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Copyscape.com — “Defend your site with a banner”

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I just ran across this website.

It purports to search the web for sites that have plagiarized your work.

“Defend your site with a plagiarism warning banner to warn potential plagiarists against stealing your content.”

I tried it out and I must say it is impressive: the first page of results (which appeared in less than a second) showed my latest bookofjoe post, which only went up 32 minutes ago.

For comparison, Google takes a day to index my posts.

But what’s this?

In small print at the very bottom of the page it says, “© 2005 Indigo Stream Technologies, providers of Google Alert.”

So this is yet another Google experiment/project, so far under the radar it’s not even marked beta.

I love Google. But I digress.

I really have no use for Copyscape, nor do I care about people “stealing my content.”

Self-importance is the enemy of happiness in my opinion.

Believing that what you have to say is so valuable that if others use it without attribution you must take action is simply another form of self-importance.

Please, steal my content.

All of it.

Every day, every minute.

It’s your for not even a song.

I guess I’m not really the target market for Copyscape, huh?

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  • Well, I’m miffed – the only “copies” it came up with for me were on sites (like BlogCritics) where I cross-post.

  • It sounds like Indigo Stream is a separate company – and plans to stay that way – that helpos with Google alerts – which really are helpful.

    Not a Google thing.

  • blowbarttttt

    ‘Google Alert’ is not affiliated with Google, they are an indie company.

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