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Corn on The Cob, Cookie Style

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baked cookiesSome objects perfectly lend themselves to sugar cookie replication; I’ve just discovered that corn on the cob is one such item.

As a Gulf Coast native and a good southern girl, I’ve taken advantage of every available opportunity I could over the past few months to indulge in a spicy pile of crawfish. And as a cookie decorating nut and slave to crawfish, I was inspired to combine two of my favorite culinary worlds to create the perfect sugary snack to help ring in the summer — corn on the cob sugar cookies.

I began the process by cutting out my cookie dough (any ol’ sugar cookie recipe will do) with a full-size corn-shaped cookie cutter. I then cut the pieces in half to produce the two smaller corn halves frequently served with red potatoes at a crawfish boil. corn and crawfish cookies

After baking the cookie halves, I outlined and flooded them with yellow royal icing, letting it dry overnight. From there, I randomly scattered thick, white icing “dots” throughout the cookie with a piping bag and tip. All that remained was to fill in the remainder of my “corn” with the same size dots, this time in yellow.

The result were fun corn cookies, just the right size for nibbling on at a picnic, at a barbecue, or yes, at a crawfish boil.

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  • Oh!!! I love these! Soooo cute!!