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Covering the 2007 Emmy Awards: The Good, Bad, and Unique

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At this year's Emmy Awards, each of the usual suspects showed up. Most of them, anyway. Perhaps what was memorable was not who won or lost, but how the awards were split up. In the case of The Sopranos, for example, fifteen nominations guaranteed they were likely to win something. Other shows such as Ugly Betty and Heroes did not have quite as many nominations, but they were also guaranteed a solid showing. A couple of shows unfortunately had more than one nod, but only took home one trophy.

James Spader won for Best Actor in a Drama. Sally Field, took home Best Actress for Brothers and Sisters. In the Comedy category, America Ferrera won for Ugly Betty and Ricky Gervais won for Extras.

Terry O'Quinn won Supporting Actor Drama for Lost and Katherine Heigl garnered a Supporting Actress Emmy Drama for Grey's Anatomy. Jeremy Piven won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy for Entourage while Jamie Pressley won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for My Name is Earl.

30 Rock took home Best Comedy, much to the delight of Tina Fey.

What was the biggest upset, you ask? The Sopranos received no statues for acting. They did, however, win Best Drama, Best Direction, and Best Writing. In a nice touch, the Broadway cast of Jersey Boys did a musical tribute with scenes from The Sopranos flashing on screens overhead. James Gandolfini and "family" made their way onto the stage afterwards for much deserved kudos. Both the present and past seasons were represented.

Several late night comedians honored the passing of TV host Tom Snyder, the late night talk show host who was known as one of the best in the business.

Queen Latifah acknowledged the 30th anniversary of Roots. Several original cast members presented Broken Trail with the Emmy for Best Miniseries, with Robert Duvall and Thomas Hayden Church also taking home acting Emmys for their work on this project. The award for Best Made for Television Movie went to Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

Best Variety, Music, or Comedy Series went to The Daily Show With Jon Stewart . Best Writing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Series went to Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

All in all, there was something for everyone who enjoys the art-making of television.

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