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Courting Craig Ferguson: The Late Late Show Diaries 2-07-06

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Dear Craig,

Hello! What a great ending to my day — late night with you. Now, I didn’t get my feet up in those stirrups like you suggested, but I did settle in with a little Scottish shortbread. Get your mind out of the gutter. I meant Scottish shortbread cookies.

Great monologue this evening. You were all over the place, but still managed to pull it all together. This is what makes you my preferred late night talk show host. Okay, there may be more to it than that, but the monologues right up there. Paris, diaries, and oh so many other things. Forgive me for the lack of details. All I know is that I was laughing out loud and enjoying the show.

Sketch: Clay Aiken on the Grammys. Even though it wasn’t him, I was still getting creeped out. What is it about that guy that makes my skin crawl? Is it because he’s like a youngish blond Tom Cruise/Barry Manilow wannabe? And that hair! Eesh!

Sketch: Sean Connery’s This Day in History, which always cracks me up. The wig, the Connery voice, it’s all too silly.

First guest: Jeff Probst, Survivor host. Is it just me or does his hair look darker again? What’s up with that? Back to the two of you.

Jeff complimented you on your tribute to your father. As he pointed out, you gave many people a chance to reflect on their own relationships with their parent. I still find myself thinking about their mortality and how I really need to tell them how much they mean to me while I can.

You asked Jeff if Survivor was still interesting to him and if he still looked at it as a sociology experiment. He continues to have fun and be amazed at how relationships develop during the course of the game. As well, he mentioned that he found himself looking inward more often, examining himself and the type of person he was, is, and wants to be.

Second guest: Lauren Holly, currently on NCIS with Mark Harmon. Most people probably haven’t followed her career as long as I have. I’ve been watching her since she was on All My Children (as Julie Rand Chandler). I’d seen her on other shows before that, but those were one shot deals.

So, the two of you spoke about meeting at a CBS party. From there, you went into how she met her husband and how she knew she was going to marry him. It was quite sweet. It was a blind date that he didn’t really want to go on. Being a man, he brought his friend along. But, Lauren only had eyes for her future husband.

The evening wrapped up with a song by Ne-Yo. He sang “So Sick” from his record (or do I have to say CD these days?), In My Own Words — due out February, 28. Not bad. I’m not much of a hip hop-soul kinda gal, but it wasn’t too bad. At least he has a pleasant voice and doesn’t rap.

The Cow of Time signaled the end of the show. Thanks again for a nice evening, Craiggles. Until next time!

Your cheeky wee monkey and saucy little minx,


Check out The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS, Monday-Friday, 12:30 AM, Pacific. If you can’t stay up that late and/or refuse to record the show, you can always catch up on the monologues and skits on the LLS website, although you’ll be missing so much if you don’t watch the entire hour.

About the author: Joan Hunt adores Craig Ferguson and television in general. She is not a stalker, even though the restraining order says otherwise. She lives many miles safely south of Los Angeles and CBS Studios. She also likes presents. Presents like the Walkers Shortbread Rounds that her daughter gave her for Christmas (a long-standing family tradition and thoughtful gift).

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  • Right on! Craig is the best of late night talk show hosts. His writers are amazing. What makes Craig’s monologues so unique is his ability to stay on a subject and present an in depth analysis of chosen subject. Very funny. His delivery is right on.

    His tribute to his father was amazing. An honor to live (or tape delay) television. What a ‘from the soul’ eloquent eulogy to the American audience Craig spoke. It deserves some sort of award or notice from the television academy. It was that amazingly good. So real.

    My girlfriend has the major crush on him. I’m allowed to have a crush on Katie Courik. Craig’s take off on Larry King is quite funny. I wonder if CBS is breeding him as a replacement for David Letterman. Just like Conan in for Leno.

  • kjm

    Please get some mental health care. You are most defintely a stalker living in a fantasy world imagining that you are actually talking to Craig Ferguson and have even adopted many of his phrases. Yes, he is very amusing, he seems like a nice person, but he is on TV. If Craig Ferguson should ever see any of your blogs I am sure he would think you are ridiculous and somewhat demented. YOU are not funny, you are pathetic. Get a real life.

  • Douglas, I don’t understand the Katie Couric thing, but that’s okay – as long as you and the girlfriend are cool with it, that’s all that matters.

    The tribute to Craig’s dad was, again, one of the most touching moments on television.

  • Sorry about Katie, it is an inside joke between mate and I. We are cool with it to a humorous level. I should have added a LOL to above statement.

    Yes, very touching moments in the history of television.

  • Heh.

    Now the big questions for you are: What would you like to see happen on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson? And, you “get” this, don’t you?

  • Kelly

    Craig Ferguson,
    Is my Sexy, Studly, Scottish, Funny, Compassionate Man!
    From his real “Wee Little Monkey”.

  • Joanie,

    You know another thing that Craig does that is very progressive and outstanding is that sometimes for his musical guests he has an unsigned bands perform. That is amazingly cool. And the results can be very pleasing.

  • Mary Ann

    Hey Joanie! Where’ve you been? I miss reading your recaps of the LLS with our Scottish hearthrob. What I really want to know, though, is who was it that he hugged and kissed in the audience on Friday, March 10th??? Was it you Joanie? Did you finally get noticed? Tell all now, girlfriend!

    Mary Ann

  • Mary Ann, ahhh…you found me out! Not only have I been noticed, I obviously swept Craig off his feet and have abandoned the column in order to protect our secret.

    Seriously though, the only one who noticed the column was Shadoe Stevens, God bless him. And, as much as I would love to say I really did nab a man as fabulous as Craig, my boyfriend would likely be a little upset.

    Sadly, it wasn’t me getting hugged. I wish! No, I was busy pushing my way through a crowd of teen goths at a local all-ages venue trying to get in to talk with the manager. I would have much preferred to be at the LLS taping!

    I’m currently looking for someone to take over the column for me as my editing duties have left me with little time to do much writing on a regular basis. Giving the column up is harder than quitting smoking or having a baby (I’ve done both, so I know). I’ve had such great material too! If only I had the time.

    The best part of my day is my appointment with Craig each night. The laughter and the sanity break make everything a little easier to deal with.

    I’ll have a “farewell” piece up soon. Look for it!

  • dylan tauzell

    what are in the picture frames on your desk?