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Courting Craig Ferguson: The Late Late Show Diaries 1-30-06

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Dear Craig,

Tonight’s show left me in tears. I am sorry for the loss of your father, Robert Ferguson. Your tribute to him was beautiful and I’m sure he would have been greatly honored to hear you speak of him so lovingly.

I can only imagine how difficult it was for you to step on stage and share your grief. As you opened the show, you said your heart was broken, and it was quite apparent. You tried to bring laughter to the monologue, and you succeeded. Your heart was there on your sleeve.

His hand on your head as you watched television together and again, 30 some years later in the hospital made me weep. A man of few words, he made his affection for you known in his own way. Fathers can do that like no one else, can’t they?

In the great Celtic tradition, you celebrated the memory of the man who loved you, raised you and your siblings, took care of your mother, and worked hard to do the best he could for your family. As you spoke of your son singing to your father, I thought of how comforting it must have been for your family to have that bit of sunshine warming the room and his heart. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in January and a children’s song about how “you can be anything you want to be…” brought a smile to your father’s face as he lay there in pain. Yes, a little bit of sunshine in gray times is just what we need, isn’t it?

Dr. Drew, Amy Yasbeck, and the Wicked Tinkers joined you on stage to pay homage to the man you loved and respected. It was moving on many levels.

The stories were touching and funny. Your heartache was felt by us all.

Again, I’m sorry for your loss. Mere words can’t convey my sympathy for you and your family.

Thank you, Craig.

Robert Ferguson 1930-2006

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  • If you only knew how much Craig is loved– he is admired deeply…



  • Jenny

    The whole show was a perfect tribute to his father, and your blog post describes it beautifully.

    I was afraid this would be the one show you missed, so I’m glad you saw it and post your thoughts.

  • It took me a couple hours to collect myself and write something up. Having been at the hospital a lot recently with a friend in a coma, well, this left me an utter wreck. But, I needed to cry, I guess. And I felt so bad for Craig. It was a beautiful thing he did, sharing his memories with us.

  • beth

    it was beautiful. very eloquent.

  • Ally

    No word can convey how much Craig WAS HUMAN last night. He’s a special star. and my prayers go out to Craig and the Clan Ferguson. Robert must have been a great man and died proud of his son and his other children and his loving wife ,and the most adorable grandson,Milo RIP Robert!

  • Donna

    I’m a 73yr. old grandmother and I watch Craig’s show every night.I had no idea he was facing such heartbreak, but I could sense something was wrong a few days ago. I lost a 48yr. old son to cancer in 2004 and one 23yr.old son in 1984 to an accident so I can feel the pain. I love that young man; he’so candid. It broke my heart to see him last night.He carried on real well and the tribute to his loving father was terrific!
    God Bless and Be strong, Craig!

  • Malia

    Like you I was very much touched by Craig’s tribute to his dad. He is such a good guy and I read your column and love that you love and respect him. He is easy on the eye, so funny, flirty and sexy. He is easy to listen to, I also like the accent. Respectfully Yours, Malia

  • Hi,

    I usually flip between Conan and Craig…
    Last night I couldn’t turn away.
    Very moving. Dr. Drew was the perfect guest!


  • Rhiannon

    Rarely does today’s crime procedurals or reality shows move a viewer to tears.

    Craig did that in the first sentance of his monologue.

    People today didn’t understand why I was mourning. I tried to explain Craig’s eloquent and touching portrayal of his father, but none of my words can describe it.

    In writing classes they hammer “universal truth and experience” into our heads.

    Craig, your emotions and heartbreak are a universal truth that most everyone will experience. You aren’t alone.

    And although that offers absolutely no closure and never will, I wish your pain to eventually ease.

  • Barb

    Craig is a Class Act. For the past year we have noticed that the other major Late Night hosts have been getting away with crude tired formats that include trying to make us think that the people who work in the studio are actually funny, (they are not) or that what we want to hear lame Clinton, Michal Jackson, President Bush, Martha Stewart jokes (?) We don’t, it’s emabarrising that One Host is so admittedly bored with the whole thing, and the other is also sleepwalking through each hour waiting to get back home to his garage. The writers are burnt out, the shows are stale and more vulgar than funny. The 2 multimillon dollar Hosts have been running on empty for the past couple of years, and that’s being generous.

    Craig Ferguson is such a delight each night that it just makes the other shows even harder to stomach. He is genuinley funny with his own unique style, loves what he does each night and lets you know he is gratefull to be there.

    His emotional reaching out to his “Cheeky Little Ponys” the other night after such a difficult personal loss, was a Television milestone of Class and Good Taste.
    Now there’s four words that you never hear much anymore.

    Thank you Craig and God bless your good efforts.

  • Patricia W. Smith

    I’ve watched Craig’s tribute to his father twice and it moved me to tears both times…so much so that I wrote to him at the show’s website that same night. He really opened his heart and sorrow to all of us at the worst time of his life, and I admire him so much for that. May God bless him and his family and may Robert, who was half Irish, “be in Heaven half an hour before the devil knows he’s dead.” Robert, rest in peace.

  • I like that “universal truth” part, Rhiannon. That sums it all up succinctly. Craig’s heart on his sleeve, broken and battered, was something we could all understand and empathize with.

    I hope and pray he can make peace with this.

  • Mandy Carroll

    Craig Ferguson’s moving tribute to his late father was not only moving and eloquent, it was very close to home for me.
    I, too, am from Scotland, very near Glasgow (Kilmarnock). My father, who was a Doctor, passed 18 years ago, also of cancer. He too, like Robert, was a hard working man and very dedicated to his craft. While watching Craig’s monlogue that night, it took me right back to the day my Dad died. Thank you Craig for bringing your very private feelings into my home and making me remember yet another very special Dad from Scotland. May God bless them both and Mr. Ferguson as well, of course.

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