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Everyone can use a little rock n’ roll in their wardrobe. Can’t commit to the tattoos and mohawk? Do your thighs chafe at the thought of tight leather pants? Then give Rock Bands a shot. “The name came when people asked what it was,” creator Lee Dahlberg says. “It’s a ‘Rock’ on a ‘Band.’ It’s a Rock Band!”

Okay, we know how you got the name, but what about where you got the idea for the actual cuff? “The inspiration came from a John Wayne movie I saw as a kid,” says Lee. “He came into town on a horse wearing a thick leather cuff with a hunk of turquoise strapped to it with shards of leather. This is the modern version of that with a bit of a 60’s throwback feel.”

Lee has a varied background that led him to Rock Bands. Working in the casino business as a croupier, model, and actor, and at an ad agency, Lee combines all these elements into the theory that there is a Rock Band for everyone.

With hundreds of combinations in size, shape, color, and band, it seems unlikely that one wouldn’t be able to find a Rock Band for them. If you can’t find one you want, wait a few days; Lee finds new skins and stones to add to the collection every day.

Each Rock Band is hand-carved by master stone cutters and is overseen by Lee himself. “We only use animals that are consumed,” adds Lee. The quality comes through.

The green-on-green Rock Band offers moss agate on snake skin. The Rock Band comes with a card explaining the significance behind your chosen stone. In this case, moss agate is the prosperity stone, and apparently it helps find hidden treasure!”

Awesome, but back to the cuff. I love the double adjustable buckles. They make the cuff easy to adjust to any wrist size (even for my ridiculously slender wrists), add a little extra protection against coming unfastened, and of course, look really cool. Rock Bands even come in metal cases that resemble gearboxes.

Rock Bands already has celebrity fans from Bono to Jessica Simpson to Johnny Depp. So what is next for Rock Bands? “I have 15 new products coming next year. Some are the obvious next steps, such as belts, but I also have some surprises,” Lee says slyly. “I wear a Rock Band every day. I feel naked without it.”

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