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Country Fans Not Happy With Dixie Chick.

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Texas based Country hot shots The Dixie Chicks are facing a boycott
from country fans after singer Natalie Maines told an audience at a London
show: “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the President of the United States is
from Texas.”

Callers to Nashville radio station WKDF-FM were outraged at the comments and
urged people to boycott the band.

The band have subsequently told reporters: “While we support our troops, there is nothing more frightening than the notion of going to war with Iraq and the prospect of all the innocent lives that will be lost.”

What a moron this girl is! Doesn’t she realise that her public, country fans, are some of the most patriotic in the US? One wonders whether the two sisters that make up the rest of the Chicks might sack her blonde butt, if their career takes it in the shorts because of her stupid comments.

Might we see enraged country fans trashing their Dixie Chicks CDs on the streets? Natalie has not apologised yet. No doubt she thought because she was in London she could be anti-Bush/US and get away with it. What an idiot!

Via CMU daily.

A music source tells me that at least 2 big stations have dropped the Chicks from their playlists in protest.

More here.

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  • K

    It’s funny how, now, looking back on these words, you could see how blind and freely condemning people have been. In fear of being branded a ‘traitor’ countless so-called right-minded individuals have made rash and thoughtless statements…

    From early 2003, you can see people with comments like “Let’s see how the Dixie Chick feels when then war ends (in about 5 days)”… ironic isn’t it? five days? How about five hundreds? How about a thousand? How about another thousand; when the war consume another country and another so-called evil regime?!

    Funny, ain’t it?

  • a

    I am shocked and disturbed by how much hatred all of you are expressing! The Dixie Chicks only expressed their opinion, and these blogs are discusting…people are saying terrible things about them.. so should people say terrible things about you for your terrible opinions? To wish that apon anyone is absolutely sick! And if you love Bush enough to want to kill or harm others..then that is even more disturbing! How about all of you writing these blogs learn how to respect and love one another. The Dixie Chicks are amazing and so talented. And nothing they say or you say will ever change that.

  • I enjoy listening to the Dixie chicks, I also think they are pretty women, but however that remark they made abroad about our president made them ugly. I would like to see you girls recant your statement so you can get back on track with the other Americans.

  • Niki

    Thanks to the Dixie Chicks for another awesome CD! I had been waiting patiently. The comment made in London had absolutely no affect on me or my love for the Chicks music. I am proof that you do NOT have to hate Bush to LOVE the Dixie Chicks! I think the comment came at a time when Americans were looking for someone to be mad at and it ended up being Natalie. Natalie should NOT keep her mouth shut, or be killed or run for a public office, or whatever all the other crazy people keep saying. She can say whatever she wants – just like any of us can! She’s not perfect, just like Bush! It truly amazes me that someone would think she should die for her opinion. This is exactly what is wrong with this country – people can get so upset and outraged and want to kill a musician for having a different opinion than their own, and yet sit and do nothing about real things that matter. If you really want to hate people then start rounding up all of the child molesters, get mad at them and threaten to kill them and put them “out back with the hogs” as some brilliant person wrote above, and stop wasting your time being mad and wanting to kill someone who simply said what she thinks. I know plenty of people who are embarrassed that Bush is from this Country! I happen to like Bush and think that he’s doing a great job – but I still believe that Natalie can say whatever she wants and I will always love their music! I am a TRUE Dixie Chicks fan and I fell in love with the Chick’s music when I finally gave it a chance after thinking they were just another girl group – I was wrong! So much talent in a REAL country music group! It wouldn’t be the same without the banjo and fiddle! I listened to the first CD in 1998 and by the time I got to song 4 “There’s Your Trouble” I was hooked! I now buy every CD as soon as it comes out and have enjoyed the music so much. From sending my sister-in-law off to get her PHD with a letter reminding her of “Wide Open Spaces”, to my little four year old daughter singing “Cowboy Take Me Away” in the back seat of my car – the Chick’s have definately been a part of my life, and their polital views are not going to change that. I can’t wait to make it to a concert. TRUE Country Music Fan and proud Dixie Chick Fan from Springfield, MO – Niki

  • hey im not as mature as you people.. im only a teenager. but why are we dissing the chicks? i mean….. why arent they aloud to have an opinion? and lots of other political bands are against Bush too… (Green Day are the best eva!) and so i think that we should back off!

  • em

    I think that the Dixie chicks are awesome and if people stop listening to thier music because they voiced their opinion, then they weren’t fans anyway. So rock on chicks!!!

  • Earlebyrd

    Oh my gosh…are we still on this? People. Get over the comment. Move on. It was said in 2003- 3 years ago. Man-o-man. The last president lied to your faces this one is went to War for personal reasons. Move on. Blog about something that is relavent to life. Go Chicks, can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!!!!

  • I love the Dixie Chick’s music. I went to their concert in Phoenix, for which I paid over $100 for a ticket. So few of us in life are blessed with such incredible talent and success. Given their incredible good fortune, I feel it would have been a wise strategy to not push their luck. I still supported the Dixie Chicks after the first incident regarding a comment about the president – we all say things that we probably shouldn’t from time to time. Now, the Dixie Chicks have pushed their luck. They have insulted the people that gave them their success and fortune. I will never EVER listen to, nor support, these ungrateful and wreckless ladies again.Thanks for listening,
    famousde or
    World’s Most Raw Honest anti-Forum

  • Liberal Hater

    Im an ex marine…. they should put that that little fat ass in front of a Bradley tigh her up and drive through Iraq and when theres a road bomb …. kaboom problem solved she should be ashamed brothers and sisters get killed there while she opens her throat..

  • Dixie Sl…. Hater

    These dumbos want to use their “stardom” image to yep her mouths about politics, well little hicks create a political party and get voted, and stop useing your sing Mic as your political blabber receptical, act like a hick sing your tune AND SHUT YOUR hole about politics… especially that fat little trol

  • first of all all of these idiots cannot spell to save their asses and natalie maines is the greatest thig since sliced bread she is all american through and through nobody likes bush but who would stand up in public and say it ? no one huh i rest my case dixie chicks should not be penalized for their rights!

  • Catscorner990

    By far this the best that the Dixie Chicks have produced. I’m sure there are others out there who feel the same way Natalie did but didn’t have the balls to say it. Go for it Chicks your the best in my book and your newest cd was a number#1 smash hit the whole cd. Here’s To You!!!!!

  • Clavos

    Originally posted in another thread, but fits here, too.

    What makes ANY performer think that the rest of the world gives a rat’s ass about what they think? We pay them to sing, act, dance, play an instrument, etc. not give us their opinions. Therefore, when a performer chooses to tell me what they think (and here in the USA they do have a Constitutional right to do so), if I don’t agree with him or her (Clooney, are you listening?), I CHOOSE to not pay for their performance. It’s as American as apple pie. It’s why I quit watching Hanoi Jane movies 40 years ago. In short, it’s my right to decide who gets my money, and has nothing to do with their talent OR lack thereof. I think both Clooney and Fonda are great actors, but I’ll be damned if either will get my money.

  • Andi


  • Andi

    I think she is so stupid! They said they wanted devoted fans? Well we want devoted Americans! If she doesnt like what is going on in this country than she should just move! All any citizen can do is vote! I’m sure that she isn’t the only one who isn’t happy with how things are going, but you don’t see alot of people talkin crap bout this country! People are saying, maybe she just let it slip…WELL SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE!! There are alot more people who like Bush than there are that don’t…that was proven when HE WON THE ELECTION!!! So she should just shut-up!!!!

  • andy

    Screw the dixie sluts! There should be a law against fat loudmouth idiots using the word Dixie in a band name. What a disgrace to Dixie, nobody here would claim those no talent bums! I say send em over to Iraq with some targets on their chests then maybe we will be rid of such a waste of space band.

  • LLB

    Natalie Maines’comments on foreign soil should have been considered treason. She should have had the guts to say it on her home soil and then we could have watched to see how fast that Dixie “Chicken” could run!! If anyone is stupid enough to pay to see her perform, that is just it…they paid to see her PERFORM, not opine about her political views. So, she has the right to voice her opinion..this is the land of the free; however, who gives a rat’s behind what she thinks. She is a ditzy blond-haired, big-mouth who steals money from poor unsuspecting tone deaf morons. By the way, Natalie, a Dixie Chick CD does not deserve a place amongst CD’s by the likes of Toby or Reba…those spots are reserved for artists for whom we actually have respect.

  • christopher n pepper

    I personally agree with why we went to war. Think about it if your neighbor attacked you you would want the local law enforcement to take action so that it did not happen again! I’m not saying we should still be over there, but I am saying we don’t need to come home until we are sure we are safe her at home where America is still the home of the FREE. If it wasn’t for the way we ar free to do what WE want to the DIXIE CHICKS would not have become what they used to be!!!!!! We have personnaly BANNED their critical ASSES in OUR house, and I am sad it come to that because we USED to have every CD they had out. I understand everbody is intitled to their own opinion but YOU must think about what YOU say so that it don’t BITE YOU CHICKS IN THE ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kaye

    go away Dixie Chicks. Natalie Maines is a joke.

    Can’t stand the Dixie Chicks. Would do anything possible to put them out of business.

  • Ditsy Chix dont Die, they live on

    Heh, Jennifer, it has never been about “freedom of speech” with the “Ditsy Chicks”. It is the consequence of that speech(as well as most of this aftermath blab). She went against the grain of her fan base. You reap what you sow, in this case her seeds of disagreement, on the then political scene, has harvested a fresh crop of “we arent paying for your political views in our music” corn based fans.

    She and her band would of been fine if she would of just sat there and sang.. but nope. Had to open up that yapper! Hah, I actually think its funny.

    Oh, and about your boss. Well, hope you are never in a situation of an “at will” employer(as are a lot of people). I would have a giggle when your terminated for your views of your boss.
    Anyways, running around and telling people that you dont like your boss can reap the same rewards. I wouldnt advise making statements like that(that could effect your “livelihood”), even if you were in a “Union” job. But hey its your life and your freedom of speech. But remember.. once it is out there and said.. no taking it back as are the consequences that follow.

  • Jennifer

    The last time I checked, our Constitution gave is the right to free speech, so why is it that a girl speaks her mind and then is stripped of her career for it? It’s not about what she said or didn’t say, it’s about her right to say it and not have her livelihood (career) being threatened over it. I thought our rights were supposed to be protected? How would you feel if you got fired from your job just because you told someone you didn’t like your boss? Put yourself in someone elses shoes for crying out loud!

  • Eric Olsen

    Ilan, regardless of where you’re from, you’re an idiot – and I’m not talking about the English as a second language issues.

  • I live in Israel and got to this site by mistake, but after reading and realizing how stupid you Americans are, I couldn’t help myself from replay.
    Here in Israel, you should know that everybody see you as suckers, because you’re fighting and dieing for us. Bush was talking about dangerous weapon that is a threat to America’s security-didn’t find any(though Sadam could attack my country whenever he liked). Are you fighting for world peace? Then why didn’t you go to all the African countries where there are much worse Sadams?
    You know, I really don’t understand you. Dieying for oil? Don’t get me wrong, I’m satisfied of that orangement, I’m Israely, now the Iraqi threat is gone, but what the fuck do you care about me? after all, Sadam wasn’t threatnig you, but me, the same way that india and pacistan are threatning each other, but there is no oil over in india, so don’t tell me about “world peace”. leave it to your beauty queens, and keep diying for me, please, because you don’t seem to care dienig.

  • cliff

    bill clinton is a joke to the history of washington d.c. tell me one GREAT thing the man has done he and his administration knew the power of Osama what did he do to prevent anything from happening …nothing, those bastards were in our country training how to fly while slick willy was getting his jollies off in the oral office. Please stop crying about bush at least he got off his ass and took care of saddam and all the other tyrants over there. As far as dixie cxs never really cared for there twang anyway want to read a good book pick up treason by ann coulter you may learn somthing if your not afraid to read it.

  • Miss Amanda- it’s okay. Sometimes we all get a little overheated.

    Miss Maines cheesed me off with her original comments. I figured she had a quick cussin’ coming to her, and then I was over it. Maybe even that was overreacting.

    Some people, however, just didn’t have any sense when to let it go. It was bad place and timing, but it wasn’t THAT big a deal. It sure weren’t worth some of the stuff with people calling them traitors and such.

    It’s all fine now, though. We’ve all got it off our chests.

    Glad to have you hanging out at Blogcritics. Come back real soon, ya hear?

  • Amanda Achord

    Hey ya’ll just wanted to apologize for all the comments I have made on here.. I’m just going to say this though I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions.. I mean look at R. Kelly he made a child porno and people still like him and no one is banning his music.. but when Natalie says one thing about the president she gets bashed for it.. and their music gets banned.. I mean come on people.. I think the thing R. Kelly did is a lot worse.. banned him! But truly I am sorry for all the bad language and all.. I really don’t act like that anymore.. I was just having a bad year..


  • “Speaking their minds” assumes that they actually have the capacity for thought. I have yet to see any of the DC saying anything that is not directly out of the anti-war/far left playbook.

    They have every right to say what they wish but it is pretty pathetic when they whinge about the fact some people might not agree with them.

  • Amanda


  • Jose, I am working to raise the money to take my family to a more welcoming place.

    So… you came here and now insist that everyone agree with you or get out? Guess you’ve really become an American. Congratulations. I guess.

  • Penny

    You asked what we have done to support our troops? I gave everything I could…my son.

  • Jose

    We have many freedoms in this country and I believe that you are
    FREE TO LEAVE IT since you are so unhappy.
    I’ll help you with the cost of your ticket.
    Actually, I think I can give you the time of the next boat to Cuba. Maybe you like that better, no?

  • Why? I’m not an American at all, by my reckoning. (I am in the process of repatriating — or as I call it, fleeing your country.) Your president isn’t my president. I have no obligation to be loyal to the US government. Additionally, I don’t respect Mr. Bush’s policies, I don’t respect his “presidency” or the fiasco that put him into a position he, IMO, has not earned or won. I don’t respect his staff and administration. And frankly, I am ashamed to have been born on the same land mass.

    With all due respect to you, I should show a person I believe to be a terrorist (and I seriously do believe that) respect? And because you tell me to do so?

    No disrespect intended to you, Jose, but you are the one who is wrong. You believe you must respect him. That much is valid. But if you command me to do so, you are wrong.

    You are certainly free to think me wrong and to say so, however. 🙂

  • Jose

    Natalie, You are right when you say it is the American way to not support the president if you don’t want too, but I am a second generation American from Cuba and I think you are wrong. My father, a refugee, taught me to respect the man in the white house. I didn’t have to agree with him but I had to respect him. This is a great country and I know this more than some. But respect is something that we are losing as a society. You are wrong…we must respect him. He is the US President. Hate him if you wish, but honestly, show some respect.

  • I don’t like the Chicks’ Mac cover, either. Bought Home anyway, after the brouhaha started to swirl, to support Ms. Maines and the gals.

    The boycotters, as stupid as I believe they are in this instance, have every right to speak through their wallets. That’s the American way.

    But where is it written that no one can speak ill of a president? Not everyone born in the US is thrilled about the compulsory citizenship. Not everyone born here feels loyalty — a loyalty I do not grok at all — for this construct not of our making and in which we landed not by choice. And in the minds of many, perhaps many more than some of you may suspect, the person some of you call president is one we can’t, don’t, and won’t accept or support or follow. And we don’t have to. That, too, is the American way.


    Let me speak now in a language we can all understand: The Dixie Chixxx deserve our collective scorn as a society for nothing more than their abominable cover of an already flaccid Fleetwood Mac song-oh, and probably for some other musical affronts, but I’m not a fan, so I really can’t speak much about their bland, generic songsmithing.

    Now, about being a Patriot, and supporting our troops: What, pray tell, do most of you red, white and blue yahoos really do to “support the troops”?

    Fly a flag, or sport a bumper sticker on your car? Whew! You’re the next Sam Adams!

    Pray for the troops? That’s fantastic, but I think the Iraqi’s pray too, and I don’t think God (or Allah) discriminates or takes sides, and if he does, I bet he/she/it comes down with little Haji, who had his testiceles blown off by a 19 year old redneck from Alabama, not Private Podunk who took a wrong turn in the Humvee, and is now a HERO.

  • Jackie

    Oh Michael, had to say one more thing…
    I KNOW you’ve not watched Bill O’Reily if you think it is the “spin zone”.

    It is the NO SPIN ZONE and anyone who watches knows that. It is always quite a topic.

    If you’re informed man, get it right!

  • Jackie


    Does your mother know the kind of language you use young lady (i use the word “lady” loosely)? If she does and doesn’t care than she should be ashamed of herself. But I imagine that she doesn’t. YOu are a poor example of what the American youth should be and unfortunately a perfect example of the type of disrespect we are speaking of in this discussion. Thank you for proving our point.
    And dear, try to turn your life around. If your language is any indication of your life, you won’t be living in a 2 story house when you grow up. And Honey, “pretty is as pretty does”. You call yourself “clean” as you spout off obsenities… All we I see is filth.

  • jackie

    Michael, I listen to public radio (WNPR)every morning while ironing my children’s and husband’s clothes for school and work, and while packing their lunches. I find it only speaks half truths and is very biased toward the left. But I do listen to it. They have some good human interest segments. As you can tell, I am a housewife. This does not mean I am uneducated because I choose to put my children’s needs first ahead of my own. I did not finish college though. I retuned many times only to find my husband’s job taking us overseas again, or to find myself having another child. I am an intelligent person and I resent your insinuating (can’t spell though) that I am not. Intelligence comes from many sources and college is only one.
    As for “what’s her face’s” comment; I don’t care what she said. To me, it was disrespectful to do such a thing. But this is not my arguement. Mine is that if people in this country choose to boycott their music, so be it. This is our freedom of speech. For me, I never listened to it in the first place.
    And for you Michael… God bless you too.

  • Michael

    Some freedomes are implied… some are not, but who has the right to choose when its politically correct or incorrect? MAybe its just best left a testament to the times..

  • michael

    hey jackie, checked out your website, so is it an ad for girls gone wild or a private website, suddenly all of your comments earlier make alot of sense.

    you are unfortunately very poorly informed, i have no idea about your level of education, but I have a challenge for you, should you be willing to take it up. listen to public radio (NPR), it is found in every state in the US, and also read a book called “stupid white men”. If you are up to the challenge and want to hear both sides of an arguement, really the only sensible way to make an informed decision, let me know.

    nobody is really stupid by the way, they just either do not have the information neccessary or choose to ignore it. i am not trying to be condescending. i was the one who posted the comment that angered you so much about how americans are viewed abroad. You chose to misinterpret me in thinking that I think americans are bad people or ignorant people. I am irish and currently live in America; all over Europe and the world the american media is known for being more than biased in favour of the government. I have met some incredible people in USA, which is a great country.

    I am serious about the challenge by the way, if you really see the media outside of Fox news (the spin zone) as the left and wrong, fair eneough, but at least listen to it from time to time so as to see both sides of the story.

    i wish you the best of luck in your life. as for my comments earlier about girls gone wild, sorry, let;s just say as my comment progressed I mellowed .

    once again god bless



  • MT, should we take your condescension for proof of moral superiority? Is your point “elementry” or “simplistic”?

  • MT

    What ever happened to freedom of speech?

    All of you who are bad mouthing Natalie should be ashamed of yourselves. You don’t have to agree with her, but she has a right to her opinion and to speak it even if the rest of you fools don’t like it.

    Grow up and realize that you should be grateful to live in a country where you’re not shot for speaking your mind!!!

    Live and let live, worship and let worship, speak and let speak…and stop passing judgement on others who don’t think the way you do.


  • Leroy

    Natalie belongs on the front porch of a back woods shack with the hogs gathered around waiting for more slop. She must have a negative IQ.

  • Rhiannon

    Natalie, point blank, you’re lame. I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion..and their right to express it, BUT..not at a concert where people PAID to hear music, not your political views. There is a time and a place and that was not it. I do honestly feel the ONLY reason there was a apology is because of the fear of losing $$$$. Shut up and sing, thats what put you where you are now.
    Not that I helped..I can’t stand your dumb music..* Earl has to die?*
    Ohh mann…

  • Penny

    If country music gives you a headaches, why listen to it?
    And why support a group whose lead mouth wears a shirt to perform in a concert with FUTK on it? What is FUTK? F*** You Toby Keith. Now can you say tasteless? I knew you could. Natalie is a crass, noveau riche bimbo who has absolutely no tact.
    And PLEASE! The reason Natalie wouldn’t have said anything like that about Clinton is because Billy was a do-nothing president who tried to sell this country. AND you wouldn’t see the military respect Clinton the way they do Bush because Clinton tried to ruin the military too. Thank God that Bush was at the helm, not Clinton! And too Natalie would have been invited to a private party with Clinton…maybe THAT’S why she’s so mad at Bush. Hmmmmmm.

  • Jackie

    I just have one thing to say to you Blake and those of us who are informed will understand this comment. (Those of you who aren’t will have to do your homework because I’m not explaining it to you).


  • Blake

    By the way, country music gives me a headache. Most country singers don’t even write the songs they sing! In fact, some even borrow songs from rock and R&B to make up for their own lack of creativity. Every rock and R&B song they have covered had been done better by the original artists themselves. It’s OK to have a political opinion if you’re a country star, just as long as it’s a CONSERVATIVE political opinion. Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam have not suffered from his words and actions at a Denver concert. Then again, they haven’t had a big hit since Bush Senior was in office. One important thing to remember. George Bush Junior is the very FIRST U.S. President who has a criminal record. Imagine where he’d be if it weren’t for his family connections: dead (Vietnam war or alcohol/drug overdose) or in jail (going AWOL, DWIs). Haha… George DWI Bush muahaha… Natalie Maines had the right to say what she did, even though how she did it was tacky. Country fans have the right to boycott their albums and concerts. I’m not a fan of Bush, but we must pray for him. After all, he was elected in a zero year. I pray that he doesn’t get reelected. First, all of his tax cuts (welfare for the wealthy) need to be repealed. Second, we could be an assassin’s bullet away from having another lying Dick in office as POTUS.

  • Blake

    Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks would not have experienced this backlash had she said the same thing about President Clinton. Country music leans to the far right, as Bush does. “It’s OK to booze it up on Saturday night, just as long as you get the next morning to go to church.” Clinton is not to blame for 911 but rather the Bush administration. They ignored all the warnings until it was too late. Clinton was in Australia at the time. He made back to Ground Zero days before Bush did. Anyways, all of this fear of terrorism and talk of wars is wasting time. After all, the economy has gone to pot (no pun intended) since Bush Junior has taken over, just like it did when Bush Senior took over. Elect a Bush, get an S&L or an Enron scandal, simple as that. Even though I don’t like Bush, I worry about his personal safety. Since 1840, every U.S. President who was elected in a zero year has died while in office, in either their first or second term. The only exception is Ronald Reagan, who was lucky by 1 inch! Bush is not God, folks. If Bush gets reelected, we will see a repeat of what happened to Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. I hope I’m wrong. Honestly, I think Clinton was one of the best Presidents we’ve had in years! Unfortunately, he had vices and one of them was not telling the truth. As a man, he had some serious shortcomings. When he was President, we Americans experienced a great period of prosperity. Of course, the right-wingers will say that Presidents don’t have much control of what happens with the economy. Those same people will say that Bush Senior was responsible for the prosperity that we enjoyed in the 1990s. That’s a bunch of hogwash, of course, and we’re seeing the same stale economic times under his son as well.

  • gorwell

    Talk about naive!
    It’s really amusing to see how many of the ‘Chicks fans have been so easily manipulated by Bush media allies like Clear Channel Communications, who also happen to be the ones behind those pro-war, pro-Bush demonstrations you’ve read about.


    There is one thing good will come from this.
    The ‘Chicks will now find out who their real fans are.

  • Eric Olsen

    um, okay

  • Cynthia

    Eric Olsen:
    Thank you very much! But I speak a very special language that very few people in the world can understand. It is an international language and I was “fishing” to see if anyone out there would answer me in Mekilei. So Please take your close minded insults to another site! Dik oed weoi caowl!

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Pepe, we appreciate your thanks – it is your leaders who are buttplugs, we like your ladies too.

    Cyntia, were you striken with some kind of literary apoplexy or are you a beginning touch-typing student?

  • Cynthia

    No way dldk tiid dhtke div elkjefoiuafhe. jifie t lekjadi!

  • Pepe

    I think that all of this war talk is fruitless! We should make love, not war. But to this Frenchman, I do thank the wonderful US for what they have done for my country in the past. God Bless you all and my love to your ladies!

  • Sammy Joe

    I never seen so many idjuts in one place! Of course them Ditsy Chicks can say what they want! Who cares. Shut up all of ya!

  • Jackie

    HEY JC!!!!!!! Check this out big mouth!

    The SUNDAY TELEGRAPH is reporting that papers found by reporters at Iraq’s bombed out intelligence service building provide evidence of a direct link between Saddam Hussein’s regime and Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida…

    According to the papers, an al-Qaida envoy met with officials in Baghdad in March 1998 to create a relationship based upon a mutual hate of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. An unidentified Western intelligence official describes the find as ‘sensational.’ MORE///

    In the SUNDAY TIMES reporters allege docs found at the Iraqi foreign ministry show Paris gave regular updates to Baghdad on diplomatic dealings between France and the U.S… Developing…

    X X X X X

  • Jackie

    Kathleen: Clean up your mouth! There is no reason to talk like that. Open a dictionary if you need a word. I am offended by your language.

    Craw Craw: Have some sence. I am a southerner and the ONLY people I am bigoted against are bigots and Baby, that’s YOU!

  • Craw Craw

    Bush is a true friggin’ idiot.

    Southerners are bigots.

    The Dixie Chicks are hot.

    This war was pointless.

  • Kathleen MCCorkle

    I’m so sick and tired of these liberals that don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. You all say “we are free to believe what we want to believe.”
    Yeah right!As long as we all believe like you, right? I don’t get you at all. Natalie was only saying what she thought would make her look good at the time. They sing the national anthem and traveling soldier when they’re in the states, but the minute they get out of the country, they’re two-faced bitches.I’m from texas and I’m ashamed that she comes from my state. If she had to run her mouth, she should have picked something else to say besides being ashamed he’s from Texas. The majority of Texans are more ashamed of them than they will ever be of Bush. He was an exellent governor and is an exellent president, and all of you Bush hating, “save a whale kill a baby” idiots can rot in hell! And this Amanda chick needs her ass kicked southern style. Who the hell are you, bitch? Some stupid toothless trailer trash titty dancer or somethin? Oh. I forgot. Your ass is too big(You said it yourself) to be in that profession! How old are you anyway? 12?

  • Dianne

    The Dixie Chicks have shown their true colors. Sure they have the freedom to say what they want but we also have the freedom and right to boycott them. They are where they are today because of their own actions. They need to put their pride aside and admit what was said was wrong and come forth with an apology to our President and to the fans who have helped them be successful. They show regret only because their careers are going to suffer from this.

  • Dustin

    Natalie needs to learn that yes freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and we wouldnt have it if it werent for those men over there fighting but the fact of the matter is when you have a public voice you cant fly off at the mouth like that I am a die hard country fan but i have never really liked the dixie chicks they all seem a bit stuck up too me but i think that if their career suffers they might learn the price of treason had they not said it during a time of war is one thing but at the time when the whole country needs to pull together and be as one you dont say shit like that i think i am speeking fopr more than just me when i say may the dixie chicks career go down in shambles my name is Dustin and i am from Georgia and i am proud and love this country we live God Bless The USA and president bush and good work.

  • Jackie

    Wow, that was a powerful rebutle! You must have nothing to do with your time but watch left wing news shows and bash Republicans! You must be quite proud of yourself!
    I am only writing to you to tell you not to blast others with the fact that you have lived overseas and this somehow gives you a more honest opinion of the world and the way things are. BIG DEAL! I lived my first 4 years of life in other countries and have lived the last 11 years of my adult life in other countries. One in Asia, one in S. America, and one in Europe. If anything it gave me a renewed respect for what we have in the United States of America. You say we are viewed badly…yes this is true by some. But we are also loved intensly by others. I can name 2 countries that adore Americans; Taiwan and Chile. So see you aren’t as “wordly” as you would like for the ignorant public to believe. I wish I had time to write everything I feel but unfortunately for this discussion, I have a real life.
    By the way, I am the one who said Fox is a great source for the news and so is MSNBC and so is AM radio. The only reason you don’t like it is because for once the “right wing” is getting a say in your liberal dominated press. And I say “good for them!”.

  • michael

    you people are crazy!

    somebody up there actually said FOX news was a good source of news! How can something so right-wing give you fair and balanced news? Bill O Reilly (aka the right wing spin only zone!).

    I have lived all over the world and do you know how badly some of you are viewed? Ignorance should not be bliss. I have met some wonderful americans who are informed and well adjusted human beings but I am consistently amazed at the depth of ignorance and prediliction towards hatred of others.

    You have a fine constitution, now read it! Freedom of speech means nothing until you are forced to hear opinions you do not agree with. She disagrees with Bush’s foriegn policy (along with millions of others), she regrets the fact he comes from her home state because she feels people there are better than that. Some of you seem to think that this makes her unsupportive of troops in harm’s way, unamerican or that she has a “dirty mouth”

    Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder burned an effigy of Bush at a concert recently, has he been taken off the airwaves?

    Some facts for the land of the free:
    1/ Comcast the biggest cable provider (85% of tv’s) in the US has refused to run anti war ad’s for the last year – they are currently trying for deregulation from the Bush Government

    2/ Most pro-war protests in the US organized by World Play (a republican and staunchly fundamentalist religious organization with strong ties to Bush and his family) they are also the people that have led the ban onthe Chicks

    3/ Iraq miraculously popped up on the agenda at the height of the Enron contoversy – previous to this Ken Lay was so integral to the administration that presidential appointees were interviewed by him before confirmation.

    4/ Iraq has the second richest oil reserves in the world and is a prize by anyone’s reckoning. The american companies (only american companies and only republican loyal companies – eg Haliburton) will make a killing keeping
    “Iraq’s riches in trust for it’s people”

    5/ Dick Cheney (aka Haliburton) voted against the Equal Right’s Bill, the house resolution to release Mandela from prison and in June 2001 the Washington post leaked that 2 of his companies had been doing business with Iraq for the past 9 years.

    6/ John Ashcroft voted against abortion in cases of rape or incest, voted for limiting the death penalty appeals process. His first act as AG was to announce that 24 hours after buying a gun all files on that person are to be destroyed (ie no record of who has a gun or what kind of gun to remain)

    7/ Anthrax was supplied to Iraq by the US along with all of it’s conventional weapons by the US too. Iraq and Saddam was named as an ally of the US prior to the Gulf War.

    8/ some of Bush’s first act’s in office
    a/ cut funding for research into renewable energy resources by 50%
    b/ cut 39 million from libraries
    c/ reduced by 86% spending on Community Access Program for people without health insurance
    d/ cut $60 mil from Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs
    e/ cut half a billion dollars from Environmental Protection Agency
    f/ cancelled the 2004 deadline for auto makers to develop prototype high mileage cars
    g/ pushed for development of mini-nukes (for buried targets) in violation of Test Treaties with UN
    h/ named Bennet Raley who has called for repeal of Endangered Species Act as Assistant Secretary of Interior for Water and Science
    i/ 1976 Bush arrested for drunk driving
    “in his youth” ie. 35 years old!
    j/ he was also arrested for brawling at a football game.
    k/ the leader of the free world had a c+ average and did nothing after YALE except drive companies into the ground for 20 years and then Daddy set him up in politics.
    l/ his father was against the nation building his son is now doing and wrote a paper on it, which is accessable still in Library of Congress.
    m/ when you were with the Texas Air National Guard you skipped out on your unit and returned only after a year and a half (source Boston Globe)

    These and other facts are findable by listening to National Public Radio, or reading The NY Times, not really hard to do.

    Take care and God Bless


  • Jackie


  • Penny

    Amanda, just as an aside…whether or not I like the Dixie Chicks (didn’t like them BEFORE Natalie made a fool of herself), that is not contingent on whether or not I go to hell. Which, I won’t be. So, don’t go looking for me to be rotting.
    Now! I could not care less whther or not you people like or dislike the President. I do, I voted for him and I am very grateful that wimpy Clinton, who tried to make the USA a laughing stock (and came very close) is no longer in office. I am also glad that Gore never made President (I live in Tennessee…think about it people. He could not even carry the state he CLAIMED was his home state.) WHEN you are overseas, you show respect to our country, to our flag and to our leader. Foreigners already think that we are a rich spoiled country and we don’t need to feed the fire. That is all she had to do…SHUT UP! Her opinion is her own and God bless the USA that she can voice her opinion. BUT NOT IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY! Voice opinions here in the States where people can laugh or cheer or whatever with you. Don’t air your dirty laundry (or in her case, your dirty mouth) in other countries.

  • Jackie

    Who said anything about the war in Iraq being our reason for free speech? You have strongly misunderstood what people in this country are saying. The freedom of speech was written down on paper in the Bill Of Rights but it was won, my good man, by the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans in many wars throughout history. Martin Luther King Jr., was a great man and helped the civil rights movement in this country tremendously but he did not secure our right of free speech. This and many other rights were won by men in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and countless other conflicts. Don’t fool yourself into thinking for ONE MOMENT that our right to write these words is not because of the spilled blood of our countrymen! And if you don’t know this then our country’s hope for the future, if left in the hands of the ignorant, is doomed. Please take a history class or I know! READ A BOOK!

  • chris

    I not sure why people keep saying that the reason there is free speech in the U.S. is due to the war with Iraq. This war has nothing to do with free speech. This war is about the U.S. gaining more influence in the middle east. Free speech was given to the people of the United States in the Bill of Rights, but that was only on paper. Our freedom of speech was truly won by Civil Rights activist, like Martin Luther King Jr., and who killed for it. The Dixie Chicks expressed on opion that I don’t think is held by a majority of there fans and they should expect the heat, but the Iraq war has nothing to do with free speech or any other of our civil liberties.

  • Jackie

    I just wondered “Amanda” if you know what planet you are on? We are talking about the Dixie Chicks and the war in Iraq. Have you heard of these things? Also, I suggest that you go back to school to improve your language skills a bit. Afterall, foul language is only a sign of a limited vocabulary. Please, find a smut page and leave us to our discussion.

  • amanda achord

    jeff go to hell you asshole i dont give a fuck how you spell that dumbasses last name you stupid fuck and by the fucking way i live in a 2 fuckin story house bitch so go fuck yourself asshole

  • Scott

    I just happen to be in the military and am a damn proud Texan! I’ve been to Southern Watch and Enduring Freedom. I think that it is great to see all of you that support the president. I’m glad that the Dixie Chics record sales have decreased by 40% in the last month. You sure have to hate that! I will never buy another one of their albums! One more thing, I’m glad that we finally have a president that has some balls and is not trying to start a war just to get the press off of his back because he can’t keep his #@$% in his pants! As Hank said, “I like to ride my horses and shoot my guns,you know a cowboy’s work is just never done.”

  • Penny

    Whether you agree with the President or not (and PLEASE do him the courtesy of not comparing him to the last president who tried to sell the country to the Chinese…there was a red light in the Oval Office for 8 years. Wonder if there was one in the Lincoln bedroom?) show respect to his office…at least overseas. And I think that this is enough. Time to get on with life. The Dixie Chicks screwed up and I personally would not line a birdcage with their CD’s. But that is my freedom and my opinion. But as you write your opinions, remember that the military can read this site too. Do you really want them to read some of this inane, ridiculous chatter? They are out there dying…and we are talking about a bimbo who can’t keep her mouth shut. Hmmmmmm.

  • Penny

    Whether you agree with the President or not (and PLEASE do him the courtesy of not comparing him to the last president who tried to sell the country to the Chinese…there was a red light in the Oval Office for 8 years. Wonder if there was one in the Lincoln bedroom?) show respect to his office…at least overseas. And I think that this is enough. Time to get on with life. The Dixie Chicks screwed up and I personally would not line a birdcage with their CD’s. But that is my freedom and my opinion. But as you write your opinions, remember that the military can read this site too. Do you really want them to read some of this inane, ridiculous chatter? They are out there dying…and we are talking about a bimbo who can’t keep her mouth shut. Hmmmmmm.

  • james

    Wow, so many comments, so little to add that has not been said.
    President Bush, love or hate him, is much more knowledgeable as to the dangers that Saddam Hussein and his regime present to the Iraqi people and the world than our friend Natalie. Maybe he has been hasty in his decision to send troops etc., maybe he single handedly “ruined” the economy and the cushy lives we once enjoyed (hey, I’m doing better now than ever), but attacks against the President as an individual are not good for anyone. Criticize the policy, express regret as to the horrors of war, pray for a speedy resolution, but don’t take down the President in such a manner.
    Natalie should understand that she has been given access to mass-media strictly through her status as a performer, which has resulted from millions of people buying Dixie Chicks CD’s, and that her words may need to be chosen a bit more carefully, so as not to alienate many of those which gave her that power. Freedom of speech is a right, but very few of us can simply speak and have our words appear on Headline News the next day.
    My understanding is that, at this point, Natalie has apologized for the tone of her comment. I would recommend that she use her power and influence, if indeed it still exists, to set up a foundation or support causes that assist the victims of war, or promotes peace. It would be better for her to use her resources to make a positive mark on the world, as opposed to a negative impact on our leadership.

  • Jackie

    So,we don’t have any idea who you are “JC”? Are you maybe thinking you are Christ? I mean you think you are more informed than anyone else and you care about people more than anyone else. You say that people are following Bush with “blind faith”. Uh yea, the military has to follow him. They are owned by our government. Also, I mentioned 2 sources of the news because I don’t have the time to give you listings of others. I, personally, have a life. Do NOT critize my intelligence. I never said Sadam was involved in the 911 bombings. I said that Sadam had links to AlQuida. This is proven and you know it. They are all part of a huge terrorist organization. I don’t want to waste my time on you any more either. What a waste. Don’t bother responding. I won’t check this again.
    I’m off to play with my kids and bask in the real joys of living in freedom.

    Thank you US Military, past and present, for you sacrifices for us all.

  • JC

    Ok this is the last time I write because I have truly made myself sick over this. I have said a thousand times that I support the troops. I have no ego, trust me. I don’t like innocent lives being lost. I am the one here supporting free speech. People can do what they want with their CD’s of the Dixie Chick’s that is their right. I just think it is foolish. One of them had an opinon and she voiced it. If you like their music why destroy it. Everyone has their own opinions and no two people’s are the same on everything. Ok and don’t you dare tell me I am unimformed. Two news sources is not conclusive evidence that something is a fact. Give me a break. Ok and definitely not when one is Fox News. Look I said Saddam and Osama are not the same person. They are not. Saddam was not behind 9/11. Guess what informed one we have trained and backed both Osama and Saddam so ehy we have ties too. All I am saying is that Saddam was not behind 9/11 and it has been made to sound like he was. There was not one Iraqi who was taking over one of those planes, not one. I read news from all over the world and listen to TV and radio as well. I could care less if you give me the time of day. At least act educated and not give me two US news sources to prove a point. I want the troops to come home. I want Iraqi’s to have a humane invironment to live in, and why I am attacked for that I do not know. In a democracy no one should follow their leader in blind faith. Get the facts and don’t you ever tell me to become informed. I am not overcome with ignorance. You have an opinion, fine I respect that. I think you should just take a further look into things. Do not attack me when I care and am more informed than anyone else I know. I have been ill through this whole war because of how much I care. My God it’s not about ego. Maybe you should look at the two men at odds in this war and discuss ego. Watch while two governments have a pissing contest while innocent lives are lost. I am not going to waste anymore of my time dealing with people who attack me when they have no idea who I am or how deeply I care for people. I will discuss the war with people who are for it if THEY are well informed.

  • Alicia

    I support our troops and our President. I belive that he is doing the best he can. Seeing how they treat their citizens makes me sad/mad. They want to be free and I’m happy we are going to make them. Pray for America.

  • Penny Webster

    I realize that this is America and we have the right to voice our opinion. But that should not include bashing your President and his decisions in another country! Natalie should have had the maturity to show respect to the United States, her leader and her military by keeping her mouth shut on foreign soil. All this shows me is she has a chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease.

  • Jackie

    You know JC I just read more of your crap and cannot believe people like you exsist. This “Dixie Chic” doesn’t bother me for what she says. She has that right although I would love to see her arrested for sedition. Don’t you go and trash others if they want to “express” themselves by boycotting her music. This is how the public speaks in a free society, or didn’t you know that? I have lived in many other countries in my life and I am proud to call the US my home. I am also thankful to those who have died to give us freedoms like speech. I don’t think people like you appreciate that; you abuse it to inflate your own egos.
    Like I said before… become informed and I’ll give you more time.

  • Jackie


    Don’t be a dumbass! Get informed yourself! Saddam is linked to AlQuida and that is not US propaganda! This is proven! Get with it! Become informed!
    AM Radio
    Fox News
    These are both good sources of the news. I thought you might like to know.

  • JPM


  • Acola Thomas

    Dixie chicks i don’t listen to your music but i do support you and your comment that was made at thE London concert. i myself live in the lone star state and i feel that we will be the first state to get bombed and that is sad. bush should have not been selected into office in my opinion but everyone is intitled to their own opinion, just like that statement was your own opinion. i support you all and i will buy as many copies of your cd that i can to support you and encourage others to do the same as well. don’t let fellow ignorant u.s. citizens get the best of you girls, i think you stated your opinion and you’ll did nothing wrong . many might not be faund of my statement neither but they can KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

  • JC

    This is to ds who copied my other post. OSAMA AND SADDAM ARE NOT THE SAME. Using them in the same context is not correct at all. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. The Bush administration has made it sound like there is something related with them and there is not except they are both terrible men. The Bush administration is preying on the ignorance of the American public and assuming (and correctly so) that because the two men are Middle Eastern men of the Islamic faith that we will relate the two of them and get behind this war. Who do I think is a better man, Bush or Saddam? That is the most stupid and unimportant question I have ever been asked. It is not a question of who is a better man. Saddam is a monster and if I truly believed that we went into this war to protect the Iraqi people then I might sing a different tune. We did not. Why didn’t I want this war? Do you see what is happening to Iraqi citizens and American and British POW’s. They are being treated unfairly and being tortured. Children are being ripped from their homes and having their lives threatened if their fathers do not join Saddam’s military. POW’s are not being treated in accordance with the Geneva Accords. The Bush administration and the media are acting shocked, “How evil the enemy is, we can’t believe that the Iraqi’s are not following wartime rules.” Of course they’re not, Saddam is a monster. He kills his own people why the hell would he be nice to American and British POW’s. This is why the matter should have been handled very differently and without such arrogance by our foolish president. Do you know what when he came into office he pulled us out of many international organizations that alienated our country to begin with. Now he has alienated more of the world from us as he all of a sudden became the “world’s protector.” It doesn’t add up at all. He is not a good man and he does not have American’s interests at heart unless they are in the top 1% of the tax bracket. Are you? It is also pretty cute that now the company that our vice-president DICK was CEO of is the first we have signed on to help with the clean-up in Iraq. Why don’t you look into things before you want to argue with me. Oh and just a comment even though Osama and Saddam are not related in the least the reason why 9/11 worked is because there were no WEAPON’S of MASS DESTRUCTION. If there had been then our military would have detected it. The only time we have been signifigantly bombed on the mainland is when it was done by a White American Male. Bush is using 9/11 to scare us and to give him backing in this effort. Did you know that after 9/11 only 3% of Americans believed Saddam was behind the attacks and now when polled a little over a year later 44% of Americans think that he was. Wake up. Now we have to finish this war and we must do it quickly so that no more innocent people are killed. Oh and of course I’m sure you know we have helped both Saddam and Osama over the years so lets just get over ourselves. I am pround to live in this country and I am damn lucky as well, but I am sickened by our president and I am even more sickened by the ignorance of the people of this great country.

  • keenan

    [ This comment was deleted, and the IP address from which it was posted has been banned. Please do not post chain letter advertisements in comments. Thanks. -PWinn ]

  • Robert

    I think the Chicks can and should voice their views just as we have. I also think they should be grateful for the sacrifices necessary to make this freedom a reality. It’s also our freedom NOT to listen to them or purchase their products. Now as I see it they have a choice, stick by their beliefs, or do the hipocritical thing and say… um… nevermind. I, as a southerner would respect them more by standing by their comments. I just wish they would have been more respectful of the office of the President. And that’s the view from my window…

  • Proudtobefree

    The Dixie Chicks should have read this and then opened their mouths to sing….ONLY!





  • steve

    As a soldier in Dessert storm and now in the music industry in Nashville,I do not agree that they said that in another country. We fought and died for their right to speak but in America not in a foreign nation where you look like a traitor, they are making money off a song about a Vietnam Vet but then turn around and betray all the Vets that fought for there right to speak, Listen Chicks, Saddam Is the bad guy not Bush… I can tell you that the Dixie Chics are like most celeb’s, they will say what they think will be best for their careers at the moment. Most have no Idea what the normal Blue collar worker goes through and how they make the entertainer famous. They are caught up in there own “star world” and think they can do anything that is self centered and self serving. But if it starts to fall in around them they cannot handle it. My personal experience is to not take any celebrities opinion seriously. Most of them protest the war just to get more media exposure!

  • AB

    I would like to ask one question. Do you think you could do any better as the President of the USA with all of the pressures and responsibilities from other countries and your own people?

    I would also like to add that if there was a choice of them or my family, this mother would do anything to protect her family at any cost. Even if it meant my own life.

    This is in addition to the comment about country music listeners. It’s a good thing opinions are like assholes……… everyone has one.

  • Tiffany

    hmm… all of you in support of free speech, do some research for me. what would happen if you were in Iraq and publicly spoke against saddam? you’d never speak again. i’m not sure you’d even get a proper burial service. HELLO!!!! is anyone SANE HERE??????? next time you wanna bash bush, i’d like you to also lemme know how YOU would do any better. this war is NOT about oil. COME ON!!! no, saddam didn’t actually hit the WTC or pentagon. he wasn’t on the plane that crashed in PA. but he is behind all the terrorism. his network funds it. if we don’t do something to stop him, we’ll become a doormat, and get stepped on right quick. we’re fighting for freedom. get a clue, ok? do us all a favor.
    absurd is spelled with an A. it’s pretty sad that i learned that as an elementary student and you still don’t know it. = (
    oh… and when did this turn into an “i don’t even like country music” conversation?

  • Tiffany


    ask and ye shall receive, KAW. i already got on it to see if she was trying to excuse what she said. hope it helps! = )

  • Shauna

    Hooray for the Dixie Chicks! I was never a fan, but will consider it now. I agree with Natalie 100%. Bush is a war monger and is deceiving the American people. To go against Bush, is not to go against America. The election for him was fixed anyway – so who actually voted for him?! I do not respect him; nor do I like him. This does not mean that I like Saddam – I don’t like him either. Remember, there is a grey area – just because you don’t like one thing, doesn’t mean you like the exact opposite. And why is Natalie exempt from the freedom of speech? Just because it was something negative about Bush? Give me a break! That is not democracy. This war is a cruel joke – in the end no one will be laughing. I do not support Bush, he is wasting lives. Not everyone on this planet has to live “the american way”; it’s called diversity. And, no I don’t agree with what Saddam is doing, I think he should have been destroyed a long time ago – but war? Come on! The USA and British have enough technology and intellegence agencies, that they could easily be rid of Saddam – no need for war. It’s all a sham – this war is NOT about Iraq or the so called “freeing the Iraqi people”. Bush just want’s his name in the history books, and his hands in the oil. And, that’s final. “God Bless” the Dixie chicks (oh, and Josh Marshall of the Washington Monthly)!

  • Jean

    I’m not really interested in a free concert by the Dixie Chicks. Before the foolish and degrading comment by Ms. Maines it would have been a nice gesture, now anything associated with her is tarnished. If she feels so ashamed by the President then it goes to say she feels ashamed of America.

    Why isn’t she looking at the treatment of Iraq citizens under the ruling of Sadam? If she spoke out like she did in Iraq against the leadership regime, then Miss Natalie would no longer have a voice to sing with, she would have been executed.

    The money the Dixie Chicks have made over the past couple of years is the American Dream story. She should be thanking America and not putting the country down. Her voice and comments have influence-she has chosen to ride the riches of the music industry and make her fortune. With that comes responsibility for actions.

  • KAW

    Does anyone have the URl for the Dixie Chics offical fanclub?

  • KAW

    Although I am from Texas and I am a country music fan, I fail to fit into the description above. I am educated with a BA in psychology, MS in management, and an MBA. I currently own and operate a decorating service that specializes in special events and weddings. I am currently studying, on my own, for the Series 7 exam. I am a Republican by choice but do not vote a straight party ticket.

    I also support my President, the troops, and my country 100%. I disagree with the way Natalie bashed our country and President but I do respect her right to freedom of speech. I sincerely believe that she and other celebrities have abused their mass access to American public.

    I am not a fan of war but that does not mean I am going to bash our President. I like that fact that my President has the courage to do what the last President did not have the courage to do. At least our current President is concentrating on the safety of our country and not on who he is going to have safe sex with next.

  • ds

    Your reply could be well that’s why we are in Iraq, to save our freedom. That’s BS and everyone should no that. We have enough weapons to blow the world to bits we are fighting for power and for economic intrests. Do you ever start a fight with a person who is about one 30th as powerful as you are because you think they might somewhere down the line cause harm to you. Come on. You don’t have to be a liberal to share my opinions, you need to be able to understand the way the world works and not accept our president’s every thought in the name of “patriotism.”

    Posted by: JC on March 20, 2003 12:21 AM

    I don’t know that I agree with you on several points. I don’t understand how you can be so cavilier in your statements that I copied above. Have you forgotten about 9/11? Bin Laden is from Afghanistan and he was able to kill 3,500 people in the blink of an eye… without weapons of mass destruction. Iraq should have been invaded when he kicked out the arms inspectors after the Gulf War. Knowing what kind of person he his, a person that gasses and killed hundreds of thousands of his own people, do you really put your trust in Saddam’s humanity? Can you really
    trust Saddam more than Bush? Do you really think that the terrorist attacks against this country are not an attack on our way of life? Can’t you admit that maybe your political views are coloring your judgement just a little?

    Nobody wants war. Nobody wants to loose their life or the life of a loved one. But you can’t pretend that we are not vulnerable to terrorist attacks from any country. I have to trust that our president has our best interests at heart, just as I did when Clinton was in office and he advocated attacks against Saddam. I also had to respect his decision in Kosovo, I had to trust that he had information that he was not at liberty to share with everone that made it necessary. I didn’t see all of the protesters then, we had casualties then too. I believe that a lot of this is political posturing, and that, I do disagree with.

    We each have a right to voice our opinions. I don’t think that it serves anything to be hateful and fight amongst each other. I think that everyone has the right to voice their beliefs. That is what we, as Americans, have fought for over the years.

    I sincerely hope that the war ends soon without any further casualties.

  • Kimberlea

    Oh I am from Midland, Texas and very proud that our President is from Texas…

  • Kimberlea

    The point is that Natalie was on foriegn soil when she made the comments about Bush. You just don’t go over to another country and disrespect your President. Yes she is entitled to her own opinion and I don’t think that anyone disputes that, but she should have never opened her mouth in a foriegn country. Had she said that in her own country, the backlash of all of this would not have been so bad. She would have been in her own country where she WAS FREE to say what she wanted to say. I think that it is really sad for them because this is going to effect their career for years to come. I am very proud of our President and Very proud of ALL the AMERICAN and BRITISH troops over in Iraq fighting to keep America safe and to preserve what every other soldier has fought to keep for ALL Americans, our FREEDOM.. And as for Freedom Fries, I am all for it… Let FREEDOM RING!!!!!

  • Cleo

    First of all Mike from March 18th, maybe you should read up on your current events. Saddam is not Osama. We are not dealing with revenge for 9/11. This is a completely different “war”. It’s a war for oil and only oil. The public’s foolishness in beleiving this is going to end terrorism is ubsurd. As is your comments about Natalie. You made my point very clear when you said this is America “the land of the free”. Educate yourself before you start commenting on others. She has the right to say whatever she wants about this JOKE we have in the white house. More power to her!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I don’t even like country music

  • Tina

    by the way I forgot to add I am a TEXAN and I have family from TEXAS fighting in this war. And I could honestly say I am ashamed that Natalie lives in this country and is from Texas.

  • Tina

    I was a Dixie Chicks fan, but now I’m not so sure and it’s not completely the comment of President Bush….Yes we have the right to freedom of speech. No one wants to go to war, even the men and women who serve in our armed forces. But they are in the armed forces because they want to protect that very right, that gives us the freedom to speak our mind. And what I feel about Natalie’s comment is that by saying she is ashamed of President Bush, she is also saying she is ashamed of our men and women who are over there risking their life to give us our freedom. And I feel if she does not know how to find the right words to express her support(if any) for our troops while she is critizing our President, then she needs to keep her mouth shut or think real hard before she speaks. I don’t think anyone agrees with our president completely but that’s not the point. And I really don’t feel she is sorry for what she said, she’s just sorry that it might hurt her career.

  • Tiffany

    it doesn’t matter where he’s from, it’s a matter of disrespecting our national leader. natalie should have been responsible enough to know when to keep her comments to herself. it was just uncalled for.

    two quotes come to mind here…

    “unfortunately, she does not possess the power of conversation… even worse, she does possess the power of speech.”

    “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt!”

  • J. Seeba

    Doesn’t anyone realize that President Bush is actually from Connecticut anyway?

  • JohnnyCashFan

    As a Canadian living in Japan with many American friends who have friends or family either in the military or actually in Iraq now, I find it very interesting to get a sampling of some the views of typical Americans beyond what I see on MSNBC over here.

    A few things:

    the accuracy of spelling and punctuation in some of the above posts is quite telling when the content is analyzed.

    To suggest there is any link between intelligence level and an affinity for country music is not really valid, at least not from my point of view. I know some exceptionally intelligent and very average fans of the genre.

    Free speech must be defended at any cost: granted, a person’s reaction to someone’s statement is his or her choice, but we must uphold the right of the individual to voice an opinion whether or not it is in accordance with our own beliefs. Blind patriotism is no patriotism at all; I respect the opinion of those who honestly believe this war in Iraq is necessary, and I absolutely support American troops on an individual basis who are in Iraq. However, I really don’t support or admire Bush’s haphazard foreign policy or his disregard for the UN. The tens of thousands of people who are protesting peacefully in America are every bit as patriotic as American troops overseas; both sides wholeheartedly believe that what they are doing is in the best interests of the country. Be thankful that you live in a nation where this is possible! Don’t resent differences of opinion, but be glad that they are possible.

    If an environment of distrust of one’s fellow man is created in America, and people live in fear of their neighbours or in fear of voicing their true thoughts, then what good is democracy? Don’t forget the McCarthy era!

    As an aside, it is interesting that North Korea, a “socialist” dictatorship who is not-so-quietly ramping up for nuclear arms production is being for the moment at least, ignored. I hate to suggest it, but is there a relation between the amount of oil available and Bush’s interest in any given world or local peace-threatening situation?

    Having said that, although I was initially opposed to the campaign in Iraq, the accuracy and minimization of civilian casualties, at least as reported thus far, are certainly to be applauded. I really hope this story has a happy ending for the people of Iraq and America. To anyone who has friends or family serving in Iraq, my prayers join yours for their safe return.

  • Emily

    What Natalie did or didn’t say in LONDON has nothing to do with the Constitution, folks. She is not in jail. She has not been punished by the government for what she said, nor will she be. If her career suffers as a result, it is because of the choices made by her fans. All poor Natalie has suffered is the hard lesson that talk is not cheap.

    Free speech, hell yeah, I’m all for it, but with that liberty comes the duty to accept responsibility for the consequences of what you say. If people aren’t willing to do that, free speech is worthless.

  • Sure, the Dixie Chic’s can say whatever they like. And prople are free to reply anyway they like.

    The swan dive in sales is the both the reply and the result of free speech.

    Go free speech.

  • Tiffany

    ok, here’s my opinion, take it or leave it. i’m a teenager, so you know i’m all about free speech, to an extent. there have been many occasions on which i would like to tell my teacher to frget my homework and kiss my butt. but, i haven’t said it because it’s DIS-RE-SPECT-FUL. i made it easy for some of those who are reading, who’ve obviously never heard the word. natalie stepped over the line TWICE against patriotics issues. if the country music fans (who are not, as mike leads you to believe, all stupid, abusive, white trash) will remember, natalie said toby keith’s “the angry american” embarassed country music. this from a chick who sings about poisoning her husband and has a song called “white trash wedding.” yea, o-k. now, natalie has opened her mouth yet again, and now against our national leader. come on natalie!!! we are at war because in america, we enjoy FREE-DOM (another unfamiliar word). If we sit around on our butts waiting for a bomb to go off before we do anything, then that’s just murder-suicide. i understand there are cons to this war. i’m not happy that we’re at war, but i am happy that every morning i can wake up and pray, and do whatever i want. i don’t want to lose that freedom, if that’s ok with the rest of you. our president is doing a good job. our prayers and support our with you, Mr. Bush. God Bless!

  • Joker

    As I sit here (in front of my computer and tv) I’m disgusted and appalled by the images that I’m seeing… I cannot even begin to fathom the mindset of some of people. Dixie Chicks, protesters, anti-war marches… My God people… Please catch up with the current state of affairs. I swear on my mothers eyes, if I hear another person say that this war is about oil I’m gonna snap. We’ve got oil!!! It’s not like Iraq has ALL the oil. And no, we’re not gonna drill in Alaska. It’s about compliance…. This Natalie “Chick” say’s in her apology that she just thinks all of the possibilities have been explored. Humm…Let’s do the math real quick…. Desert Storm was in 1991 this is 2003 that’s 12 years…He was ordered by the UN (article 1440) to disarm ALL of his long range and chemical weapons. Now, in two feeble attempts HE (and I use HE in the place of what I really want to call him) destroys a few weapons. He’s had 12 years to destroy these weapons. What other possibilities are there….passing article 1441!!!!! And shame on the rest of the UN “Friends” that turn their backs on what NEEDS to be done. Lest they forget WW1and 2. I’m a native Texan and I’m proud of George W. I’m more importantly an American and a damn proud one. I just hope that the Dixie Chick took all the pictures and video’s of their homes. So they can view them in their new home’s in Europe. I don’t think that they will really need to come back to Texas anytime soon…That’s not a threat, I just can assure you that there will not be a ticker-tape parade for their return.

  • MIKE


  • kim

    Hey dont we all need to just love and get along?so the chick spoke her feelings get over it. their music is the best ever. So just live,love,and enjoy what life we have and rock to the DIXIE CHICKS.

  • Noe

    I am so hungry. I like Tasty Bites and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

  • Jeff

    Ah, is that Amanda Achord real? Seriously, there is no way that this person is using such words as “fricken” and I think she means Clinton and not “cliton”…. hello Amanda.. check your spelling. Amanda, You really are trailor park material, eh? Bless your heart..

  • For all you that diss Natalie you can all rot in hell and maybe we can be neighbors but the point is we all have our own opions and its stupid to jugde one persons opion but not the other and about the president and all i think it was stupid to go to war i mean we have to stick up for our selfs but nothing like this ever happened with cliton as president so why now i think its just plain out stupid and for the people who dont like country music oh fricken well country music has been here befroe any of you so there must be something good about it and about all the white and stupid comments screw you all for being racies i am racies againest trashy people but it dont matter what color you are you can be trash either way it goes and trashy people are called niggers to clear that all up for you stupid people who know nothing about nothing and like i said before if you have any problems with my opion email me at rebelgrl1587@yahoo.com or maybe get a civis book and look up the the american rights it has freedom of speech in it so all of you can shut up while your ahead bye bye

  • Kristy

    I don’t see what your problems are with Natalie Maines is. So what she spoke her own opion.It is a sad day when an AMERICAN citizen cannot have an opion of her President.Natalie Maines we support you.

  • OK LISTEN EVERYONE is entiltled to their own oppion and i say all of you can kiss my A** cause the dixie chicks rock and i agree with them i will always be their #1 fan if you have a problem with this email me at rebelgrl1587@yahoo.com Its like you sayin oh i dont like pizza its your oppion and this AMERICA is supose to be a free country what ever happened to freedom of speech SO KISS MY BIG WHITE DIXIE LOVIN BUTT

  • JC

    To the non-caps Mike I have a question. Let’s say Saddam was our president would you support him because you are so patriotic and he is your fearless leader. I did not vote for Bush and I do not at all agree with what he is doing. The way that you can support the troops and not Bush is simple. You were trying to make an educated point and failed miserably. One of my best friends is in the Marines. I fully support him and I respect the people who are out fighting ro IRAQ’s freedom and our use of their oil. He did not declare war against Iraq and he was not sitting in a comfortable chair tonight addressing our nation. He was at war. He does share Bush’s opinons but he is doing his duty. I respect the soldiers but I do not agree with the mission they were sent out to do by their commander and chief. I am happy to live in my country but I have the right to disagree with a man I feel is wrong. Your reply could be well that’s why we are in Iraq, to save our freedom. That’s BS and everyone should no that. We have enough weapons to blow the world to bits we are fighting for power and for economic intrests. Do you ever start a fight with a person who is about one 30th as powerful as you are because you think they might somewhere down the line cause harm to you. Come on. You don’t have to be a liberal to share my opinions, you need to be able to understand the way the world works and not accept our president’s every thought in the name of “patriotism.”

  • Tonya wallace

    The two Tonya are the same

  • Tonya

    Natalie you go girl don’t let anyone put you down you are turly the best singer and the same as with the group.
    I am a Kentuckyen and my granny is form Texas.
    I my self don’t really care for Bush but i like the Texasen and you proble ment to say i don’t like Bush and not because he form Texas it just because he dosen’t seem to care about people that are not Repuilcans and he dosen’t care about the domacrts like Cliton did. Natalie forget about what the other people say. If they were ture American they whould learn to FORGIVE

  • Tonya

    my opion is that Natalie shouldn’t have said what she did. But there should be no reason for people to be mad at the Dixie Chics. Everyone should forgive and not be so aryger at everone. there is engough fighting and haters that we as American are not acting like American were act hatful and attiude with everone. so my opion is just love and forgive people including Natalie. A Kentuckyen

  • MIKE

    Just wanted to let everyone know, the MIKE at the bottom of these posts is different from the Mike at the top. I used all caps to show my posts.


  • Candace

    Mike, you posted a comment on March 14 about your uneducated stereotype of a country music fan.
    The comment that stated country music fans the most patriotic was based on the fact that compared to all other types of music, country has always had a patriotic theme.
    As for Natalie, So I guess you were invited to sit in on the top-secret meetings that explain the war and you now are the most educated on the topic?
    Why on Earth would you speak anti-American comments to a majority of people who are anti-American? It is horrific for any American (who has an influential power)to agree with these beliefs and speak them as if they were true. You should respect your country and your President! I have one last question for Natalie. Don’t you think if Iraq had the chance to murder American lives it would? or if the tables were turned that there would no longer be a U.S. without question or warning! P.S. I am ashamed that the Dixie Chicks are from Texas! ~ A Proud Texas Native

  • Mary

    DIXIE CHICKS RULE…and guess what? Natalie spoke out! (not too smart but for real–I have heard worse rhetoric and hate spew from the mouth of Ted Nugent but no one gets on his crap. WHATS UP WITH THAT? Im sick of people trying to compete who is the most patriotic. The Dixie Chicks HOME CD is excellent! If you don’t want tickets to their concert I’ll take them!!

  • Chris

    I think that she definitly needed to consider the consequences of what she said before she said it. She’s certainly not the brightest crayon in the box after making such a comment. And “subsequently” after she downgraded President Bush, the Dixie Chicks made the remark that they are frightened about the number of innocent lives, well, in response, as if it wasn’t plain enough to see, Sadam has some illegal weaponary, and plans to use it sometime, we must eliminate the threat before they eliminate us. Maybe the Dixie Chicks would prefer to wait for him to hit us? The military are paid for what they do, honestly, i love them all for what they do for us and their country, but when they sign up, they are aware of the danger factors, it is not a hidden fact…thanks

  • MIKE

    Patrick & Foghorn,

    Sorry, the last post I had was to Patrick, not Foghorn. I was confused with the style of “signature” here. Thought Foghorn had responded to me.


  • MIKE

    Foghorn dumbass…

    Yes, there is a such a thing as keeping it in the family. I understand that it isn’t law, but it’s respect. When the conservatives had a problem with Clinton a few years ago, we didn’t leave the country to talk about our problem with him; we went to him and to OUR press and OUR people. Sure, they have the right to go anywhere they want and say anything they want (although try going to Iraq and criticizing Saddam), and I will fight to the death to protect that right, even for the dumbasses who obviously don’t have a clue, but out of respect for our country and our people, our dirty laundry should be dealt with here, not pandering to a British crowd.

    Also, criticizing Bush does hurt the troops. Anybody remember a little conflict a few years back called Vietnam? Remember how a lot of people didn’t like that military conflict, and as a result of political views, we ostracized the soldiers who were just fighting for their country? Nah, I guess you’re right, we treated them correctly, didn’t we? Plus, on a side note, how can you say “I support the troops, but not the President” when the President is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES OF AMERICA? That makes HIM a soldier in our army, simply providing a service that is different from any other soldier we have.

    And, yes, at this point, we should support Bush, no matter what a person’s individual views are, because the only way America has survived as long as it has, become as powerful as it has, maintained the power it has achieved, and will be the same country in the future is solidarity. Nothing can now be achieved by the liberals that are simply nay-sayers.

    Foghorn, glad to see your grammar isn’t too bad, but your spelling does still need work.

  • Patrick

    In response to Mike, as a lawyer (from Texas) let me first say that there is no such thing as “keeping it in the family”, at least not in the 1st Amendment. I believe that was the point Jen was making.

    Second, somebody above said that it might harm troops if you critize the President. How is that, exactly? Are you saying we should blindly obey without question everything Bush does?

    YOU…are a dumb ass.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Pat, I’m sure Natalie knows that and is thankful to “reside” in the land of the free, as am I. But where does being thankful end and being afraid to express an opinion begin?

    And what exactly is your “authority to judge the political arena”? If you can spout off your opinion here why can’t a musician make a fairly inocuous jibe onstage? I know lots of Texans who feel the same way about Bush and if you suggested they were unpatriotic I suspect they’d want to have words.

  • Pat

    Natalie? Did you know that the penalty for defaming the president of Iraq is death? I think you should be thankful that you reside in the “land of the free”. Had it not been for the courageousness of generation after generation before you, you would not be living in the freedom that affords you “the good life”, nor would you be delusional enough to think that the fact that you can remake a classic like Landslide would give you any authority to judge the political arena. Sometimes you have to trust, be courageous, and be supportive of those best qualified for the job at hand and pray that it is not your plane that gets commandeered by the next terrorist and crashes into your mansion.

  • MIKE

    Dear Foghorn,

    I think I speak for everyone when I say:


    Are you for Bush or against him? For or against what the Chicks said? Nice attempt at humor, but a post needs to at least be understandable.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    I say boy I say boy this is just about the dumbest argument I ever did see an’ I’ve gone outta my way to see me some. A singer makes a throwaway remark an’ you clods act like she’s Benedict Arnold or something. You people who act like free speech is only acceptable as long as no one uses it are about as smart as grits an’ only half as tasty. And let me ask I say let me ay-ersk has that IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT BUSH IS DOING WHY DON’T YOU GO BACK TO FRANCE/IRAQ/HOLLYWOOD? zinger ever won any kind of argument even in the Charlie Daniels Memorial Saloon at hose-out time? I say boy I say boy you sure gotta bonk a lotta noggins to get a whit o’ sense in some folk today.

  • MIKE

    First off, we live in a capitalistic society, so the easiest way to enforce the will of the people is with money (i.e. boycotting the Chicks so they are forced back into the real world the rest of us live in). Second, if you are still against this war, you’re an unpatriotic idiot. It’s going to happen, why not help it happen quickly and cleanly, then there’s less war for you anti-war freaks. Third, even if you disagree with Bush, there’s such a thing as “keeping it in the family”, which means that Americans shouldn’t go out of the country to tell people how “bad” our president is. What point does that serve except to pander to the namby-pamby liberal Europeans just to make a few more bucks? As if 25 million albums sold hasn’t made them rich enough. In response to the guy who claims that Bush has ruined the economy, realize this: anything that happens in the economy now generally takes about 3 to 5 years to have its full impact, meaning that Al Greenspan and the measures the liberals inacted during Clintons *wonderful* 8 years are what are causing what is happening now, not the wonderful actions that Bush has taken that will not be fully felt for a while longer. Doesn’t anybody remember simple economics from high school? Geesh!

  • Jen S.

    “Constitution? We don’t need no stinking Constitution!”

  • ApMax

    guys, reading some of your comments is even scarier than listening to your leaders…

    peace from Europe

  • Gerald W. Wilson II

    I almost forgot “SEMPER FI”.

  • Gerald W. Wilson II

    Yes it may be o.k. to have a disagreeing veiw of the presidents choices but, lets be careful of what we say for it may harm our troops if the fighting becomes a political war such as the 10 year war in southeast asia. Support the troops, stand by your beliefs what ever they may be but again lets not do anything that will affect our brave men and women who are about to take up arms.

  • BR

    I think it’s bizzare that people would burn the album because they don’t agree with them. I’m patriotic and all, and I hate Saddam Hussein, but I love the Chicks! They rock! Why would I burn their album just because I don’t agree with them? That’s pretty dumb, I paid 15 bucks for it.

  • J C

    Ok I don’t know how you crazy morons equate not supporting Bush with not respecting the military. I do not want to go to war because I do not want them to be killed. My life is not in danger any more or less if we go to war. Oh and how exactly is Bush one of the greatest presidents? Is it because he can not speak, has let our economy go to crap, has tried to merge church and state, or has brain washed all of you morons into believing your lives are in danger. “Fear and Consumption.” I’m just not sure if you can understand that. You want to be “patriotic” let people have free speach. Don’t pick on her because she is a celeb, she can say whatever she wants. You all are and at least she sounds intelligent.

  • Ashley

    Celebrities like this think that just because they’re famous that it makes them experts on EVERYTHING. WEll, this is obviously not the case with the Dixie Chicks. Who the hell are they to go overseas and disrespect our country and president in such a way? I am not a fan of war, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Comments such as theirs only make themselves look bad…

  • Bryan

    Wow, I must say that the comment was just hilarious. How the hell could that bitch think that she could get away with a comment like that. First off, Bush is one of the greatest presidents we’ve had in a while. Second, him and Tony Blair are the only ones with the balls to stand up to Iraq while those French pussies in the Security Council. War may not be the best way to ever do things but now it is the only way. Hey, Nathalie, I hope that you get a package of Iraqi anthrax so in death you can see how bad this bastard of a dictator is and why we are the GOOD guys.

  • Dean

    I would like Natalie to be present at the first
    Memorial for our troops when this WAR ends.
    (about 5 days) She can give her opinion to
    the Texan’s family who will bury there son or
    daughter. See how long she lives before moving
    on to the next life.

  • J C

    I would never write to this thing but look how sad this is. It is so scary how a lot of you people have banded together and boycotted music you once liked because a singer had an opinion. Do you know what happens with a gang mentality like that? You end up with a dictator who’s every opinion you must share and follow. At least Natalie has some sort of talent besides hiding behind her dad and God. It’s because of uneducated, ingnorant people that follow our “fearless leader” (who has a 4th grade vocab level, and has turned our economy to crap) that people hate America. We actually have the means to be educated and instead people continue to be lazy, ignorant, racist, and stupid. Look into what you are fighting for, trust me people are really being “patriotic” by dumping $17 Dixie Chicks CD’s and getting fatter on Freedom Fries.

  • SK2(SS)Bryan l. Smith

    Sheesh, give the girl a break. It’s not like Bush really gives a hoot what she thinks..or maybe that’s the problem.

    Also I find it interesting that the same people who went out of their way to condemn Clinton for not having a military record(he was studying abroad when he should have been dying in some rice paddy like the rest of the boys)or more than willing to support the current president’s wish to go to war, despite the fact he ALSO has no military record, nor does Cheney, nor does Rumsfeld. And this is coming from a proud member of the military…

  • J walrath

    1) The chicks should have an opinion, of course, but perhaps they should keep it to themselves. Whether you agree with them or not, its ovious that they have cost themselves a lot of business.
    2)Of course if they were the “Iraqi chicks” and their comments were directed towards Saddam, their tongues would be nailed to the wall next to their heads. 3)To hate the president publicly, on foreign soil, is hardly “supporting” our troops. I bet they’re not welcome in the uso.

  • Mike

    I’m a dixie chick fan, but Natalie here’s the point… six months ago Bush & Blair patiently went to the UN and wanted a resolution to have Iraq disarm it’s weapons of M.D. or have it done for him… 6 months later the inspectors have not presented 1 nanogram of evidence addressing the existence or non existence of these m.d. weapons. By the way, most of these weapons could fit in the rear of a few box trucks or tunnels, Your ranting groups say Bush is rushing to war, give the UN a chance, it’s working. Meanwhile there’s now been six more months where these weapons could fall into the wrong hands…Can you see how a reasonably thinking person would disagree with your perception. I would still however accept your opinion and respect your views. But then to ridicule Bush publicly in this light is why I won’t listen to your music…

  • Mike

    I’m originally from the northeast 20 years and now call the south my home, I’m so tired of the speudo intellectuals from north bashing on the south, What I’ve learned having seen both, is that southerner’s are much more consistent in their beliefs than “northerners”. You intellectuals rant that it is wrong to go to war to remove a brutal dictactor who has killed millions of his own people because thousands may be placed at risk to liberate them, yet many of you defend america’s choice to kill 30,000,000 conceived baby’s because it cramps your personal freedom of choice. If you don’t see the clear contradiction in that there’s no point in saying more. By the way, who really cares where rolling stone got it’s name anyway…

  • Let Bill O’Reilly know that you want a full boycott on the Dixie Chicks tour and their sponsor. You can find his email address at Fox News .com We need full support for our President and our troops, her unpatriotic statements that completely SOLD OUT THE WHOLE USA should not go unpunished!! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, please keep in mind that to have the right to speak your own opinion is not given freely. Wars have been fought and lives have been lost for decades just for me to enjoy that right. I will not forget that my rights of freedom are not ‘free’. I respect anyone who has the job of looking out for a country that I am proud to live in. I am proud to know that I can think what I want and go where I want when I want and not have to worry about being punished. However, just like my grandparents taught me. You will never agree with everyone on religion or politics. However, respect the other persons decisions. But, if they aren’t respectful…well, you get the idea. I am proud that our President is taking the threats seriously for our country. He is doing his job. I wouldn’t want the job. Everyone is so quick to judge him saying we don’t need to kill women and children and innocent civilians. Well, what do they have to say about Bin Laden or Saddam? I don’t hear them wanting to get rid of these men that believe in killing their own people. The sad part is, the terrorist are not just a danger to the world, they are a danger to their own.

  • David S

    Call them the “Dixie Chickins” now. All these entertainers and celebrities don’t live in the real world… ‘innocent lives’… Why do you think it’s called WAR?? Besides we’re not fighting the people but an evil regime. I pray for the innocents…

  • Dude

    I never thought I would say this, but I’m beginning to have some respect for the Dixie Chicks. I also am ashamed of Bush, and so bless the Chicks and Steve Earle for their anti-Bush views.

  • I wasn’t really going to say anything, but a couple of points:
    – if anybody thinks that Shrub is representative of a monolithic ‘murrican public, then boy howdy have you got one hell of a surprize coming.

    – if Hank Hill thinks Shrub has a limp handshake and isn’t a real Texan, good enough for me

    – you mean radio stations have a choice in what they chart? And the entire business isn’t more corrupt than the Mafia?

    – remember the words of LBJ “I don’t want to say he’s a pigfucker, I want to get him to deny it”.

    – What have the Butthole Surfers got to say about this?

  • The Theory

    go listen to Johnny Cash, then look at everyone who listens to Johnny Cash and say that again.

    Or Ralph Stanely. Or 16 Horsepower. Or Uncle Tupelo.

    kidz these days. sheesh.


  • The Theory

    dude… don’t go slandering country music fans…


  • mike

    If country music fans are among the most patriotic citizens, then a patriot is someone who is 1) white, 2) stupid, 3)has wretched taste in music 4) beats his wife, 5) farts in public, 6)goes to those stupid “Support Our Troops” rallies, and 7) thinks “Rolling Stone” magazine was named after the Rolling Stones.

    And those are his good points.

  • Go Screaming Sheep!!!

  • Bryan Young

    I’ve always known Natalie was a moron… now everybody else knows it too.

    Go Screaming Eagles!

  • The Theory

    the dixie chicks make a bad name for Country music… and not because of what they say…


  • Hey, at least she didn’t say that her group was more popular than Jesus – than I’d say burn all their albums! And burn the group, too! And anyone who still wants to own one of their albums!!!!

  • Some might argue that a patriot would speak up when her country is on the verge of doing something sublimely wrong — whatever the backlash. Is it patriotic to be a silent sheep?

  • yes, america, land of the free….as long as you happen to disagree with the majority opinion. then you’re a [communist,america-hater,stupid lefty,bitch,asshole….]…

    take your pick.

  • Kevin Mason

    Not that I’m all for war or anything but some things are better left unsaid by our overpaid entertainers (like everything but their own lyrics/lines). Oh and they blow chunks anyway. Maybe now they’ll just go away.