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Copywriting is the process of using words to create marketing messages in order to boost awareness, recognition or sales or a company, product, individual, person, and so on.

Copywriting is intended to speak directly to the consumers who will see or hear the ad, brochure, signage or other marketing material being created. Therefore, principles of copywriting state that copy should be written in a conversational tone rather than a grammatically perfect style.

The best copywriting communicates the benefits of the product, company, etc. being marketed to consumers rather than simply listing features. An essential feature of all copywriting is a strong call to action message that motivates consumers to act upon the messages they see or hear.

Copywriting encompasses marketing messages that appear in a wide variety of media, including print ads, television commercials, radio ads, billboards, online ads, Web sites, catalogs, and more. The medium where the copywriting will be used often dictates the type of message that will effectively speak to consumers and move them to action. For example, in today's Internet world, many words that were once copywriting staples such as "free" and "guarantee" must be used with caution to avoid setting off email spam filters. In other words, copywriting evolves as consumer behavior, preferences, and media change.

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