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Cool Halloween Links

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I love Halloween. I think its because I’ve been fascinated by the idea of ghosts ever since I was a child. Halloween is just an excuse to indulge in this fascination. Here are some interesting places that might pique your interest as well:

The White House is getting into the spirit. The Chief Usher for the White House will be discussing ghost stories at 11:00 am. They’ve also posted a section about the history of ghosts in the President’s house with videos from eye-witnesses.

The GIS, or Ghost Investigators Society, has a great page with details, pictures, stories and videos from their investigations. Be sure to check out “The Walking Figure” from their video section. It never fails to creep me out. Also of interest is the EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomena, gallery. Basically recordings of ghostly voices.

Prairie Ghosts is the internet home to Troy Taylor, paranormal investigator. Taylor has written numerous books on the subject of ghosts and routinely conducts investigations into haunted prisons, cemetaries, you name it. He even sells ghost hunting training manuals and equipment to help you get started in your own paranormal investigations. Be sure to read his articles about America’s Most Haunted Places. It is well written and extremely interesting.

Even though most of us aren’t close enough to attend, the website for the Festival of the Dead in Salem, Massachusettes, is still pretty interesting.

The Essex Mountain Sanatorium website is extremely in depth, providing a very detailed history of this facility which has been abandoned. It includes lots of personal experiences and creepy photos.

I hope you all have a fun, and safe, Halloween.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Great links, thanks Robbie!

  • David A. Wilson

    Dear Sirs:
    Have written a Halloween vampire short story that I am trying to find a publisher for, “It Happened One Halloween”.
    Could you help me? I also published Civil War/vampire novel, CURSE OF THE VAMPIRE, in July 2003. I’m trying to promote it and get it made into a movie.Go to http://www.david-a-wilson.com and http://www.publishedauthors.net for more information.
    Anything you could do to help me would be most appreciated. Take care.
    David A. Wilson
    Grantville, Ga. USA

  • Eric Olsen

    it’s not a particularly good idea to put phone numbers on the Internet