the rift. We agree that Think Tank is a wonderful album and is an invaluable contribution to music yet we both also feel that there is a void without Graham’s sound present. Blur is Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree. On behalf of my friend Julie and I, we hope, at the very least, that you’re all able to reconcile as friends.

  • I think there is a hole in the Blur sound without Coxon.

    Coxon is almost done with his next solo album- I’d be shocked if this happens any time soon.