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Could Alaska’s “Hottie” Governor Be the GOP’s VP Nominee in 2008?

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Alaska’s “hottie” Republican governor, Sarah Palin, is a character straight out of the now defunct television classic Northern Exposure. This former beauty queen is ethical to the point where it almost cost her a political career, filing accusations of ethics violations against some of the most important Alaskan Republican officials. She has become an antidote to tales of woe and Republican corruption that seem to find their way out of Alaska in an almost weekly basis. Refreshingly honest, Palin, 43, even admits that when marijuana was legal in Alaska, she tried it, inhaled, but did not like it!

Maverick Reputation

Currently, after a year in office, Palin has an 84% approval rating. This is in keeping with her ‘humiliating’ defeat of seated governor Frank Murkowski in a bitter 2006 primary where the almost unknown Palin received 51% of the vote while Governor Murkowski received only 19%. Political commentator Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia’s Center of Politics remarked that Murkowski’s defeat was “literally almost unprecedented for someone who is not indicted.” While Murkowski was not indicted, his administration and his personal life was plagued with allegations of corruption, gifts, and dirty tricks.

Palin’s first months in office have not been easy. Presiding over a Republican Party rife with accusations of corruption, many of them focusing on the state’s senior US Senator, Ted Stevens, Palin has served with grace and poise. In May, three former state legislators were indicted on corruption charges that stem from the repealing of the state’s oil tax and the creation of one which was more favorable to the oil industry. Palin has now called for a special session of the state legislature to meet in October. During that time she will ask for a new tax to compensate for the $150 million shortfall the ‘new’ tax has created.

Sarah Palin’s new tax hike is in keeping with her maverick reputation. She is now being promoted as a possible GOP candidate for Vice President in 2008. Will this proposed tax hike hurt her within conservative circles? She is a life-time member of the National Rifle Association, and strongly pro-life. A devout Christian, she completes the “maverick” image by maintaining openly gay friendships and implementing same-sex benefits for the state. According to Fred Barnes, there are those in Alaska who are not comfortable with her strong faith.

In a recent Fred Barnes profile in the Weekly Standard,  Barnes quotes Dan Fagan, an Anchorage radio talk show host. “"She's as Alaskan as you can get. She's a hockey mom, she lives on a lake, she ice fishes, she snowmobiles, she hunts, she's an NRA member, she has a float plane, and her husband works for BP on the North Slope," Fagan says. Todd Palin, her high school sweetheart, is a three-time winner of the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race from Wasilla to Nome to Fairbanks. It's the world's longest snowmobile race.

Too Good to be True

Family is very important to Sarah Palin. The mother of four children, Bristol, Piper, Track, and Willow, is also a former high school basketball champ. A journalist by training, and graduate of the University of Idaho, Palin worked in the media before entering politics. Her bio reads like the typical “mom” with service organizations that include PTA, sports coach, and youth hockey team manager. She has worked with husband Todd, an Alaska native, as a commercial fisherman. When not single-handedly trying to end corruption in Alaska, raise her family, and govern the largest state in the US, Palin runs marathons!

Her favorite meal includes either mooseburgers or moose stew because, according to one interview, "they taste better than beef with no chemicals, steroids or hormones.” She is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and was the second runner-up in the Miss Alaska pageant.

Just What the Doctor Ordered?

There is no argument that the GOP, nationally, has many problems. Aside from the ongoing claims of corruption, greatly exaggerated by Democrat opponents for political gain and headlines, there is almost a malaise within the conservative ranks. Factions of the party have begun to think only inside the box, closing their minds to new ideas and new ways of seeing things.

According to Dimitri Vassilaros' recent Tribune-Review profile of Palin, she could be the answer to many of the problems facing the Republican Party nationally.

1. She vetoed nearly a third of the earmarks GOP legislators put in the stage budget.
2. While against same-sex unions she vetoed a bill prohibiting such unions because the state supreme court said it was unconstitutional.
3. Palin feels the private sector can do better than government.
4. She is a crusading ‘corruption’ buster.
5. She has signed a bill on ethics and disclosures
6. Unlike many conservatives she is interested in preserving the environment
7. She is interested in the Native peoples of Alaska.

Palin’s interest in Alaska’s Native Heritage may be the perfect antidote for a Republican Party wrecked by perceived conservative bigotry against Hispanics via their failure to approve workable immigration reform. The GOP is in serious danger of losing a large amount of the Hispanic vote. Palin’s almost fanatical interest in Alaska’s Native Heritage may help to heal the gaping wound within the Hispanic community.

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee in 2008, and every indication points to that fact, the GOP is going to need to counter her nomination creatively and realize that the era of the ever-present “white male” has come to a merciful end. The Republican Party must, in order to make up for the immigration debacle and perceived racism and bigotry, do something to raise the profile of women and minorities on the national ticket.

Hillary Clinton’s greatest challenge is the fact that, while her husband was a four-term governor of Arkansas, she has not been the chief executive of a state. She has served within her husband’s Administration as one of his primary advisors and has served in the United States Senate. No United States Senator has been elected President since John F. Kennedy was elected in 1960.

Having a seated governor on the ticket would be a major plus for the GOP which will be fighting an admittedly up-hill battle. Having someone like Sarah Palin on the ticket might be “just the ticket”. Not only is she a seated governor, but she is very pretty, has the "perfect" family, a very handsome husband, and is a walking photo-op.

If Sarah Palin is not on the ticket in 2008, watch for her to be running for POTUS in one of the next few elections. She is relatively young, has national ambitions, and is, in all likelihood, the new face of the GOP.

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  • Agreed, Palin could definitely be the remedy for a lot of GOP maladies.

    Another trait that I personally admire is her humility. I watched a news report on her moving into the governor’s mansion last December, and she siad that she found it difficult to adjust to being waited on by gubernatorical staff…remarking at one point that she could cook her own meals.

    Palin seems like one of the few honest, humble leaders in politics today, and I say that she needs to be elevated to national office post haste.

  • SallyVee

    Wonderful article! I’d heard Palin’s name mentioned on the radio and meant to look her up but didn’t. Now I know a lot more and I am so excited! I agree wholeheartedly that Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air and could be GREAT on the GOP ticket. Just reading this article has picked up my sagging GOP spirit tremendously.

    The one reservation I have is stealing a great person away from a state which so obviously, desperately, needs this woman. I’ve been to Alaska and truly love it. It seems like Palin’s work there is not done… but either way I am heartened to know this excellent Republican woman walks among us. And yes, the GOP needs a big time attitude adjustment and triage due to the past several years of insane immigrant bashing.

  • Baronius

    Good article. Well-written, informative, and a picture of a babe. Everything I want out of the internet. I don’t see a 1/2 term governor getting the nomination for VP, but if she gets a few more years under her belt and cleans up the state’s political reputation, she could easily be a national star.

  • RJ

    A moderate, “maverick” Republican with barely any experience in high elected office, from a solid-Red state with only 3 Electoral Votes, and with a track record of pissing off members of her own party, is not going to become the GOP’s VP nominee in 2008.

    Choosing her would be seen (and rightly so) as a sign of desperation by the eventual GOP Presidential nominee. And the Republican Presidential candidate has no reason to be desperate heading into 2008, running against either a much-despised Hillary, or a clueless naif named Barack Hussein Obama.

  • RJ

    “working on an expose of the anti-immigration movement”

    That would be anti-ILLEGAL immigration…

    “several years of insane immigrant bashing”

    That would be quite sane and reasonable opposition to continued ILLEGAL-immigration…

    The sense I’m getting from her supporters leads me to believe that this Palin woman is nothing more than the female version of John McCain…IOW a Republican who revels in the positive media coverage that comes from bashing fellow Republicans…

  • Sarah Palin will have more executive experience than JFK did, and a great deal more than people like Edwards or Obama. If Sarah were a Democrat, she would be up on stage challenging Hillary for the nomination. Because she’s not a guy with gray hair and a Medicare card (e.g., Fred Thompson will be 67 on election day), she’s not “ready?” Ready for what? High, elective office is all about character and dedication, which she obviously has in abundance. As for Hillary being an easy opponent. She won New York state, a very diverse one, twice by huge margins. She will have the unified support of the Democrats, and she is well ahead in national polls. Desperation? We’re well beyond desperation.

    As for the anti-immigrant movement, SJ Reidhead said it correctly. She has probably researched this issue more than anyone else on the blogosphere, and the stench of racism and nativism did not escape her.

    steve maloney
    national coordinator palin 4 VP

    I urge anyone who wants to back Sarah Palin to visit my blog and leave a comment.

  • RJ

    “As for Hillary being an easy opponent. She won New York state, a very diverse one, twice by huge margins.”

    New York isn’t very “diverse” when it comes to the electorate: liberal Democrats almost always win state-wide office, with the exception of the occasional liberal or “moderate” Republican.

  • RJ

    “As for the anti-immigrant [sic] movement, SJ Reidhead said it correctly. She has probably researched this issue more than anyone else on the blogosphere, and the stench of racism and nativism did not escape her.”

    Well, according to recent public opinion polls, so-called “racists” and “nativists” apparently make up a large majority majority of the American voting public…

    You’re now the THIRD Palin-supporter here who has accused the vast majority of the GOP base of being “anti-immigrant” even though that’s not even close to being true. So I’m guessing Palin is a McCain clone, or maybe even more liberal, although in slightly more attractive clothing.

    IOW, she has no chance of being the VP candidate. None. Deal with it.

  • JH

    Great Article. I think she should be considered.

    Let me comment here on what some people have said here

    To RJ
    I am quite familar with MRs Reidheads work on this issue. She is not talking about people that disagree in good faith. SHe is talking about groups like THe COuncil of Conservative Citizens and groups with radical agenda like FAIR. I know who exactly she is talking about because I recieved enough threats from them I quit blogging for 7 months. I trust you are not part of the hate mongers so there is no need to be offended. She is tight we have to regain the ground we lost in the hispacinc vote and there is a massive perception problem. THat is a fact and we have to deal with it

    RJ, I would also not underestimate Hillary. Let us remember we lost the popular vote in 2000 and if not for 180,000 votes in Ohio JOhn Kerry would be preparing his reelection campaign right now.

    It will be a tought race. I see nothing here that smacks of desperation in looking at Palin. IN fact I can tell you down in my neck of the woods of Louisiana we would welcome a presence in the White House form a OIl and Gas state like Arkansas. We share similar concerns and needs

  • In terms of ethics and integrity, Palin’s been great so far. But she’s been on the city council and mayor of Wasilla (population 5,469 in 2000), an Alaska Oil and Gas Commissioner, and now Governor of Alaska for about 8 months. National experience and expertise? International experience? Let’s see whether that refreshing integrity is coupled with the competence to run the state. It might be, but it’s a bit early to tell. Good intentions are a great start, but if the GOP are seriously looking at Sarah as a VP candidate, they are really desperate.

  • I suggest people read The Economist article on “Is America Heading to the Left?” and the articles by important conservative activists Patrick Hynes and Patrick Ruffini, as well as the Poll Data cited in all those articles. The Republican situation is beyond desperate, my friends. Democrats win “generic” (are you inclined to vote for a Democrat or Republican) by 52-39 and win the congressional races by about the same margin. The same polls show we are rapidly losing young people, Catholics (!!), and Hispanics. The evangelical vote for Republicans declined in 2006. Independents have been deserting in droves.

    The number of people who identify themselves as Republicans/Democrats was 43-43 in 2004. Now, it’s 50% Democrats, 35% Republican. Desperate? That word doesn’t convey how terrible the situation is. There are TWO (yikes) qualified, credible female Republican candidates, Heather Wilson of NM and Sarah Palin of Alaska.
    Sarah is the most appealing and has an approval rating of 84%, with a disapproval rating of 5%. Gee, how did she get such a tremendous rating?

    If we throw the same tired old faces at the voters, they will show their revulsion by voting for the Democrats, any Democrats.

    The Economist article you can find in summary. The Patrick Hynes article. The Ruffini article.

    In terms of foreign policy experience, how much does Hillary Clinton (who was somebody’s wife) have? Or Obama? Or Giuliani? Or Romney? Or John Edwards? Or Huckabee? The answer is: close to none. If experience means the kind of lousy record and issue baggage that got us into the current mess, then Sarah pleads innocent to carrying such an odious load. She’s a person of great character, honesty, and decency, which would be refreshing for a change, wouldn’t it?

    Steve Maloney
    palin for vp national coordinator

  • If we actually wanted to elect someone qualified for the job of president then Bill Richardson wouldn’t be languishing in 5th place among the Democrats.

    I don’t agree with you on the demise of the GOP, however. The GOP is entering into an important transitional phase in which it will have to shed the unnecessary baggage which is holding it back and decide what the party ACTUALLY stands for. If it makes the right decision and returns to its founding principles, then it will come back stronger than ever. It may mean losing the next two elections, but with Democrats in power the motivation to put the party back on track will be even stronger.

    We just have to hope the democrats can’t do too much damage too quickly.


  • To RL…ILLEGAL as in those who speed or park illegally? (and all those fines Americans pay is “amnesty” right?)

    SANE as in tanking a bill that would have identified illegals AND had them help pay to run the BIG government programs needed to control the borders?

    about that 11th commandment not to attack other REPUBLICANS…how ironic (and convenient) that “conservatives” refuse to call themselves Republicans unless they want to tell the GOP what to do (THEN they call themselves the BASE) and to justify attacking our war time president and turning their back on the only viable party that wants to fight the WOT…

    Let’s quit with the word games shall we? It doesn’t matter what the “base” meant…the immigration fight has painted the Right as racist and sanctimonious.

    We have to DO something. The “accept us” as we are…”take it or leave it”…got an answer from the rest of the voting public in 2006…

    We cannot afford the SAME in 2008. We cannot have an appeasing Democrat in the WH in 2008.


  • Dave…your idealism of conservative purity will only work if the MAJORITY of American voters are…conservative.

    Hate to break it to you…but in our system of government, voters DO vote and put in power people who have opposing view points to Conservatives–and might even (gasp) hold the idea that going back to the principles of men long dead and a period that allowed slavery and female and racial inequality, UNACCEPTABLE.

    And as long as we have such a system…your ONLY path to conservative utopia is to CONVERT the MAJORITY to your view point.

    As anyone who has been in business will tell you…to sell the BIG stuff, you have to get the “customer” in the door.

    Palin–the 21st century version of Donna Reed and June Cleaver–is the GOP “lead item”.

    She’s the “razr cell” that will lock the voter into a 4, hopefully 8 year contract.

    Anyone relying on the mistakes of the competitor will go out of business…and deservingly so.

    As for “losing” the next 2 elections..let me get this straight…we are in time of war…and allowing an appeasing Democrat to gain the WH and keeping Congress in the hands of cut and run Liberals…is okay with you?

  • As for the comments on immigration here, there is a diverse group of views represented among Palin supporters…I, for instance, differ with Steve and Sanity102 (both of whom I respect) on that issue. Trying to pigeonhole Gov. Palin using the views on on supporter or another is not a good idea, considering that supporters of almost every current presidential candidate are represented among our supporters.

    As for Palin “trashing other Republicans”: While I respect and generally obey Reagan’s “11th Commandment”, it is worth noting that the Alaska GOP has been an EMBARASSMENT to the national party for decades. It was a good-old-boy club dominated by a few dynastic political families, and it reeked of corruption. Several former Republican state legislators have recently been indicted for taking money from oil companies in exchange for votes, and the ENTIRE Alaskan congressional delegation (all Republican) has been in hot water in recent months regarding potential connections to various corrupt activities. The Alaska GOP was cancerous, and Palin did the right thing by upending the establishment and reminding people that the GOP is grounded in CONSERVATISM rather than corruption.

  • I want to add that I respect Adam’s (palinforvp’s) points-of-view on political issues. He’s a very thoughtful individual who does a lot of research before he makes up his mind. I’m a fan of Mayor Barlotta of Hazleton, PA, who disagrees with me strongly on immigration (obviously). I also believe there is a way to resolve extremely difficult issues without ticking off very important voting groups. The way you do that is to bring in people of goodwill who disagree with you — an example would have been Linda Chavez, an extremely important Republican of Hispanic descent. You seek to marginalize the extremists on both sides, since they’re never going to agree with you anyway. One key reason I support Sarah so strongly is that she has the capacity to reach out to people, such as Native Alaskans/Americans, that the Party has traditionally had trouble attracting. In the immigration battle, some groups (James mentions FAIR and there are a couple of others) that are very anti-immigrant (and dedicated to a weird form of population control) were leaders in the fight against Bush’s proposal. Other groups focused Bush on more legitimate grounds.


  • In my comment above, the last sentence should read “opposed Bush.” GWB sometimes lacks focus, but that’s not what I meant here

  • RJ

    It will be a tought [sic] race. I see nothing here that smacks of desperation in looking at Palin. IN [sic] fact I can tell you down in my neck of the woods of Louisiana we would welcome a presence in the White House form a OIl [sic] and Gas state like Arkansas. [sic]

    No wonder you quit blogging…

  • Clavos

    Was there something wrong with Rove doing that?

    Wasn’t McCain running against Rove’s guy?

    And it worked, didn’t it?

    Rove’s a genius.

  • InteriorPerson

    Has anyone actually spoken with an Alaskan Native to verify this report of support? I didn’t think so. I’m Native and Sarah does not have my support. Nor does she have the support of many of my Native friends. Sarah Palin has always cloaked herself in her husband’s Native heritage and has pledged to “protect native culture until her dying day” yet she will not even take a stand on issues that are deeply important to native people: subsistence, federal recognition of tribes (continually under attack by the state leg), and tribal jurisdiction, just to name a few. This reporter describes Sarah’s interest in natives as “almost fanatical.” That’s news to me and other Alaskan Natives. Why not interview one of us next time? There is certainly a segment of the Native population that supports Sarah; and then there are those Natives that actually read her policy statements/news releaes/press conferences and notice the glaring omissions when Native issues need to be addressed. She produces a great soundbite that some folks seem to love, but there is actually little to no substance behind it.

  • REMF

    Other than the fact that when McCain was serving 5 1/2 years as a POW, Rove was hiding out in college dodging the draft and GW was snorting cocaine and AWOL…no, nothing wrong at all.

  • Clavos

    I doubt that McCain even cares, but it’s cute of you to get your panties in a twist about it.

  • InteriorPerson,

    I do know that Palin has taken a strong pro-subsistence stand…it’s all over her gubernatorial campaign website.

  • As far as InteriorPerson, he is one of the Five Percent of Alaskans who disapprove of Sarah’s performance. The people who oppose her are a tiny group of left-wing fanatics, and they are of no consequence in Alaska. No individual in Alaska had done more for the native people than Gov. Palin, and that’s one source of the almost universal love for her that pervades the state.


  • Interior person…I’m from another “native” state: Hawaii and I never did get the idea that people are entitled to something just because of their race. As I’ve told my relatives, if you’re basing this “priority” on the “old days”, would you get a hand out from people who are working hard? If you’re basing this on American laws…what about EQUALITY of races?…which means AGAIN, you don’t get special treatment.

    The problem is that people will judge America’s past by TODAY’S standard…the Americans didn’t STEAL anything…at the time of any take over, conquering other countries was not only legal, but the norm…so was slavery…and gender and race inequality. It doesn’t make it “right” but neither was half the things in pre-Christian times…and what is far worst to me is having the sons “pay” for the “sins of the father.”

    A really “bad sin”, to me, with any type of race base entitlement program isn’t just that it defeats the entire concept of equality but there is an implication here that non-White people NEED government help to succeed.

    As a part Hawaiian, I find that highly offensive. Palin isn’t just the governor of “natives”…she’s the governor of ALL the people living in Alaska. I am glad she values the “culture” of “natives”…but I bet the majority of those living in your state are awfully glad her “value” doesn’t stop there.

  • There is pressure on whichever candidate gets the nomination to pick the person who won second place in the primary season. For Republicans, that’s going to be two white men, an unacceptable future we cannot accept. Sarah Palin is a great possibility and deserves to be on the short list.

  • InteriorPerson

    By the way, I’m a card carrying member of the Federalist Society. Debate me on the issues, please, instead of falsely labelling me as a left-wing fanatic. I may be a 5%, but I have principles and will not cowtow to the person who pretends to advance native issues while doing nothing of actual substance.

    I did not introduce race into this topic. The author, SJR, did that. I only responded to it, as a Native person, who has lived in the Interior. That is my duty. Moreover, even though we are both Indigenous peoples, Hawaiian person, our federal status is vastly different.

    So you checked out her website to determine her stand on Subsistence? You actually admit that’s the extent of your research on this subject? Okay… Did you bother to find out exactly what side she supports? Fact: The people of AK want to bring subsistence to a vote (fair enough, right?). She stated in her campaign that she does not support a statewide vote on the issue. Why? Because the sports-fishing groups do not want a vote, even though ALL native groups do. While your at it, check out her chilly reception at AFN last fall. Check out her official response to Lyda Green’s letter to DOI in May. Good luck at finding any substantive policy stmt issued by this governor — pinning Sarah Palin down on native issues is an exercise in futility. Uhm, hugging native people and wearing ivory jewelry is NOT a policy position.

    Finally, please state two things Sarah has done for Natives. Photo-ops don’t count. It should be easy since you said she has done more for natives than any individual in Alaska.

  • I’m sure that the reason Sarah has such a high approval rating from the people of Alaska, including Native peoples, is that she is concerned about all the citizens of the state, as the Constitution mandates her to do. Any individual or group that is looking for a handout is not going to be looked on favorably by Sarah Palin, and that’s exactly as it should be. She realizes that establishing Native Alaskans as dependents would do nothing for their dignity or future. That is what she has DONE for the Native people, refusing to treat them as if they were some sort of subhuman creatures, which they are not. If that principled stand leads to her getting a chilly reception or two, so be it.


  • InteriorPerson

    Do you think I’m a poor Native looking for a handout and that is the basis for my discontent with the governor? Get a clue – I belong to the Federalist Society. My comments have been directed at her alleged support of Natives and the lack of direct evidence thereof.

    Moreover, I suspect from your superficial comments, Mr. Maloney, that you did not actually read the state budget. Please do and note those items not vetoed by Ms. Palin. Read the budget and then lets discuss handouts.

    I find your ego and lack of substance simply astounding. You not only speak for the entire Native populace you also dare to speak for Ms. Palin, too.

    I’ve always said that she is the mindless candidate for the mindless voter. Frankly, I don’t care where she stands on Native issues. I’d just like her to take a position. Any position. She is a populist, hence, her popularity.

    Lastly, where does the state constitution mandate “concern?” I’m the one accused of being a liberal wacko while the Palin supporters continue to focus on touch-feely stuff. Let’s discuss her position on the issues.

  • Interior Person…I think you’ve got Stephen and I mixed up in your reply. I’m not a “Hawaiian person”…I am PART Hawaiian and about 4 other races. I’m actually an American, born and bred from generations of Americans. And don’t even try that “don’t dare speak for me” BS. This is America and I can have any opinion I darn well please…yeah, and that means having the opinion that racism isn’t exclusive to Whites.

    No you didn’t bring up race but you sure ran with it didn’t you? And complained about government handouts based on…RACE?

    Or is it culture…is it the culture of Alaska to want, demand, NEED government handouts?

    Is that what you’re saying?

  • The state constitution of Alaska indicates that the resources of Alaska belong to the people of that state.

    I would like to salute SJ Reidhead for writing what I believe is the best piece ever produced on Gov. Sarah Palin.

    I’d also like to salute my friend Sanity102 for resisting racism in all its forms, including the kind that subtly regards some people as inherently inferior and thus demands special treatment.


  • InteriorPerson

    My second post was divided into paragraphs to respond to each poster that directed a comment towards me. I assumed that every person could distinguish to whom my comments belonged. Obviously, it was confusing to Hawaiian person.

    Remember, I did not introduce race or handouts in this discussion. The author framed Palin as a candidate that appeals to Natives. I disagreed and put forth fact-based reasons for my position. My points have yet to be refuted. Mr. Maloney attempted to divert attention by referring to “handouts.” In my initial post, I listed 3 Native issues: subsistence, federal recognition and tribal jurisdiction. Each one has no connection to “handouts” by the state whatsover. Mr. Maloney tried to make this into a welfare debate instead of addressing Palins’ absolute absence of a position on any of these 3 issues that would support the Native POV.

    Do you folks read the ADN or just stick to pro-Palin drivel? Read the Letters to the Editor in the 8/21 edition … there is yet another 5% speaking out.

    Lastly, if this is the best Pro-Palin piece in the media, then it totally supports my theory that she is the mindless candidate for the mindless voter.

  • InteriorPerson

    Steve Maloney is subtly accusing me of racism.

    Aren’t you?

    You have zero basis for such an egregious accusation. You lost this debate and resorted to the tactics of a scoundrel.


  • InteriorPerson

    Sanity102 – your inanity speaks for itself.


    I didn’t. Not even close.

  • Interior Person…ok, we’ll play your word game.


    My (and the dictionary) definition: Support as in government handout.

    YOUR definition: (please fill in your answer)

    “federal recognition”

    Me: Of What? You are an American JUST like everyone else that was born in the USA.

    YOU: (your answer)

    “tribal jurisdiction”

    Me: The “tribe” is based on what exactly? Historical location of ancestors or…RACE?

    YOU: (your comment)

    Please answer the above and tell me if you, as a “native” believe that you should get something the rest of us Americans don’t get…and what are you basing that on if not for your “native” race?

  • Yes, I was accusing Interior Person of racism. He believes a certain segment of the population must be treated like children, and that is racism.

  • tswhit

    Bless her incompetent heart

    Great way it put it…..
    The question. Who will pick up the pieces after this chick is done with playtime? This is real life, real businesses, real families, real people that her incompetent leadership has affected. We get what we deserve.. So Sarah can have on the job training….. She has in 1 year laid the foundation for our economic destruction And you people want her to have chance to do that to the whole country? Are you flippin kidding ?

  • C. Miller

    I just received the defenders of wildlife letter telling how the govern is all in favor of killing wolves and their cubs. I think this is horrible and uncalled for. My word, to gun down these creatures of God from airplanes. Now, that’s real brave and good hunting skills. How can people approve of this kind of killing??? Doesn’t anyone in this world understand they have every right to exist as we all do?? I can’t see and benefit in this type of action except the $150.00 bounty for killing these creatures. Are we getting that cold hearted we will resort to this type of action for money? Use that money instead to help control naturally these animals and help people in you state. Don’t kill innocent animals just to do it.

    I’ve said all I can without getting extremely angry. Please rethink your actions and rule from you heart. If this goes on just think how are future children will not have any knowledge of the wild beautiful creatures in this world and it was all wiped out for the almighty buck. Too much in this world revolves around money, money,money it so sad.

    Thank you

  • Alaskan Dave

    Things you need to know about Sarah Palin:

    Sarah Palin, aka Sarah Chavez, proposed and pushed through the largest raise in taxes in Alaska’s history. She supports the idea that the State can seize the property of oil producers in Alaska if they don’t do what she wants. She has attacked almost the entire Republican majority in the house and senate. She stood by and giggled when a radio shock jock called the Republican President of the Senate a “bi*ch” and “a cancer”. She threatened to support Democrats running against Republicans if they did not support her tax and spend policies.

  • This inept governor Sarah Palin has secured a high approval for terrorizing and taxing business, growing government and giving every special intrest group just what they want or more. Most Alaskans are unaware that she is not what she says or what her label as conservative seems to be. Sarah has created an atmosphere of hate and discontent in the state of Alaska. She just resently tried to oust the Chairman of the Republican Party of Alaska. We have a few years -unless she resigns! She came in as a fresh face with NO experience and NO flippin clue and we are reaping the benefits of that misjudgment. Sarah Palin should never be considered for any political position ever. She is a disaster!

    What is a Narcissist?
    Sarah Palin has shown signs of this illness “An all-pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behaviour), need for admiration or adulation and lack of empathy, usually beginning by early adulthood and present in various contexts.”

  • Boston Democrat

    Of all the people whose names have been floated, she’s the only one who scares me. She might make it a fight. I think instead you folks should run Haircut Romney as Veep. We *loved* him here in Massachusetts. Really. Bahahaha.

  • Before you throw away the Republican ticket by including someone you know little about, please review the emerging troubles in Alaska for the Governor. This could change many minds nationwide. She is NOT what she claims she is.

  • Glenn Johnson

    Well, you are a psychic! Good call a full year ahead of the reality. And John McCain is a genius.

  • Wow! Damned prophetic, I’d say!

  • lisa

    how many down syndrome children does she have? also, how many grandchildren by a teenager does she have? How much help did you need when you got married, now think what it would be if you are a teenager? Bidden is highly respected because he goes home at night. he puts family first. If a mother can’t make her family first, why would i believe that she would put america first. I would have said, “thanks, but, no thanks”. Many people don’t accept job offers or promotions due to personal things that’s going on. I think to take on the job as vice president of the united states with all else happening in her life should have had the response, thanks, but no thanks. Because if she was asked once she’ll be asked again. bad judgement, bad decision. this is about the both of them being opportunist who can’t see past winning.

  • Carol

    I think this was a BRILLIANT surprise. I did the happy dance all over the house. She is just what the Dr. Ordered.

    We all know Hillary for the daughter of Satan she is – liar, thief, immoral PIA lacking any experience but buying herself a place in politics.

    Are you men afraid of a strong, SMART, honest, attractive, experienced woman in our government? I find it marvelously refreshing!!!!!!!

  • Bea

    I am just not buying anything that McCain is saying. I just watched and listened to his acceptance speech and he pretty much is not original. Anyone can wait for the other person to do their homework, let them turn it in to see what grade they get and then purposely turn their own work in late after borrowing the other guy’s paper. He knows he cheated, but trys to play it down in his speech by saying we can share, it doesn’t matter who gets the credit??? Now he proclaims to what change…right! Why now? Mccain lacks integrity, the choice of Palin was strictly about stealing votes to win. He’s is a part of the ‘Good ol Boy’ network. Women are not allowed. Palin would never have a true voice. When they want her opinion they will give to her. You did listen to her speech didn’t you…She just seems like a sassy girl. Being cute can’t buy you everything, not when the country is at stake. Women should be very concerned. If Palin fails in anyway, a stunt like this could hinder future support of women in the white House. Hilary’s caliber is unmatched by comparison. I just don’t see the quality there in Palin for such a big job. People really need to consider all from what we have to choose from and vote for the people/party that is best for the COUNTRY. I would like our country’s finances to get back into the ‘black’ and our economy to be on the upswing. Unfortunately I can only remember Americans being happy during terms when the Democrats were in office.

  • Will there ever be a bipartisan spirit again in this country? Frankly, I’m sick of all the insults hurled by each side in desperation. The Democrats are NO better than the Republicans. There is good and bad on both sides but when they get to Washington they ALL sleep together regardless of party. We are either naive or completely stupid to believe that it is otherwise.

    The greatest gift we can bequeath to the next generation is the notion that there does not have to be a two party system in America. If there was ever a time when we were ripe for an all out political brawl it is now. Regardless of who sits behind the desk in the Oval Office nothing will change until we whip Congress into submission and evict the lobbyists on K Street. You want to get down to brass tacks? Do some research. Rank and file members of Congress receive $169,300 per year or $463.51 per day. Now, I just reviewed some F.E.C. filings and was quite surprised. Here are the top 10 recipients of cash, folks. Interestingly it’s 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans. These numbers are from filings that were made over this summer. Now, my fellow Americans, isn’t there something really wrong when a Senator raises millions of dollars and only makes a base salary of $169,300? Are we that stupid that we can’t see there is something completely out of whack here? These ten senators received a combined $93,344,070.

    Kerry, J D-MA $15,144,436
    Coleman R-MN $12,386,045
    McConnell R-KY $10,934,212
    Cornyn R-TX $10,812,189
    Dole, E R-NC $8,403,552
    Baucus D-MT $7,553,612
    Landrieu D-LA $7,398,672
    Levin D-MI $7,331,084
    Durbin D-IL $7,137,796
    Chambliss R-GA $6,242,472

  • Not one comment on my list of the “big ten” in campaign receipts. Obviously Americans have no problem with members of Congress having bank accounts fatter than budgets of third world countries. Pathetic.

  • Rhetorically, at least, neither McCain nor Obama is a friend to the lobbying industry. I think money does poison politics. But probably every one of those ten senators has acted within the letter of the law. They feel they have to outraise their opponents to stay competitive.

    It is kind of ironic that McCain is using public financing and Obama is not. But if a candidate doesn’t win, he can’t accomplish anything. So if raising tons more money gives him a better chance to win and thus carry out his agenda, it’s understandable, a no-brainer even.

  • M.Logan

    I am completely disgusted with the over-the-top praise that the country is giving to Palin. We are being blind-sighted by her “heroic” feats of maintaining a family, as well as having the time to run for VP. However, no one seems to be looking at the big picture.

    Palin’s family supportive to her needs, and backing of her constant work schedule, is suffering. Her teenage daughter is pregnant, and her 4month old BABY, diagnosed with Downsyndrome are being left behind, while mommy play running-mate to John McCain.

    Doesn’t anyone else see that maybe before she is capable of running a country that is already in desperate need of re-vamping; she should focus on bigger issues at home. If she can’t keep control of her family life how are we expected to believe she is the right choice to bring change for the better to a country so in need?

  • Really now? Who are WE to judge her private family life? If the Obama Mammas want to play that game, here’s one for you. Ever heard of George Obama – youngest brother of Barry? The guy lives on less than one dollar a day in abject poverty. Oh, but that’s only a HALF brother so I guess that doesn’t count. The way I see it the more the Obama people whisper this cruel little smear campaign the more worried they must be. But remember, the more you fuel the flames of divisiveness, the more the other side will dig and I don’t think anyone wins in the end.

  • C. A. Long

    I support Sarah, she is what we need in DC. . Since qualifications in DC are so important, I feel that Sarah will be the only one with true needs
    experiance and can relate with the working class
    across America.

    What are the qualification requirements for a
    candidate to run for public office?

    You must be at least 18 years of age.
    A U.S. citizen (natural borne) for president.
    Be able to read and write english.
    Be of sound and moral character.
    Free of any criminal history.

    The “Degree Prerequesit Metefor” is killing America and the experiances of life and survival are no longer important. You must have a Degree of some sorts and have enormus wealth.

    We need to bring common sence leadership back
    into our government and get rid if the overpaid
    attitudes which are sinking this country into
    depression and dispair.


    C. Long
    Chatsworth, GA

  • Cindy D

    Why should anyone trust the opinions of people who likely voted for Bush twice?

  • Cindy D

    “…Alaska’s “Hottie” Governor…”

    Well, if we have to choose based on decorative merit, I think Obama should be president. Black goes with everything. He’ll likely look good with the wallpaper in the oval office.

  • C. A. Long

    We keep hearing the promisses of change but we never hear of the changes our government needs within its inferstructure such as:
    Any elected official such as that of the senate or congress wishing to bid for the presidential seat must resign from his or her elected seat upon
    qualifying to run for the presidential seat.
    ( He or she under the chain of command structure of the federal govervment is being paid to serve the people and the higher level of administration.
    We the people are paying them to run around and politic against the body of gov. which he
    or she has sworn to serve and the people they
    have sworn to represent, and in that oath to office nothing is ever mentioned about doing for this party or that party.)
    A second change which needs to take place
    is restricting those elected officials to 2 (two)
    consecutive terms of office as that or the
    A third change would be to pass a bill which
    recognizes English as Americas official language.
    I could go on and on with changes and
    regulations of common intrest, those of which
    you never hear the candidates talking about.


    C.A. Long
    Chatsworth, GA

  • Cindy D

    Well, C.A. Long, I have only one thing to say to that.


  • C. Long


    Sure Cindy D. how many extras were employed to translate your cute message. I can dress up and rehears all walks of life.

    Put lipstick on a pig and you still have a pig!

    Over the past four years we have sent 15 billion tax dollars to three countries in South Africa to fight aids, not to mention the billions to reconstruct several others. Obama has stated that this is not enough, and that he will send more and do more. That I find hard to swallow when there are thousands of Americans which are homeless and hungry along the Gulf Coast since hurricane Katrina.

    Don’t go out and purchase any lipstick on my behalf. It won’t do any good anyway, I know! I raise pigs.

    “Oink Oink!”
    C. Long

  • Elle

    Sarah….please…stop winking at the world like we’re all agreeing to this charade of yours!