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So, did anyone else watch the Republican Convention’s opening night extravaganza? Yeah, me neither. But I did catch a bit of FOX News’ wrapup show (Motto: “You are getting sleepy, very sleepy…”). A few observations…

Fred Barnes: You know that old saying, “If you squeezed his head, shit would come out”? Fred is a lot like that, except if you squeezed his head, dirty douche water would spurt out from every orifice.

Mort Kondrake: What a sourpuss. Is it just me, or does his scrunched up face make you think someone shoved a very sour pickle very far up his ass?

Mara Liasson: Who let a non-blue-eyed, non-blonde female on FOX? Does Goebbels know about this?

William “Don’t Call Me Bill” Kristol: I want to see this little neo-con dummy talk while Brit Hume drinks a glass of water.

Greta Van Susteren: Two questions: 1. When did Greta have a stroke? 2. Has anyone told her?

As for the festivities, the big news on the FOX Crawl (Motto: “We Crawl. You Read.”) was that many Republican delegates were sporting custom Band-Aid brand bandages with small Purple Hearts drawn on them. That’s hardly fair. It’s not like the Democrats walked in sporting fake stigmata (Motto: “Owww!”) or wearing beer guzzler helmets (Motto: “As Seen on the President’s Head.”).

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  • Your cprrect it’s not fair.

    But just as unfair is the head of the Democratic Party still troting out the Bush AWOL meme. It’s unfair that Ted Kennedy can stand before the Senate and relate Bush to a WW2 facist or muse that Bush thought up the war in Texas for personel profit.

    It’s unfair the the Dems candidate can call the sitting president a liar.

    It’s unfair that when you oppose the Dem candidate you are threatened with lawsuits. It’s unfair that the Democratic party would attempt to interfere with private enterprise and attempt to have a critical book pulled from the shelves.

    It’s unfair that Kerry would send a handicapped vet to Crawford to deliver a letter of protest over what he sees as lies in a book. And that letter has as one of it’s signatories (Tom Harkin) someone that called Cheney a “coward,” and an admitted liar. (“I flew F-104’s in Vietnam, but i Lied”)

    Yep I guess your right, it is unfair, multiplied by 10 on the Dems side.