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Copeland – Beneath the Medecine Tree

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Copeland, from Central Florida is the latest amongst the bands from the ever-growing Militia Group to get a push. Their debut full-length entitled Beneath the Medecine Tree, should get some attention from a lot of mainstream audiences.

They have soothingly soft piano-driven melodies and accessible vocals to make indie rock girls swoon everywhere. Their album is good but definitely not great. It combines the simpler aspects of the emo genre pretty well, but it falls into a few traps.

For one, lead singer Aaron Marsh has fallen in love with one of his vocal acrobatics and he uses it quite frequently. It is a strange move from a regular singing voice upward into a falsetto. I have no problem with a falsetto, but if you listen to this you will know what I mean. It sounds too much the same every time he does it.

Even still, if this band can avoid comparisons to Something Corporate because of the piano rock thing, they should be able to make a little noise with songs like “Brightest,” “Take Care,” “Walking Downtown,” and “When Finally Set Free.”

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  • Josepha

    I respect your thoughts on the repetition present in Copeland’s melodies. However, as a musician, I can appreciate how they found a style they enjoy and excel with and can stick to it.
    The sign of good music is something that will figuratively stick to your ribs and leaves you humming the tunes. The best way to do that is to introduce a theme, build it, reiterate it, flip it around, swirl it a bit…
    If you constantly bring in new things, no one ever finds one cohesive element to hum.