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Cool Your Spiked Heels: Go Structured

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You will never hear me advocating for the permanent removal of prized clothing or accessories. If you love it, live in it and plan your wardrobe around it, by all means keep it, but for the time being, move some things to the back of the closet in favor of must-haves for spring.

First—shoes: Since Spring 2005, stacked heels, wedges and platforms have been the must-have for your pedicured toes. For the first time in a while our feet (not to mention ankles) have been given a temporary stay of pain, if you will, from the pointy toed, spiked heel every fashionista simultaneously loves and hates. A word of warning, stability does not mean rainbow platforms from the ’70s or construction boots. The key to the girly platform is just that—girly touches of color and patterns with classic elements such as rounded toes.

Second—bags: There was a brief period of time when Gucci first developed its ’70s meets ’20s motifs in which carpet bags were all the rage when I gave up buying any arm candy. Metallic slouchy bags, while they are fun for the days when old jeans and vintage tees are demanded, don’t cut it for those of us with jobs or a serious desire for the classic.

Like this season’s footwear, structure is a key element of bags. The B. Fendi bag with the structured buckles, the same style which paraded down the runway as belts on little white dresses, have captured the essence of the much sought-after structure. Try this twist for spring—white. A white bag instantly perks up any outfit and with structured body and handles it makes you look sophisticated, not juvenile.

Third—hems and hemlines: I grew up in the not so long ago past when Britney Spears and other pop princesses set the trends. As I get older micro mini skirts and frayed jeans that drag on the ground give not only scream teeny bopper they scream “I am dirty, I hate showers and laundry detergent!”

Longer skirts don’t mean that you can’t be feminine or sexy; pencil skirts that fit just right can both slim your silhouette and work perfectly with your newest best friends (stacked heels and structured bags). Pencil skirts look great with a skinny belt over a blouse at your actual waistline, or a larger belt which has the added benefit of shrinking the appearance of your waist. A word to the wise: in order to keep your look chic, not fussy, make sure that the belt works as the statement piece. Don’t overload with accessories. With a crisp blouse tucked or untucked you get the corporate power house look that just might help you get that promotion. With this season’s must-have puffy blouse, it adds a sense of fun that makes the pencil skirt part of the perfect date ensemble. Hemlines have come a long way from the days of frayed jean skirts that showed just a little too much. The newest hem is the scalloped edge used by Marc Jacobs to add feminine touches to simple dresses—look to it for an edgy update.

What is in this season? What should you remember when you head out with credit card in hand? This time around, remember, it is an interesting combination of structured, sweet, girly touches. Go for feminine, but make sure it’s not too bubble gum—add clean lines and controlled accessories. This season the girly you meets the mature, professional you.

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