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Courtney Love’s Loft Sold

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Courtney Love, actress and lead singer of the band Hole, narrowly escaped her New York loft, located at 30 Crosby Street, being foreclosed on when it sold recently, according to the blog Curbed.

As was reported here at Blogcritics in late 2005, Mercury Capital Corporation alleged in a lawsuit that Love, then in rehab, had not paid on her mortgage since June 2005. Mercury Capital sought and failed to attain the deed of her 4,123 square foot loft located in Manhattan’s popular SoHo district because of the sale of the loft. The New York Post’s Page Six had this to say about the sale of the property:

AFTER a few liens and price reductions, grunge rocker Courtney Love has found a buyer for her SoHo apartment. The Post’s Braden Keil reports the condo loft at 30 Crosby St., which had a most recent asking price of $5.25 million, just went to contract. The unnamed buyer will get 4200 square feet with a massive master bedroom, gourmet kitchen, and very likely plenty of the wacky widow’s DNA.

The sale price of Love’s loft was not available at press time, but Corcoran had it listed for nearly $5.2 million. Some may say the price was more than worth it to have a piece of rock history, while others are likely to disagree. Readers can check out Blogcritics Editor Eric Olsen’s recent MSNBC feature on Courtney Love.

John Mudd, a.k.a. “Mr. Real Estate” reporting for Blogcritics.

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  • Why is this news?

    Courtney Love is a talentless fame leech. I was no Nirvana fan, but I have a very strong belief that Kurt Cobain might still be alive today had he chosen to marry a stockbroker or someone else from the white collar world instead of ol’ Pincushion Arms.

  • You’ll get no argument from me on that one. The only reason it’s news is because she’s a prominent figure in American popular culture. I don’t think she ever would have been popular had she not married Kurt Cobain, though. I am a Nirvana fan, and I think Cobain could have done much better, life-partner-wise.

    -John Mudd
    “Mr. Real Estate”

  • I know it is easy and fashionable to hate Courtney. I know there are good reasons for it. However, I have a big soft spot for ‘Celebrity Skin’. It is a great album. Maybe that is because Billy Corgan wrote most of it. The hooks are good and the passion is hardcore. This is album is not phoned in.

    Do yourself a favor, pick up Celebrity Skin and enjoy it. Then, and only then, go back to mocking her freely.

  • Lono,

    I never said I didn’t enjoy the musical works of the band Hole. Courtney Love is clearly very talented. Although, she does seem to have a lot of issues. Personally, I would love to see her deal with those issues more through her music than through some of the other methods she chooses, such as drugs, etc.