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Could GOP Leaders Possibly Believe Their Own Rhetoric?

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Is it possible that Republicans truly believe that President Obama is both a socialist, and a fascist, who wasn't born in the United States, and that providing affordable health care to American families is a plot to destroy America? Could they possibly believe that Dick Cheney kept America safe, or that George Bush was protecting the American way of life? And is it possible that they consider their incendiary rhetoric simply innocent speech, and don't recognize that during this time of severe hardship, they could very easily incite insurrection within the country? It's not likely.

Thus, it is way past the time for anyone who truly loves America to realize that the Republican leadership is a threat to our way of life — and as always, I want to emphasize the huge distinction between true conservatives, and those currently running Republican Party.

The current Republican leadership is a vastly different breed than anything we've ever seen in America before. Even during the Civil War, though wrongheaded, the insurrection of the South was led by people who truly believed in their ideals. But this group of insurrectionists have no ideals. This is a group that is perfectly willing to tear America apart for no other reason than to promote their own power and personal greed. In short, they're nothing less than common thugs engaged in a nationwide protection racket against the people of the United States.

In the recent contest in New York's 23rd Congressional District, we just saw that, contrary to Reagan conservatives' eleventh commandment of "Thou shall not speak badly of another Republican,"  this group was more than willing to eat their own, against the will of the vast majority of Republican voters, for what they consider "party purity." Where have we seen that before?

And the mere fact that the GOP is willing to espouse outrageous propositions, then use incendiary rhetoric to incite reactionary wingnuts to try to shove their agenda down America's throat, clearly demonstrates how dangerous the GOP has become as a political entity. It shows that they hold the intelligence of the American people in absolute disdain, and that they believe that propaganda, if repeated often and loudly enough, will overwhelm America's common sense. And again, it also betrays a chilling and grossly irresponsible willingness to throw America under the bus in an attempt to regain power, during a time when the country needs solidarity more than ever.

The GOP has left President Obama with two wars, the worst financial decline since the Great Depression, and a national infrastructure that is literally falling apart. Yet, instead of responsibly stepping up to the plate to help find viable solutions for the hardships they've left on the American people, they're indulging in obstructionism, the protection of fat cats to the detriment of the average American, and the incitement of social bigotry through the use of subliminal messaging. These are clearly the actions of people who are totally devoid of any sense of patriotism.

While the GOP claims to be fighting for "small government," that's transparently not the case. The fact is, while they want a government too small in its oversight capabilities to regulate their corruption and greed, they were more than willing to violate the law to ensure a government that was expansive enough to spy on American citizens. And while they claim to want lower taxes, they only want lower taxes for fat cats and corporations, while they fight to ensure that those very same corporations are allowed to, literally, "tax" the average citizen out of life and limb by inflating prices of gas, food, housing, and health care. So even if they do fight for lower taxes, it's only so they can transplant those funds from government coffers to their own.

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  • Ruvy

    I also don’t believe that Ruvy’s as anti-American as he is anti the status quo in diplomacy. We’ve got no business trying to dictate that which occurs in the Middle East.

    Someone here gets it clearly. That’s good to see. But, no matter how much I like my former compatriots, there is no getting around the Jew-hatred that infests the State Department, and the FBI. That’s institutional and generational stuff that goes beyond idiots like Bush or Obama to the control exercised at State by the CFR, and the Jew-hatred of J. Edgar Hoover.

  • zingzing

    j. edgar hoover?! for fuck’s sake. do you know what century it is?

    if the state dept hates you so much, why are there so many jews in positions of power here? your logic eats itself and shits and eats its own shit. oh yeah, we put jews in power so that we can shit on them when stuff goes bad, that’s right. jesus.

    it’s clear that the leadership of the united states does NOT hate jews or israel. otherwise we wouldn’t be involved in TWO wars that came about directly because of our backing of israel. (oh, alright, one is a direct result. the other is about oil.) we’re fighting your fucking fight and you accuse us of hating you? you are an ingrate. and it’s a good thing most people aren’t so deluded.

    at least we agree that the us should back the fuck out of the middle east at the earliest opportunity. even if we disagree about the reasons, we do aim for the same end. at least in that part of the goings on in the big old clusterfuck that is your part of the world.

  • Jet Gardner

    Dave, unfortunately it is aborttion and homosexuality that is used to scare the ignorant in this country and if the GOP can make them believe that to vote Republican will prevent hoards of little boy recruiting fags and baby killers from chasing their children, that’s how they’ll vote.

    And when those hoards don’t appear, the GOP takes credit for keeping them from the castle gates… but only until the next election.

    I remember when the GOP was for the power of the State instead of a big federal Government, and that Washington stayed out of our lives under them, now they want to sit in our bedrooms, tap our phones and control things they have no right… or need to for that matter.

  • Silas Kain

    But, Jet, if the majority of the LGBT community was out in the open and treated with respect how would the ultra-right closet cases be able to hook up with other men? As long as they make gays feel inferior, public mens rest rooms will be open and ready for business. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and watch Outrage. It’s an eye opening jaunt through the hallowed halls of Washington. After you watch it, tune in to FOX News. As the GOP side marches out for interviews, you will quickly be able to pick out the hypocrites and closet cases. I mean, not fo’ nuthin’ but FOX News is gayer than a bonnet full of parrots!

  • Silas Kain

    Here’s one for you: Trust the government? Heck, I’m in the government and I don’t even trust it. You don’t have to believe in your government to be a good American. You just have to believe in your country. – George W. Bush character from Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo.

    Every word is true.

  • Jet Gardner

    Sorry but I’m warm for Anderson Cooper on CNN

  • Jet Gardner

    “(T)he feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

    Pat Robertson

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Silas -

    #154 – ROTFLMAO!


  • Silas Kain

    FOX News gayer than a bonnet full of parrots? Is that the one, Glenn? That’s OK, the Conservative Congressional Caucus is gayer than Barney Frank at a sausage factory.

  • Neal Mc Clung

    The only comment that I thought needed repeating was this.—-
    “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
    This is why our Government was created the way it was from the very beginning and this is why we have our Constitution that was written to protect us from this “tyranny” but now we have so called electorates that think that our “Constitution” Is too old and does not apply to this age so they twist and distort it to fit their own selfish endeavores and desires to aquire the neccessary results such as the “Healthcare plan” and the Government take over of private companies and Banks.
    Isn’t it time for America and Americans to wake up?
    We need conservative independent thinkers and conservative independent leaders to take control over our totally out of control Government and return it to the original concepts of our forfathers— “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    Thank you