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COVER UP By Peter Lance!

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By Peter Lance
Regan Books

If anyone wants to bother writing a book about 9/11, conspiratorial or otherwise, you can assume that I’m going to read it. Having just finished reading through the brilliant book THE TERROR TIMELINE by Paul Thompson, I felt more than ready for a lot of repeat information when diving headfirst into the latest release from Peter Lance. COVER UP, however, had so much more stuff that I hadn’t read before that I remained glued to it from start to finish. While it’s rare for me to find time to tear through any book in under a month, I forgot about sleep for a week so that I could finish this extremely effective book.

COVER UP, while leaning strong to the left, has tons of brand new information that I just hadn’t heard to date. This is especially ironic considering that I’m well into my second dozen books read, and generally struggle to find much new. However, this book really portrays the entire 9/11 Commission as a modern day Warren Commission; brazenly calling the 9/11 attacks an all out consipiracy with the CIA with it’s henchmen and the highest government officials as the manipulators of intelligence that is allowed to be seen or heard by the American people.

From start to finish, Peter Lance blasts the government. He takes aim and fires not only at the intelligence community for allowing 9/11 to happen, but big blasts at the the government and the intelligence community for developing the coverup, or perceived coverup, on multiple levels. Some of the information he points to, such as the documents and items found in the rental cars of the hijackers at Logon Airport, just smell of black operations. Other pieces, like the misdated and mistimed still surveillance photos of the plane hitting the Pentagon, go out of their way to prove that Lance feels that this coverup was sloppy in a lot of ways.

As well as taking shots left and right at the intelligence community, the president and his cabinet, and the terrorists themselves, Lance points an ugly picture of the 9/11 Commission itself. Showing conflicts of interest for almost all of the members of the commission, you can’t help but wonder just why these people were selected to figure out just what happened and how 9/11 could have been stopped.

In case you are wondering, I am purposely not revealing a whole lot of information about this book, as anyone that is trying to learn about what really happened before and after 9/11 should take it upon themselves to discover this information. As 9/11 books go, this one is pretty solid, with the only negatives of it being the grossly left-sided slant from which Lance writes from. On a scale of 1-10, this would be at least an 8. Good stuff from Lance, who is one of the premiere writers on this topic.

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