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Controversial K2 Ban Spreads Across Nation, Spawning Pro vs Con Debates

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Over the past few days I have been researching news reports and the Internet for information reported about the dangers or safety of using K2 and its byproducts. For someone outside looking in, the controversary over the effects and legality of the substance known as K2 is very dynamic in collecting the facts. There are some very distinct commonalities in almost every article, and blogs that are K2 centered, but the biggest source of realistic information comes from the comment sections of each one. The comment sections are very opinionated, biased and with anonymity, but it is perhaps the only place filled with the actual facts on the effects of K2: their individual experiences.

The facts and theories in the articles and some of the blogs come from professionals in the medical and psychological field and are very insightful. Here we are hearing from doctors, policemen, and politicians with common and extreme views covering their aspect of researching and/or experiences with K2 and its users

What Is K2 And How Is It Used
K2 and its derivatives are produced in the countries of China and Korea as incense and potpourri treated with various chemicals that make it an alternative method to getting a marijuana-like high without the marijuana. The main concerns regard its dangers to its users since it is becoming very popular with teenagers and is sold legally without any federal laws or regulations in place to govern it and its uses. The exact number of chemicals added by spray is unknown, however, one of the main ingredients identified is a chemical identified is a synthetic THC name JWH-018.

JWH-018 was created in the 1990s by a science student at Clemson University named Huff who intended to test the effects of THC on rats. No humans were used for testing, meaning that there has been no concrete data collected about its possible side effects, benefits or use in/for human beings. It is not known how, but someone got hold of Huff's formula then discovered that it had the ability to give a person a marijuana-like high. When and how the formula made its way out of the United States and into China or Korea is also unknown.

Disregarding the labeled warning on the K2 packaging that it was not for human consumption, teenagers and adult abusers ingest K2 by rolling it in paper like marijuana, then smoke it like a joint/cigarette, in pipes, bongs or vaporizers as they would with marijuana. Unlike marijuana and other drug favorites, there are no procedures available, chemical or otherwise, that can detect K2 in its user. This makes it hard for law enforcement officers and medical personnel to identify an abuser of K2 that has been detained for a traffic stop or medical treatment.

Being undetectable is the main reason for its increasing popularity with the teenagers and people whose employer requires its employees to drug test, because they still want to get high. They can not be terminated for ingesting K2 prior to reporting for work since K2 is so new that no one has created a detection procedure for it plus it is sold legally. Some retailers have reported that their customer base is not only filled with teens, college students, and parolees, but with professional people as well, including law enforcement.

K2's Alternative Identities

You can find K2 by various names sold mainly in Head Shops and on the Internet. Keep in mind that this list is non-inclusive because time has proven that manufacturers will undoubtedly work around any ban put in place by the government on their products by making small changes to it and giving it a new identity or name. The following list of K2 names were collected mostly from the comment section of articles and blogs posted on the Internet by users and professionals.

K2 is also known as: Spice, Supernova, Genie, zohal, skunk and spirit with various blends like blonde, citron, summit, standard, space, watermelon chiba, Spice Silver, pink, Spice Gold, Spice Diamond, K2 Blue, K2 Blue Supper Summit and Yucatan fire.

Dangerous Or Safe? Observed And User Reported K2 Effects — The Negative Side
Like many dangerous and safety tested products, K2 does not react the same way in everyone's biological system. By running a search on the Internet for the keywords of "K2" and "ban" I received around three pages of valuable "hits" providing me with enough information to determine what may be the truth or just someone’s opinion.

The side effects had both positive and negative reactions that were common to most of the comments and article contents that I read. Before I start, I need to point out that there is not any verifiable data for using K2, and by not knowing what will happen once you consume or digest something presents a potential danger to the person consuming it.

Here are the most common effects that I noticed by what the commenter said happen after using K2. First the negative: almost immediately there were severe headaches lasting anywhere from approximately two hours to about 10 days, sometimes much longer. The headaches were accompanied with nausea lasting at least two hours, experiencing blackouts, flashbacks like what PCP users experience, severe paranoia to the point of total panic, and an extreme high lasting for over two hours, sometimes over 24 hours. Also observed were clammy, sweaty skin, a pale appearance, increased heart rate, depression, psychotic episodes, anxiety, an "I'm going to die" feeling, erratic breathing, severely impaired vision, twitches, convultions, shakes, seizures, tremors, blood pressure bottoming out, sheer terror, dizziness, delayed reactions to surroundings, mind wandering, vomiting, profound sweating, sleepiness, disorientation, high blood pressure, severe hallucinations, confusion, claustiphobia, short-term memory loss and severe agitation. As you can see, this list has some life threatening side effects, and the list is going to continue to grow.

There was one report of a 16-year-old male attempting to jump into his swimming pool from a second story window. This was after smoking "fake" marijuana and as you may imagine the results were not like receiving a score of 10 in a diving competition. His mother stated that he had to have 69 stitches. Another person that reported to a hospital with multiple K2 adverse reactions listed above said that he saw the devil dragging him to hell and demons mocking him.

A Doctor Scalzo at St. Louis University in Missouri also reported that he had treated 30 teenagers at a hospital emergency room after they had consumed K2, and their reaction was nothing like the kind normally seen with marijuana use. They had experienced 10 of the above listed reactions. Another doctor stated that 160 cases where K2 were treated for respiratory problems and high blood pressure. It is also possible that K2 attacks the cardiovascular and central nervous systems.

In Colorado, a television reporter equipped with a hidden camera walked into a head shop to purchase some K2. Not only was he able to buy some K2, the store clerk told the reporter how to get high with K2 taking one or two hits and waiting for five minutes.

The Reported Positive Side

For every con, there is a pro side to every issue ever debated. I would be unfair and commit an injustice if I did not also report on the expressed positive effects of the substance named K2 or Spice. There has not been an official study on the effects of K2 making what I present here based on what was placed in the comment sections of the blogs and articles I research for this article. One comment stated that there is not any official information from a study or testing, but everyone wants to present the alleged negative effects of K2 to support the proposed banning of K2.

What I present here is public information (literary material placed in a public location for all to see) taken from the commenters’ that are professed alleged drug users.

Many stated they believe that K2 is the perfect substitute for the illegal marijuana that is so widely used. The best compromise would be to replace K2 with the natural herb, marijuana, by making it legal to possess, use, purchase or barter. The majority has concluded that marijuana is the lesser of the two evils because its effects are not as dangerous as those present with K2.

Comparing K2 usage to marijuana use, the problem that is making K2 so dangerous is that no one is very familiar with K2, there is no official documented information on the long- and short-term use of K2, that the people having the adverse reactions are using it like marijuana and not entering the river without knowing what to expect. The adverse user does not know that K2 is three to five times stronger than marijuana and that they should use less to obtain the high they get from smoking a lot of marijuana.

The users proclaim that they have not run into any adverse problems because they go in smoking a lesser amount K2 compared to using marijuana. A person can get an enjoyable high if they smoke K2 in moderation instead of jumping off a tall building or bridge knowing that you would be safer if you 1. were able to fly or 2. were close enough to the ground or water when you leapt so as not to be fatal. On the average taking about one to three puffs (hits) of K2 will give you the same level of intoxication as in smoking at minimum a whole joint. You know the saying, ". . . puff, puff, give".

The high feeling from K2 comes a lot faster than marijuana, by being felt almost immediately, where as marijuana's is delayed because it has to penetrate the lungs, to get into your blood. Everyone is claiming to not having an adverse experience, but a mild chilling feeling, and smoked a minimum amount because they did not know how they would be affected.

If you pay attention to what blend you or your buddies are using, you will find that K2 Blue is one of the strongest K2 blends, if not the strongest.

Experienced users reported the following positive K2 effects that they had: relaxation, a mild headache, became giggly, had a dreamlike trip from K2 Blue, high lasts less than marijuana, drops off rather quickly, does not support gun toting drug dealers and cartels, gives an entire body high feeling, and you use lesser quantity than you do with marijuana.

Who Should Take Action About K2
In areas that have all ready banned all K2 products by introducting ordinances making it a misdemeanor to sell, barter, possess or use any products containing the substance titled JWH-018 and other chemicals contained in K2 and on average could face a fine of up to $1000, and one year of confinement. Arrests have all ready been made in Lawrence, Kansas, for being in possession of K2 and Spice for distribution in a locale where it has been banned. The raid was conducted by the Food and Drug Administration along with the sheriff's department proclaiming that the search and seizure was for prohibited drugs and not for the possession of K2, which was confiscated and the owner detained by law enforcement personnel for violating a new ordinance making K2 illegal within the state at a future date. This means that the owner, if facing charges for having K2 for sell on the premises, was illegally arrested for a law that is not in force until July 1, 2010, a later date than the date of arrest.

There has been arrests made in Crawford and Sebastian Counties in Arkansas, and in the state of Kentucky where laws banning K2 has all ready been enacted. In each instant there was no known means or physical indication that K2 had been used in either location of arrests. A great portion of the controversy could be eliminated if the Congress would introduce and pass legislation that would make K2 and its derivatives be listed in the scheduling of the FDA as a controlled substance or drug. Then states would not have to go through the steps of making K2 illegal, but they would just have to come up with the dealings of K2 when their law enforcement come upon a K2 situation constituting a violation of the new federal law.

Since there is a perceived danger to using this substance, Congress should forego recessing the current session until legislation could be introduced and signed into law. They are expected to recess for the summer next week. Using this being an election year as an excuse for not confronting volatile issues that is plaguing this country now like the Arizona Immigration Law and use of K2. This is not the time to side-step when their constituents need the people they elected to office to represent their interest and affairs.

In Closing
One notable adverse reaction is that many users feel that "Big Brother" is strong arming its way into people lives by banning a product that is legal before conducting a thorough study on the effects of K2 denying American citizens from exercising their Constitutional rights. The feeling is that the federal government is stepping into the States’ operational domain.

K2, Spice and their derivatives are the newest plague to attack the American society along with the international controversary over a state in the U.S. enforcing federal legislation that affect its citizens and helps the rest of the nation. K2 is not as deadly as the terrorist group Al-Qaeda is to the United States, but it is alarmingly becoming one of the most dangerous enemies to weaken our youths. Is K2 a plan to weaken America's future or is it just a coincidence that it migrated to our shores at a time when the Obama Administration is facing hard times politically.

Contrary to what is happening across the nation where the smallest elements of our government, the cities, are making decisions that Congress should have convened on. This is not just a young issue that is affecting "Billy Bob" in the country, but a quickly maturing problem that is dividing our nation just as the controversial immigration reform law passed in Arizona is doing. This issue just is not as volatile as offending a neighboring nation whose people are creating the problem our nation is fighting over.

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  • Thomas

    My friends and I have smoked K2 and the only negative side effects felt by any of us were mild headaches. Also the sentence “Is K2 a plan to weaken America’s future or is it just a coincidence that it migrated to our shores at a time when the Obama Administration is facing hard times politically.” is just plain ridiculous.

  • Vic

    In other news, the pharmaceutical companies
    still churn out drugs that you see a few years later on Lawyers ads, promising you compensation because you or your significant other are suffering from all the side effects they warned you about.
    One of the top 10 causes of death in the
    uSA are side effects from legal drugs,
    but being that ‘Big Pharma’ are BIG political contributers, and they have among the deepest pockets on planet Earth, they are practically untouchable.
    There have been NO deaths related to ‘K2’ or it’s KIND so far, and if there is, well then, at least they won’t bear other stupid kids.
    Call it passive eugenics, keep K2 legal, and may the strong survive.

  • The line about K2 migrating during Obama’s hardship was intended to bring out a response during this turmult times. That worked. I do not believe that that is why K2 is becoming a problem at this time. K2 has been around for a few years, it is just now being presented as a problem to society as it becomes more popular with the young. The mystery surrounding an unknown substance is usually the cause for action at a time when the end results or dangers are unknown. More than likely, it is too late to wait until it has been tested by the government.

    K2 is legal, but do you want your children associating with a potential danger without knowing what could happen to them, or without knowing?

    The side effects presented above are items that has been brought to the public eye, or presented by users. I never said that any deaths caused by K2 has been reported. The potential for death is greater with K2 than marijuana because it is still an unknown novelty and no one knows what could happen each time it is used. Some people have said that they had pleasant experiences in the beginning, and had bad trips using K2 at a later time. This was reported by individuals in the comments sections of articles about K2 by aleged K2 users.

    As to prescription drugs causing deaths, can you say that it was from using the drugs as prescribed, or by abusing the drugs using it the way the individual wanted? Prescription drugs approved by the FDA has been tested, K2 has not. Why would you want to expose yourself to this danger blindly?

    What I presented here was what others like yourself are/were saying about their experiences using K2.

    Keep K2 legal?? Time will tell.

  • Vic

    I sincerely believe that ‘K2’ is pretty harmless.
    Why? I have been using it starting with the ‘Spice Gold’ brand for about 3 years now, with NO problems whatsoever.
    It’s the mental midgets who are ABUSING it, not unlike your valid point about prescription drug abuse.
    This is of course NOT MJ, you are to take ONE ‘pull’, and WAIT at least 5 to 10 minutes to see if you need another one.
    I use it only occasionally BTW.
    Don’t fall for the recent media ‘scare’, Look up those Marijuana Propaganda scare posters from the 30’s, and rent ‘REEFER MADNESS’…those are all laughable and ridiculous now, wouldn’t you agree?
    Scare tactics back then, Scare tactics now.
    History repeats itself.

  • Vic

    And don’t get me started on the ‘FDA’, is this the same FDA that approved VIOXX, responsible for 60,000 deaths?
    I would would be hard pressed to believe that ALL those 60,000 people “abused”
    ‘Google’ that story, it’s been practically swept under the rug.

  • Vioxx deaths appear to be due to manufacturer negligence because its manufacturer, Merck, knew for years about its dangers, and did not protect consumers by recalling it. With K2, it sounds like you know how to follow directions, or did you learn the “pull, wait 5 or 10 minutes” rule on your own?

    The estimated number of vioxx deaths in the U.S. is between 89,000 and 140,000 while world-wide it is estimated at 150,000 to 200,000. K2’s death rate right now is 0.

    You might be right that the side effects being reported are not following the “pull, wait 5 to 10 minute rule” of use, but just as with me, that is your opinion.

    Through my personal experiences in the military, newspaper hype does not scare me. There will always be some information missing either because it is unknown or it is intentionally omitted. As with all things, K2’s harmful side effects has to be proven.

    My article is pro versus con, meaning “for” and “against”. I am presenting both sides of the argument based on others stated experiences. Giving or listening to one side is never the way to knowledge. Currently, you can find more negative than positive information on K2 right now, so that is what you will see more.

    The only reason that the tactics from the past “. . . are all laughable and ridiculous now” is because it has been time proven. K2 has not been time proven yet. It is relatively new, and anything that affects society like K2 does, there are going to be concerns.

    You have used Spice Gold, but it has been reported that K2 Blue and K2 Blue Supper Summitt are the strongest forms being used.
    Perhaps this is where the reported negative side effects are coming from.

    I am against drugs being abused, because I have seen first-hand what it is capable of, but I am not going to be bias by publishing just one side.

    Since we can go over this for years arguing the merits and disadvantages, I will respect your opinion and continue to research K2 as information becomes available.

  • Vic

    Fair enough, there is a wealth of info you can glean
    from long time users of the ‘Jawa'(JWH-018) blends on either the “legalhighguides” forum, or “tglforum”.
    I do go to those places alot, mainly to ‘monitor’ the long time users for any side effects, reviews of other ‘incense’ brands, etc.
    Consistently, the only ‘negative’ side effect are mild to sometimes severe anxiety attacks, especially among the ‘newbies’ who need to understand this is obviously NOT MJ,
    which means that you DO NOT smoke it like MJ, you’re supposed to Take…it…Eeezzzy!
    Once they learn this, and ‘respect’ it, they absolutely love it, and many now even PREFER it to to MJ, keeping in mind that MJ can ALSO bring on Paranoia too, but in either case, the Paranoia ITSELF is TEMPORARY, all these people who are OVERDOSING and going to the E.R. would have been OK ANYWAY, all they needed to do was just ‘ride it out’ til that part of it was over.
    As far as the myriad brands of this stuff out there, it’s like going to the liquour store and seeing all of those brands of Beer
    in the cooler, it really doesn’t matter, they all have ‘Jawa’ in there, and they will all take you to the same ‘place’…all of them.
    Some formulators add different ‘flavors’, etc.
    Most are also ‘damiana’ or ‘mullien’ based herbs, with an average of maybe 6 to 10 herbs all in one blend.
    As far as potency, all they are doing is adding more JAWA to the mix, it’s that simple, some thought they bought a ‘Beer’, and ended up buying ‘Bacardi 151’, but ‘drank’ it like beer…not good.
    Another thing is the vast majority of people are paying 45-50 bucks for an ‘eighth’ of these blends, but there are some places you can get them MUCH cheaper,
    You can get an Ounce of a blend called ‘NOCTIS’ for example for less than 50 bucks!
    So yes, I think JAWA is pretty safe if used responsibly, I’m mostly a ‘weekend warrior’ using only at the end of week, and it’s an awesome ‘creature comfort’ for a non-drinker like my self.
    IMO, they legalized the WRONG substance in the 30’s in the first place, they should have legalized MJ, but that’s another story.

  • Vic

    As far ‘kids’ smoking it, I don’t have kids myself. but I would definitely not have anyone smoke this stuff who’s under 19, and maybe even under 21.
    We’ll let the states decide the age, but it doesn’t matter, that ‘debate’ is over with certainty, as one by one they are being banned, which is why I’ve been stocking up for quite awhile.
    I can always go back to MJ anyway, but you see, the DEMAND for MJ and JAWA is overwhelming, and something’s gotta give,
    As a matter of fact, I forgot to mention there are several GREAT blends out there that are 100% NATURAL and are quite impressive, even for a ‘hardhead’ like myself, and they are confidently shipping these natural blends to the states that have ALREADY banned JAWA, like a blend called LUCID from legalherbalshop.com, and NO I do not work for them.
    They DO have JAWA blends, but they will NOT ship them to those states, of course.
    They are one of the OLDEST, most reliable vendors out there.

  • Tara

    thank you for the research and the article, i just bought some k2 pink and have yet to smoke it bc i am trying to research it first. just not alot of info to find i guess.

  • Thanks, Vic. The view and info that you presented here is well argued. You appear to have quite a bit of experience with this subject, and do not go blindly where you want to go. If others did the same, there probably would not be as much hype or panic over it.

    Tara, you are welcome, but as you can see, I have only touched on the tip of this. Vic appears to be very knowledgeable on this subject, so I hope that combined we have helped.

  • kim

    I came across this article trying to learn more about this products and it’s reported dangers, mostly because information regarding this issue tends to be vague, unsupported and misleading. I was looking for a balanced, unbiased report and thought i had found it, but this line: “K2 is not as deadly as the terrorist group Al-Qaeda is to the United States, but it is alarmingly becoming one of the most dangerous enemies to weaken our youths.” negates any attempt at objectivity by the writer. It seems especially silly, since death is not a side effect reported anywhere (unlike almost any legal drug advertised on television, or say…meth). Likewise, throwing it in the same pile as a complex issue like immigration (and summing that entire issue up in one, opinionated sentence) is inconsistent at best. It would have been better not to make either comparison or to leave out the closing altogether. For me, it called the “unbiased opinion” of the author into question. A shame, since it seemed balanced and researched until that fatal sentence.
    The bottom line is that kids would not be smoking K2 if marijuana was legal. Volunteering at juvenile court, I’ve seen many a child get locked up for simple possession. In these cases, imprisonment is much more hazardous to their health and wellbeing than any form of THC.

  • well the governments better get on top of banning the catholic church in america from using Frankincense in their services because boswellia sacra plant resins is very much like hashish, and has been know to possess psychoactive properties since 2008, officially, though has been used for these very properties in religious circles since they were still using cannabis in religious circles! if they’re not gonna ban frankincense — the first psychoactive incense they all love — then they’re hypocrites straight up.

  • What a complete bag of innaccuracy.
    I am glad to see you took of your tin foil helmet long enough to try to research this but the ridiculous basis that K2 is anything besides one products name really paints you into a corner of ignorance.

    Why not do some real research instead of USA fear mongering.

    Did you know little sheep that the chemicals in these products were designed more than 10 yrs ago? did you know more than 20 yrs ago Pfizer created a synthetic cannibinoid/cannibimetric that is still available everywhere? so do terrorists own Big pharma?

    people like you need to add links of verification to your blogs as trying to claim your meandering psychosis as an opinion is pathetic.

    3 words

  • Spice

    It’s “Huffman” not “Huff”.

  • Chuck

    Ok… So, did you notice it said “This makes it hard for law enforcement officers and medical personnel to identify an abuser of K2 that has been detained for a traffic stop or medical treatment.” – So what they’re saying is, it does not effect the user in any way that could be perceived externally… So, it wouldn’t effect their ability to drive anyway. If someone’s drunk, it’s easy to tell. They can’t touch their nose. Yet, alcohol is legal and available at EVERY grocery store, gas station, and most sit down restaurants? K2 is only available via the internet (which requires a credit card, so obviously you have to be old enough to have a credit card to order it) or at a smoke shop (who won’t sell anything to anyone under 18 anyway) — WHAT?! This makes sense to anyone!? Really!? If I kill myself eating doughnuts every day, no one says anything. If I smoke a substance that may or may not hurt me, I’m thrown in jail with murderers and rapists?! WHAT?! You have to be brainless to ban this substance. Every prohibition so far has resulted in MORE drugs. Want more drugs? Let our government ban more chemicals, that way everyone will be enticed to try them to see what the hype is about… As it is, the only people buying K2 are the people who would have been smoking marijuana anyway regardless of legality. There are literally 1000’s of plants that will get you high. The only ones people know about are the ones that are illegal. If you want your children to do drugs, it’s easy, just make a law telling them don’t do drugs. It’s worked for years now. I could find marijuana in high school WAY easier than I could find a beer. The beer required me to prove my age, or find someone old enough to buy it for me (and most people wouldn’t) – Marijuana was available from my friends and classmates. Marijuana is illegal and has been proven not to kill anyone even at high doses. Alcohol poisons thousands of people to death each year. Want to start a witch hunt? Attack alcohol. Oh wait, they already did, and it was a failure. Just like the failure of the prohibition of every other drug. Just like the failure this will turn out to be. It makes me sad to call myself an American. Land of the free? No. Land of government tells you what you can own and what you can’t, and what you can do and what you can’t, what you can ingest and what you can’t. “Protect me from the protectors.”

  • @Kim, point taken. There is no comparison for K2 to the immigration issues, and I should have left that portion out for a better/stronger article. I used a poor example that should have been left out. Two issues on different ends of the spectrum.

    @Chris, as to your first point, the article gives a small list of names for the various K2 substances, not just K2, on page 2 and that Mr. “Huffman” discovered K2 in the early 1990s (page 1), over 10 years ago, is also stated. I found no comparison to the pfizer product during my research. And true, the article would have been stronger with links to my research information. I will be more attentive to this in my future blogs. If you have information that you would like to offer here, I welcome it. Readers like yourself will help me to become a stronger writer with your input.

    @Spice, thank you. I read Mr “Huffman’s” name quite a few times during research, but failed to insure I had the name correctly spelled during my proofing.

    @Chuck, in reference to law enforcement and medical personnel being able to identify a person using K2. If you read the negative side effects reported, a person may display an intoxicated appearance (externally), but normal means (field sobriety, blood test, breathalyzer) would not detect it being caused by K2. Appearance shown could be “. . . erratic breathing, severely impaired vision, twitches, convultions, shakes, seizures, tremors, blood pressure bottoming out, dizziness, delayed reactions to surroundings, mind wandering, vomiting, profound sweating, sleepiness, disorientation, high blood pressure, severe hallucinations, confusion, claustiphobia, short-term memory loss and severe agitation . . .” From the legal aspect, whether its use is illegal or legal, they currently can not get any evidence to back a conviction.

    From the medical view, if the person is unconscious or unwilling to provide knowledge of K2 use, they may give the person a drug that would worsen (or improve)the crisis. Since there is no research information about K2, it will be a trial and error type of situation until someone perform official research.

  • Ben Klein

    K2 gets you high but it is only a mind high not a body high. I also expericenced minor headachs but other than that the only thing i have a problem with is the price why would i buy that when dro is cheaper

  • Nancy

    Thanks for this article Charles, i thought it was well written and fair, giving both sides. I did giggle a bit at the al qaeda reference, but point taken. This article and the subsequent comments (thanks Vic!) have made me go ahead and order some to try it out. Vic, as a first-time user, do you reccomend I get a lower-level (say the blonde K2)? i’m a usual MJ user, but don’t want to be irresponsible w/ this stuff. And I know this shouldn’t be a question posed here, but I’d like to know a reputable place I can purchase and not worry about getting ripped off. I’m in IL and so far it’s still legal here… 🙂 cheers, all. Thanks for the great read, and all the great info.

  • @Nancy, thank you, and you are welcome. Though I do not use any type of drugs outside of prescription now, or condone its use, but this stuff is here, it is legal (in some places for now), virtually unknown and increasing in popularity. I am glad that through my articles and comments from the readers we can all get educated. BTW, I do not know anyone personally using K2 or Spice, but back in the day I found mj to be relaxing and a muse for my creative side musically. I applaud your researching prior to using K2. Knowledge is power.

  • anonymous

    guess what, after they tested that THC on rats.. they gave each rat what is a considered to be a “deadly dose” of THC… NOTHING HAPPENED… because there is no such thing as a deadly dose of THC

  • Lol Guy

    @ anonymous

    The active compound in K2 that gets you high is JWH-018, a synthetic cannabinoid There is no THC present.

    The problem with K2 is that it has not been studied enough, and it could prove to be detrimental to the user’s health. Then again, it could be harmless, such as cannabis.

  • Jason

    Actully their have 12 deaths in the U.S. related to K2. don;t get me wrong i have used K2 and still use it. and there along with many others have not experienced any adverse effects. but the 12 death weren’t cause from the direct use (comsumption) of K2. but from poor judgement while using the product. for example driving while intoxicated on K2. i agree that it probably should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. cause i know i would not want my child or other children using this product not until they were of legal age and hopefully about to make a infromed and responible decision.

  • THC

    there is a such thing as a deadly dose of THC. Though you would have to consume about 150 pounds of mary-jane in about 12-24 hours to recieve it

  • Mark

    Through all these comments there is only one that touches on the fact that if this stuff was regulated instead of banned, kids would not be getting a hold of it as easily.

    In this circumstance,

    Regulate = Freedom
    Banning = No Rights

  • yeah_yeah

    ok weed doesnt kill anyone… AT ALL!! ok so k2 is legal right now and gets u stoned, smoke too much you can maybe rush ur heart rate too much.. so the solution? JUST LEGALIZE POT FOR CHRIST SAKES!!! you know people get stoned all over the u.s.a. just tax it save our country by sellin green to make green, happier society, TOKE IT UPP!!!

  • dotseth

    it will be illegal soon, even if they have to tell lies on the mainstream media non stop for a year to get it done.

  • Stromn

    just wanted to state somethings i found during my searches. the THC in MJ and the ‘Jawa” are not the same in fact the THC in MJ attachs itself to the c1 receptor in the brain, as ‘Jawa’ attachs itself to the c2 receptor in the brain which is linked to immune system. as many have stated the long term effects of use for longer then 6 years or so is not heard of. the fact of it is and the scary one at that is ‘Jawa’ along with another form of JHW that they have started using to replace the K2 type products that are being banned. also might add that the ‘Jawa’ chemical is used in bonzai tree only fertalizer. another thing to worry about is the way its made , its made with undisclosed parts of acetone undisclosed parts of ‘Jawa’ put it in a spray bottle and spray it over your favorite herbs , so most of the products your buying arent from china they from good ole america and people getting screwed by a backyard shop herbologist thats why you get people ODing on it because of amature people creating a drug like meth.

  • stromn

    also wanted to add food for thought , every wonder why the labels on all the K2 type products are easily printable off a cheap printer? every wonder why there is no manufacturer label of any kind on the product? i have even found a couple bags that had gram rock in it also have found alot of the bags to have simple tree leaves put in it to make the actual product last longer. considering the bags are never sealed (read my before hand statements of no manufacturer besides people in their home making money) anything can be put inside that bag. there may be a few that actual have a sealed bag but they dont have JAWA in them. and as for my analogy about it being like meth yes Jawa may appear to not be dangerous when applied to the smoking media properly and in the proper doses. what i refer to is that meth is a dirty drug because its 1)made with chemicals 2) made in a home lab majority of times 3) made by people that arent a chemist so there are gunna be times where the mix has spikes of very high amounts in some batches versus others so smoking K2 blonde one time may not work to well where as smoking it again later down the road may yield an OD because of the inconsistancy in the application of the drug to the media.

  • Pablo Johnson

    legalize weed. BAN k2. We already know the effect of MArijuana. And not a single person as died from the plant it self. And MANY have been healed!!! Smoke weed everyday!

  • Yes! but don’t let it make you soo paranoidthat everything said to you by, Jeannie is an insult…:) hi! lol

  • Eric

    JWH series of compounds have been available widespread in the USA for almost 8 years in various herbal blends beginning with the Spice brand. It was not until the media took note of the issue that the current that the current trend of youths abusing the substance and parolees let them in on the info about the drug. Before that who was using these compounds were primarily intellectuals working in highly drug tested fields who were the consumers. No problems were noted until media reports began filtering in last year. Hysteria is the word for the current demonization of JWH and other compounds. By the way the banned compounds are the crappiest of the available cb1 and cb2 agonists.

  • Wendy

    I and many of my “old hippie” friends have used K2 on and off for many years. No one that I know has had any ill-effects from K2. I would not say that it would never cause an adverse reaction. Any foreign substance that is introduced into the human body can cause an adverse reaction.
    Unfortunately, it seems that this herbal blend has become too popular and the media/government are now aware of it. I am wondering which special interest group will benefit from the banning of K2. I feel certain that someone’s voters and/or financial supporters will benefit from it….they always do.

  • SimpSon

    I have smoked weed for the last 15yrs. Now I cant due to a short prison sentence, which never would have happened if weed were legal. Anyway the point is I cant even so much as have a beer for about 3 more years. This legal herb is the best alternative i have. I know people who have mjxed this herb with REAL POT and got extremely messed up on it. One guy almost had to be restrained he was flipping out so bad, but came down to a manageable high in less than an hour.
    Yes it is rediculous how expensive some of this herb can be. I guess these people making this stuff really knows who they are selling it to, the ones, for which ever the reason may be, cant smoke REAL POT.
    It’s all stupid just legalize , or at least decriminalze, MARIJUANA already. Regulate it and take the money out of the drug lords pockets and put it back into the American public.

  • Thomas

    I support this wholeheartedly!!!

    outlaw that no good crap!!!

    now that it’s outlawed i’ll be happy to sell it to you for double thre price. I got a whole lot of this stuff just waiting to be gotten rid of.

  • Jason

    I’m all for regulation, this is not something that children should have legal access to and nobody should be driving or doing anything potentially dangerous while under the effects of this substance. However, I almost never support fully banning anything and this is no exception. Obviously it’s unhealthy but one’s health is their own business, it is not the business of the government to force everybody to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As far as the effects are concerned it is my personal experience that responsible portioning will not result in adverse effects. You have to take it’s potency into consideration and know when enough is enough. As far as long term mental or health effects are concerned they are simply unknown and should be given proper research but initiating a ban like this I consider unacceptable. It makes me think of the 4loko controversy, so far all the examples of dangerous results I have read about were caused by irresponsible use and stupidity. Personal responsibility and proper regulation and education SHOULD always be preferable to an allout ban. After all, it is well researched and documented that tobacco is completely unhealthy with no benefits but it isn’t banned. It just reeks of hypocrisy and uneducated, panicky abuse of power to ban something like this at all much less before any sort of conclusive research is done with it.

  • Cat

    I have an 18yr old daughter who is in the partying scene in college. She has been acting strange lately, either really hyper and giggly or really sleepy and crabby, especially after a night out with her friends. I know from my youth what the effects of alcohol and mj use are. What is it like when using K2 and how does one behave when on it. I don’t have a problem with her drinking and smoking pot as she is a responsible kid, just likes to have a good time. I just don’t want her to get mixed up with something harmful.


    >during this turmult times.

    I stopped reading after this. Clearly we have here yet another air-headed, two-bit web “reporter”, content to rattle off anonymous speculation that has no more relevance than does this post.

    TL;DR get some facts or go back to posting updates on your facebook.

  • NaNa

    How about just make weed legal instead. Problem solved.

  • newsfreak

    I have to post this and I hope someone reads it since I’m so far down on this comment list.I am a parent of a legal teen “spice” user. I, myself have tried it to see if it was like pot, just to see,not to continually use. I don’t have time for such things anymore, also to see what my son was feeling. The first time i tried it, i had nausea for a while,Then uncontrollable giggling,everything was hilarious! It was similar to pot in my teenage yrs.About 2 weeks later, I tried it again,to use up what I had bought and to feel that silliness again. WELL, it was NOT the same. I went into this crazy feeling of not being able to breathe,s state of paralysis,and like someone was sitting on my chest, then finally, i would gasp and breathe again, I was scared to death. my husband watched me turn white and sweat like crazy, then I would be burning up.I haven’t touched it since.However, my sone hasn’t been employed due to his “habit” for 5 months, I am left to pay his bills along with car insurance, his grades are mid-range,he save parts of his lunch allowance to support his habit since it is so cheap. You can buy it at our local gas station,ameristop or BP. He suffers from migraines chronically, and this makes them occur even more,his meds can’t be upped any further. He has also built up a tolerance to it, which also gives it the category of a “gateway drug”. This product needs to go!! We are creating a generation of stupidity and that will be OUR future! And our future will be our fault if we do not halt this soon!

  • Z4C

    I have mixed feelings about ‘K2’ or the Spice ban in general. Having used it in both small and large quantities, I have experienced different highs. Personally I enjoy using the product (though will have to admit that K2 actually produces almost no high for me, there are other ‘Spices’ that work a lot better).

    Regulation of the product could be potentially beneficial to both users and the economy in the future. But honestly hypocrisy runs deep within the FDA and Government when they list the potential dangers of this drug or Marijuana (which there are none and should by all means be legal, taxed, and loved) while Alcohol, OTCs, and prescribed medicines continue to thrive on killing many users.

    There is so much more I could write about personal experimentation with Spice and observations of others on it, but being a very productive member of society ~”POT KILLS MOTIVATION AND MAKES YOU LAZY”…ignorant bastards~ I have to go to my work, run the entire store, and pay taxes on things that do not benefit me…unlike legalization would.

  • juhu

    u all are right but it gives ppl a panic attack

  • jujiha


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  • Oscar

    So is K2 still legal? I thought it got banned…

  • Steve S

    Has anyone really looked at the side effects of K2. Truth is you are more likely to die from coffee or Asprin. Same goes true for Marijuana.

  • xtcxaviet

    I use both pot and “spice” and I am a minor still in high school.
    It is a potant substance that gets u high quicker…but it dosnt last as long as smoking pot. I have heard of a death by seizure when someone ingested spice. Who is the the government to tell us how to live our lives in.this “free” country. Easy fix to spice.problem….legalize pot!!!!

  • Theburt112

    I love how it’s banned because it can’t be tested for and then be connected to Obama so if like a new type Of gum were to come out during the governments weakest times should that gum be banned I mean whose to say if it was made to make people be distracted by the wonderful taste and what about cigarettes and alcohol both kill and has been proven but nothing has been done about them and more people have died from alcohol related problems than k2 or marijuana combined

  • Jillian Galloway

    So instead of legalizing the sale of safe and natural cannabis to adults, we now have people turning to dangerous, synthetic chemicals to achieve what they’re looking for? Are we preventing people from getting high? No. Are we getting them to do it in the safest way possible? No!

    The federal marijuana prohibition costs taxpayers $40 billion a year, causes 700,000 marijuana-related arrests every year, diverts $10 billion a year to the Mexican drug cartels, has caused the death of more than 35,000 people in Mexico over the last four years, and lures drug dealers into our neighborhoods to sell their stinking weed to our children.

    Just like with alcohol, we need marijuana to be legally sold to adults in supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies in order to undercut local drug dealer prices and drive them out of our communities and away from our children.

  • 900AD

    I just smoked K2 and some sour together I must admit it is definitely a magical moment:-!…. Before I was scared to try it because my friend smoked an .8 in a blunt and he had a bad experience Lol it was funny, but in all realness you should not abuse k2 meaning rolling a lot up smoke in small portion…. Don’t be GREEDY its all good times



    • Sl Nry

      I used it for about two weeks,
      I can’t even describe the psychological effects.
      I had a blackout driving, and became conscious two cities north of my destination on a road I was never on before and didn’t know what the f*** happened. People at the head shop wouldn’t tell you how to use it other than to say as incense to limit liabity. I tried several brands sprayed with chemicals, and Alien Loose Leaf that does is all herbal. BEWARE: sprayed type on the product AZtec Ice Package has name on front, disclaimer on back, it lists no ingredients, says specifically not for consumption, gives no instructions for use, and the customer service number provided is only an attempt to make you feel comfortable it’here is a fast tolerance build up in the system, to these products
      so I of course smoked more to recieve the desired effects.
      At one point I was sick in bed, and threw up for two days.
      I felt so bad I must not have garggled and swallowed to clear larynx,
      and may have permanently ruined vocal cords.
      I now sound squackie, so sad to happen right before my fiftith birthday.
      My urine and skin had a chemical smell, and nearly orange.
      I moved in with some friends while I detoxed drinking copious amounts of water. It wasn’t until after seeing no change in my urines smell and color that I dreaded I had an issue while having a dizzyness, chills, sea leggs, and clammyness that I sat myself down at the kitchen counter drinking one pint glass of after another until I was pissing like a race horse like I did when I studied for my navy urinalysis’. Then I drank a glass of water a half anhr until clear. Urine still two days later light. Now I need to where my reading glasses and still feel abit swooney at times. Folks, please cant we come up with a real solution that we can all live with. Drug laws were created to control behavior.
      I thought we were the land of the free. Com’on!

  • naveed

    the customer service number provided is only an attempt to make you feel
    comfortable it’here is a fast tolerance build up in the system, to
    these products http://crackspatch.com No. Are we getting them to do it in the safest way possible? No!

  • thanks for superb idea , really truly story described here thanks