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Courtney Love to do the pokey

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Courtney Love is probably going to be heading to jail soon.

A Beverly Hills, Calif., judge issued a bench warrant [on 2/11] for singer/actress Courtney Love after she failed to show up for a hearing on felony drug possession charges.

I’m thinking that she didn’t get the memo.

— Update —
Courtney went on to the Howard Stern show and claimed that “…I didn’t show up for court because I didn’t have a professional bodyguard”. Why didn’t I think of that? That makes perfect sense to me.

Also, the whole reason why this got started is clearly a misunderstanding…

In an unscheduled rambling, expletive-laden phone conversation with Stern, Love addressed the charges against her. “I didn’t throw any rocks at the window,” she said. “I kicked in the door because I didn’t have a key. That’s the god’s truth.”

Well, that convinces me.

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  • Jail? Probably not. Defendants miss court dates often enough. They are usually just reset. Since her lawyer showed that was probably sufficient anyway. However, since this judge seems to be milking the situation, Love should appear contrite when she comes forward.

  • Poor thing needs rehab, not jail. God, what a mess she is. Sexy though, in a can’t-believe-I-said-that kind of way. As the current laughing stock of the free press, she’s fulfilling an important role in our society by allowing us to thank God we’re not like her. But if I were like her? I’d be touching myself all the time. CW


    CW Fisher’s post (see above) is more on target. Rehab, yes, part of the deal. Mood stabalizers? Ah yes, 1000mg. of Depakote a day would help keep her from self-destructing.

    See my post on the blog “Mommy, you are embarassing me…” for a further understanding.

    Here in Seattle, we love you Courtney. Its time for some hearts to intervene. We don’t want you to meltdown. Believe it or not, yes, she is sexy and has a big heart. Although, it takes alot of understanding of emotions to see that.