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Courtney ODs

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London’s Evening Standard is reporting that Courtney Love has been taken to hospital and treated for a suspected drug overdose. This was after she was arrested for trashing a friend’s house.

“Officers were responding to a call for help that was received about 6.10am,” a police spokesman said. “The woman was under the influence of a controlled substance and had overdosed.”

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  • The Portland home girl is getting too old for such antics.

  • Word.

    OD-ing at any age is stupid and sad. When one is pushing 40, however, it’s also embarrassing.

    “Call for help”, indeed.

    Poor, poor Frances Bean.

  • andy

    I was gonna say Nat, what about her kid? First daddy, now mommy is showing her true colors. Man.

  • Eric Olsen

    I have a certain fondness for Courtney, but there is just no excuse for this kind of thing anymore – she has got to get it together now, or she never will. Be a parent, stop being such a selfish shit.

  • Fondness for Courtney? Eric, I’d like to hear how and why this fondness originated.

    And shame on Courtney for pulling a stunt like this, just when she was gaining some credibility with fighting the labels. Has anyone been following her other legal matters, those dealing with the ownership of Nirvana and its unreleased music?

  • I’m fond of her for her music, but I’ve been worried for the fate of that kid of hers for , what, over ten years now? I think it was Vanity Fair that was reporting she was shooting up while pregnant. Then Curt offs himself. Then she becomes super-famous. Now this. Some kind of carnival ride.

  • Eric Olsen

    She is spunky, she’s had some good music, she’s a very good actress, she is iconic. But she has some real big problems too. She could go either way and now is the time for her to decide which way that will be.

  • I’ll add that I have a fondness — and deep concern — for Courtney Love too. My mother and I were just talking about her this afternoon, and ruminating about what a talented actor she is. And I’m a major Hole fan. But her problems do seem to outweigh her talents.

  • I guess i’m in the minority in not caring an iota for Courtney. Her acting is marginal at best and her music, well, that’s another story altogether. To this day, i think Kurt was the source of many of the songs on Live Through This. They sound too ‘Nirvana’ and the quality is above and beyond what was on Hole’s third album. LTT almost sounds like the leftovers of Nevermind, but from a feminine perspective. And the legal battle between her and Krist/Dave has also left a bad impression on me. I don’t think it reflects well on her that she wants sole rights to the remnants of Nirvana’s music, considering Nirvana is an LLC owned by her, Krist, and Dave.

    article: dave grohl sick of the BS

  • I think Courtney Love and Dana Plato might share some eerie similarities as far as abuse goes.

  • “I guess i’m in the minority in not caring an iota for Courtney.”

    Wow. She is a fellow human being.

  • “Wow. She is a fellow human being.”

    Natalie – I think you’re taking my words father than they were meant to go. This is not about respecting her as a ‘fellow human being.’ It’s about respecting her as a musician, actress, mother, etc. None of which i can do.

  • Eric Olsen

    P-man, she was absolutely brilliant in the Larry Flynt movie and was just right in the Andy kaufman film as well.

  • I had high hopes for both Courtney (middle-class Portland) and Tonya Harding (working-class Portland) long before I moved here. But, over the years, I have pretty much given up on both. I was sure Courtney would straighten herself out when her bassist ODed a few years ago. No such luck. Tonya’s latest jail sentence doesn’t seem to have turned her around either.

    Kurt’s mother was pretty young when he was born. She helped out with Frances for a while. Hopefully, she will be able to rear the girl if the worst happens.

  • That is a real relief, Particleman. Thanks for clarifying.

    MD, I hope you’re right. Frances’ grandma may be her only hope if Courtney doesn’t get her act together.

  • Dawn

    The biggest issue I see with Courtney, as other’s have mentioned is her daughter. A child whose parental legacy is so tragic as to make you wonder what lies ahead for this child of two completely manic depressive individuals who clearly suffer/ed an assortment of problems.

    She is a beautiful girl and just entering adolesence. Courtney does indeed possess talent, but she lacks moral fiber in the care for her daughter. Francis is merely another collection in her desire for trophies, which are always left behind and neglected in her pursuit for a new one.

    She has always been, very, very ambitious.

  • Eric Olsen

    Yes, she said so herself – wasn’t that sampled somewhere, songwriter Dawn?

  • Good point, Dawn. Her turbulent life may be OK by Courtney (I doubt that), but how can poor Frances live through this?

  • “That is a real relief, Particleman. Thanks for clarifying.”

    Natalie – I can’t tell if you’re being serious or sarcastic, but I hope it’s the former.

    Eric – I’ve seen both the Flynt and Kaufman movies. I don’t think she was all that great in either. There are plenty of other actresses out there who have busted their butts in film who could have done as good a job or better than she did.

    For the record, I do have one fond memory of Courtney. I think she did a pretty good job when Hole played MTV Unplugged on the Valentines Day the year after Kurt offed himself. And she was funny too: “Welcome to MTV Unplooged. Happy Fuckin Valentines Day.”

  • It is indeed sincere, Particleman, and deeply so.

  • janeripley

    Like her or hate her, she’s a drug addict who obviously needs help or she’s going to be worm food soon.
    BTW, I like Courtney. She’s such a badass brat and i agree with ppl who have said her acting is decent. I loved her in “The People Vs. Larry Flynt” and live through this is a brilliant punk album. I just hope she lives through it and she gets help so her kid won’t suffer.

  • erin

    Courtney is one of the many celebrities that are truly mentally disabled and have become more famous because of strange/violent/impulsive/addictive behavior. She really needs psychological help, and not the kind her mother gives.

  • Eric Olsen

    Yes she does, and I hope she gets it, very soon.

  • Jonathan

    Courtnay has had a troubled life right from the word “go”. Unfortunately she may be passing this somewhat ‘inheritance’ onto Frances. The thing that troubles me the most are the drugs. Who knows what else Courtnay is up to? yes, its her life, but Frances is still a child, and has not grown up in a stable environment. I had not heard about any Courtnay Love’s antics for quite a while, and had hoped that she was healing herself AOK. But it seems not. Or perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Everyone deserves a few chances. All we can do is hope that Frances is strong enough to deal with this type of behaviour and that the extended family come in when necessary, if thats allright with Frances.