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Coping With Summer Temperatures

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While most of the country is coping with sweltering heat, the west coast is experiencing cooler than normal temperatures.

New York, Boston and Chicago have television newscasters showing film clips of parents running through sprinklers with their toddlers and people sitting in the park, feet dangling in a cool water fountain.

That leaves folks in Washington and Oregon wondering if summer has forgotten them altogether. Rain clouds have taken permanent residency over several states in the north-west, spoiling summer picnics, sporting activities and outdoor theater productions.

Since there’s no way to change what Mother Nature sends us, let’s just make the best of it.

How to Deal with Extreme Heat :
Early to bed; early to rise – Getting up at dawn allows you to enjoy many hours of outdoor activity without the torturous heat. Early morning is a beautiful time of day but only if you’ve managed to get to bed early enough to enjoy a full night of sleep.
Take a big bottle of water with you wherever you go. You would be surprised how quickly you can get thirsty when temperatures soar.
Eat light meals. Leave the heavy comfort food for the winter. Fish, cold meat, salads, veggies and fruit will provide enough energy to get you through the day.
Use your air conditioning sparingly. Your body doesn’t like adjusting from extreme heat to freezing cold.
Dress in clothes made of natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Avoid polyesters at all cost.
If possible, negotiate a summer work schedule: Arrive and leave early. You’ll avoid crowds on buses and trains.

If you’re stuck with a cool wet summer:
Stop fighting it; it won’t help.
Plan indoor activities and meals as a backup for your family picnic.
Dress for rain and take a hike. Walking can be invigorating in cool temperatures.
Set up a lunch, dinner or coffee party with friends. It will take your mind off the weather.
Find a cozy spot and dig into that novel you’ve put off reading.
Go to see or rent a movie. Yes, even in the middle of the day it can be fun.

Whether you are living in a furnace or a fridge, your attitude will make the difference in your day. No matter how hot or cold you are, there is someone in a worse place. So, put on a smile and you might just cheer up the people around you.

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