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Controlling Your Mind to Control Greed, Fear, and Corruption

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Fasting is a weapon that can bring the most bureaucratic and notorious dictators and empires to their knees. It was used by India to drive away the British and now it is being used by the same country to bring the most corrupt and bureaucratic officials to their knees.

A lot of India’s new generation who had trashed the Gandhian principles of nonviolence and fasting, claiming them to be weak gestures of protest, are today witnessing live demonstrations of these weapons.

In fact the new generation has been packaging the same old thought-provoking methods in liberal and lighter forms such as flash mobs or candlelight gatherings. Today, it takes just one message from a social networking site to rattle the Parliament in New Delhi or a dictatorship in Middle East.

However, the question remains whether these initiatives can ever uproot the evil.

In order to understand the root cause of corruption I looked deeper into my conscience and asked myself, “Why has corruption evolved in the first place?”

Could it be because of poverty? But why does poverty arise? In my understanding poverty is a function of illiteracy and high population. But then what stops people from becoming literate? Is it lack of resources, lack of will to read and write, or pure ignorance? The last two could be tackled by appointing the right mentors. But why do people lack resources? The most acceptable reason that comes to my mind is that the ruling government or dictator does not want them to become literate. Why? Because if they become literate they will understand the selfish and corrupt motives that these dictators or governments want to fulfil, and might topple them.

This leads me to my second idea: that it is greed, whether a person is literate or illiterate, poor or rich, good or bad, which makes one corrupt. But how does greed arise? Out of fear. And ironically greed leads to fear again. It’s a vicious cycle and one needs to come out of it.

But it’s not possible to eradicate this greed and fear completely from every living being on the planet. So that brings us back to the use of weapons like non-violence and fasting. But today one needs to analyze whether these agitations are self-supported or being backed by a political motive. This again brings us back to greed and fear.

One might believe that money, power, food, and shelter are the reasons for greed and fear. But the fact is that even after having all of those, greed and fear keep increasing.

There is only one thing that can control your greed and fear and it’s your own mind.

So how do we control our mind? Think for a minute. If I ask you not to think of a pink elephant, what will you think about? Would you not think about a pink elephant? So how do we not think about the pink elephant? By having a strong will to not think of it. So does that mean that will is above mind? No, because will can be controlled only by applying mind.

To control your mind it is very important that you take control of your mind before it takes control of you. So let’s try it. Let’s say I again ask you to think of pink elephant. If I immediately tell my mind to think of a blue elephant instead of a pink one, it will think of a blue one. Won’t it? If you think clearly, we only need to tell our mind to think of a blue one. So the idea is to focus and say in your mind what you want to do. You can actually talk to your mind.

But then, a lot of people lack focus. In order to focus there is just one way that has been amazingly successful. Chant a mantra of the deity or higher power you believe in and meditate while chanting the mantra. Your focus is hidden in focusing on the mantra. It’s magic.The moment you try to focus on the mantra, you will start to strengthen your focus. Practice it daily. You will find an enhanced ability to focus on anything you wish.

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