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Console Review: Sony PlayStation 3

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After years of promises, (some true, some false) the PlayStation 3 is here. But only for a lucky few though, since launch numbers were far below the PS2's Day One tally.

Although small numbers of units are coming in each week, the launch left many eager shoppers without, to say the least.

But is Sony's new system worth your $600? That depends on a lot of variables, I am afraid. It is difficult to look at this from only one or two angles.

If you want to watch Blu-ray movies and play games, then this is an easy choice. You are not going to find a $600 Blu-ray player any time soon.

If you are a PS2 owner and are upgrading to a PS3, there are a lot of advantages. If you own a PSP, there are even more features that integrate with your PSP, sweetening the deal even more.

However, if you are like me and have owned an Xbox 360 for the past year, you are only going to find a couple things to like, and that might not add up to the hefty asking price.

But lets open the box and see what we got. Strike number one comes fast. Sony says that HD gaming "begins" with the PS3, yet they ship it with a composite cable. I can forgive Nintendo for not shipping the Wii with component cables, but not Sony.

Go ahead and add on the cost of component or HDMI cables so you can experience the PS3 as Sony indented.

For those who thought the original Xbox was big and heavy, think again. At least the PS3 feels like it cost $600. The SIXAXIS controller, on the other hand, feels very light, as it has no motors. After about a week of playing, however, the weight of the controller is not an issue.

These controllers charge over USB, so you get a mini-USB cable for that. It also performs double duty if you want to connect your PSP to your PS3 too.

Other things in the box include an Ethernet cable, and if you are lucky, a Blu-ray copy of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Not only does this BD movie not utilize the features of the BD spec, it doesn't really show off the enhanced high definition video that well either. I could have though of better choices to include as a pack-in.

Initial setup was a breeze. I chose to use HMDI and it automatically picked 720p as the optimal format. Although there have been some reports of odd HDMI handshaking issues with both BD movies and games, I have had no such problems.

The only hiccup I had was when trying to get the Remote Play functionality to work with the PSP, and that was just because I was doing things out of order.


Sony makes some impressive hardware, there is no doubt about that. The PlayStation 3 is no exception. The slot loading drive is quite nice, making me wish the Xbox 360 had one.

The Power and Eject buttons are touch sensitive, so they are flush with the trim. On the "expensive" model, there is a flap to the left of the disc slot for SD, CF, and Memory Stick Pro media. Underneath these ports are four USB ports.

Most all USB devices will work with the PS3, which is great. Most perplexing is the fact that you cannot plug in any USB web cam for video chat. Currently the only video camera that works is the PS2 EyeToy.

The last thing you notice is how quiet it is. This is in stark contrast to the blast furnace that is the Xbox 360. It is hard not to be impressed by the looks of the PS3. It is well engineered.

SIXAXIS Controller

As mentioned above, the controller is growing on me, though is a little too small to my liking. I also cannot help but think of the ways these games could have used rumble, but rumble is no more on the PS3.

Until you get used to it, the SIXAXIS feels too light. Playing the Xbox 360 after prolonged hours of the PS3, the difference is quite jarring.

I have a problem with the size though — this controller is smaller than the DualShock PS2 controller, and I find is too small for my hands. Also the molded "lip" under the L2 and R2 buttons is not as pronounced, making the controller harder to hold on to. More adjusting is going to be needed here.

Sony has also changed L2 and R2 into triggers, though they do not depress as far as the triggers on the Xbox 360 controller. This is another change that is growing on me.

Additionally, the controller has a "PS" button, similar to the Guide button on the Xbox 360 controller, four indicator lights to signify which channel the controller is using, and of course the motion controls built inside.

The launch games don't show a lot in the way of motion controls. There are some glimmers of light, but that is about it. I am sure that with more development time, better motion control mechanics will arise.

One final nag about the controllers: they do not automatically turn off when not in use. You have to hold down the PS button and turn off the controller. This is yet another feature that Sony should have been keen on when the Xbox 360 has been on the market for an entire year.

Cross Media Bar

The Cross Media Bar, or XMB, is the user interface for the PS3. Sony uses this thing everywhere, from the PSX, PSP, and even WEGA TVs, this is a familiar interface.

I really like the XMB, as I use it all the time on my PSP. It is easy to use and just as easy to flip through long lists of items at a staggering clip. It might look a bit cluttered, but I think it will scale well after years of PS3 use.

However, the majority of my gripes with the PS3 are with the XMB; it has some jaggies, so to speak. Thankfully, Sony can, and already has, updated it with firmware upgrades.

For starters, I don't want my games to auto-load when I turn the system on. Sony just added this feature to the PSP, and Microsoft added this feature in one of their massive Dashboard updates.

If there is one thing that can be said about the PS3 software, it is that they should have taken a closer look at the Xbox 360 Dashboard. The Cross Media Bar works pretty good, it just has that clunky feeling.

You can rip music CDs to the hard drive, connecting to the CDDB is a snap. You can transfer music to the hard drive too, but just like the PSP. Alas, you will not find advanced options for music playback like the Xbox 360 has.

You cannot, for example, create playlists. You can also forget about listening to custom music in your games, something that every Xbox 360 game allows you to do. It seems that this is a feature that will have to be built into every PS3 game.

You can transfer photos to the hard drive using the media slots. A number of viewing options are available, including the totally useless but cool looking Photo Album mode that displays your photos on a virtual table.

You can also move video files over to the hard drive. The PS3 supports MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2.

All these things are similar to the PSP, and Xbox 360 (though you can only stream video to the Xbox 360, one annoyance that Microsoft has not fixed yet).

My final thought on multimedia functions is this: why not support DivX and Xvid?

Getting Online

This is the one place where the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 diverge the most. Microsoft has, in my opinion, a very solid service that I gladly pay to use.

Sony, on the other hand, is offering free online gaming, but to be honest I would rather pay them a subscription fee as well — just to have a unified infrastructure for the PS3. One example of this is your friends list.

The PS3 offers a web browser, the PlayStation Store, and the biggest step Sony has ever taken for online gaming. But without unified friends lists, this system falters. The "community" present on Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 is nowhere to be found.

Getting online was smooth sailing. I would just recommend a USB keyboard. The PS3 uses the same keypad layout found on the PSP, which works great — for cell phones. Why do you torture us so, Sony?

Internet Browser

The PS3 web browser seems to be a big brother to the PSP version. Oddly enough, "out of memory" warnings came along for the ride. This is quite irritating when you think of the power and memory that is inside the PS3.

You can open three windows and switch between them. Nothing too daring here. I must say that being able to watch YouTube videos on my couch is devilishly good though.

You can save bookmarks, but I would suggest sticking with a USB keyboard if you are going to surf the web on your PS3. The only thing I found to be terribly broken on the PS3 is GMail, which will only work in "basic HTML" mode. So it is not the world's most advanced web browser.

Reading text on web sites is not that easy on the eyes, as it offers little in the way of anti-aliasing. The left analog stick is your cursor, and the right stick allows you to scroll. This setup works pretty well, actually.

PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store also looks like a web site, something that doesn't really fit on a console. The ease of navigating the Xbox Live Marketplace is gone, replaced with it is a cursor.

After adding money to your digital wallet, you can purchase items with real dollar amounts, no "PlayStation Points" here. If you do not want to enter your credit card information, there is a spot to enter a PlayStation Card that you can purchase at a retail outlet.

Everything is organized well enough, it just has that clunky web site feel to it. This was not made for a console — it was made for a PC. However, the more I use my PS3, the more I feel like this is just another PC, which, ironically enough, is why I do not like gaming on the PC.

You can download Blu-ray movie trailers, game trailers, demos of retail, and Sony's "e-Distrobution" games. In an evil twist of fate, the service has two dual-analog shooters for purchase right now, the Xbox 360 is no longer alone.

Although not available at launch, now PSone games are available for purchase. They cost a respectable $5.99, but currently only play on the PSP. A later firmware update will allow PSone emulation on the PS3. More on these PSone titles later in the PSP section.

If there is one glaring flaw with the PS3, it is that it does not support background downloading. The Xbox 360 did not have this feature at launch, but it has since been added. If anything, Sony needs to replicate as much as possible from Xbox Live on the 360, starting with background downloads.

Sitting there while a 500 MB demo, or game, downloads is no fun. Really the only thing to do is switch to the Xbox 360 and play games on it while you wait — or *gasp* go outside. Background downloading needs to be added pronto!

To add insult to injury, you cannot resume downloads. So if you hit Cancel, or your Internet connection drops (which it has) then you must download the item all over again, from the beginning.


Thankfully, games make the system, not the hardware itself. Sadly some games that were set to launch on Day One have been pushed back, some have been canceled.

The system launched with 14 retail titles, and two downloadable games. However, only six of the retail titles are exclusive to the PS3.

On the download side of things, there is Blast Factor and Cash Guns Chaos. Soon to be available downloads include: Calling All Cars, FlOw, Go! Puzzle, Go! Sudoku, and Lemmings 2. These games all cost $9.99, but Blast Factor can be bought for $7.99 right now.

The launch day games might not be jaw dropping in number, but no one has launch day games anymore, they are called "launch window." The 14 games available at launch are:

  • Resistance: Fall of Man
  • Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
  • Genji: Days of the Blade
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire
  • Ridge Racer 7
  • Call of Duty 3
  • Tony Hawk's Project 8
  • NBA 07
  • NBA 2K7
  • NHL 2K7
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
  • Madden NFL 07
  • Need for Speed: Carbon

Sony considers the following titles within the launch window:

  • Blazing Angels: Squadrona of WWII
  • Fight Night Round 3 (out this week)
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • F.E.A.R.
  • Full Auto 2: Battlelines (out this week)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

Of these games, only Full Auto 2 is an exclusive, the rest are already available for the Xbox 360.

Finally, Sony has released (as of Dec. 4) PSone game for download, as mentioned above. For starters, these games include:

  • Cool Boarders
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Hot Shots Golf 2
  • Syphon Filter
  • Tekken 2

More are sure to follow, and this is a good start.

Two demos that I recommend trying out are for MotorStorm, and F1 Championship Edition. There are demos for games that are in stores right now, too.

Now, as I alluded to earlier, these games may matter more (or less) to you depending on if you are a PSP or Xbox 360 owner. If you own an Xbox 360, 14 of the above titles are already out on that console.

But wait! There's more! Thousands more, in fact. The PlayStation 3 offers (almost) full backwards compatibility with PSone and PS2 games. It even has a nice utility to manage virtual memory cards for both previous PlayStation consoles. You can even purchase an accessory that will allow you to transfer save files from your existing memory cards into virtual memory cards, which are just saved to the hard drive.

Some games are not fully backwards compatible, but Sony can patch these with firmware upgrades, similar to how Microsoft updates its own legacy games.

PSP Integration

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of the PS3 launch comes when you also own a PSP. There are a number of features that you can take advantage of now, and one major feature that is planned for next year.

Remote Play allows your PSP to control your PS3 using your wireless Internet. You can view all the media on the PS3, it streams it to your PSP. High-definition 720p videos are converted for playback on the PSP, all in real time. You can also access music and photos from the PS3 hard drive.

Sony has stated that Remote Play will work at any hotspot next year, not just the one your PSP and PS3 live in today. That is going to be a really great feature for those who own both gadgets.

You can control the PS3 web browser, but sadly cannot access the PlayStation Store from the PSP. It seems ideal that you would be able to do this, especially when Sony rolls out the update to allow you to access your PS3 from any hotspot.

You can also plug your PSP in using USB and access the Memory Stick directly on your PS3, or just take the Memory Stick out and use the card slot on the front of the PS3.

When you purchase PSone games, you must have your PSP connected to the PS3. The games are downloaded and installed on the PSP's memory stick. I found this process seamless, but it took a very long time.

Instillation took longer than the download. But it worked, and now I have Syphon Filter and Crash Bandicoot on my PSP, and that is pretty sweet. These PSone games range in size from 200 MB to over 500 MB, so you will likely need to purchase more memory before you download too many games. (The store will not allow you to download the games unless enough space is available on the Memory Stick.)

PSP owners are given some substantial features "out of the box" once the PS3 is plugged in. The only thing I could ask for in this department is to be able to charge my PSP when plugged into my PS3.

Major Problems

Ultimately, it is easy to tell that Sony is a hardware company, and Microsoft is a software company. The Cross Media Bar needs some work, it has some rough spots. Sony is planning on updating this via firmware upgrades, which is a very good thing.

Sony should have learned from Microsoft's mistakes from last year; some feature parity would go a long way to making the PS3 user interface more user friendly.

The PlayStation 3 feels more like a PC than a console, from the web site-like store to installing games and demos. Some games, such as Ridge Racer 7, Genji: Days of the Blade, and Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire have optional installs of up to five gigabyte of data, all to reduce loading times (you want to perform these optional installs).

Automatic title updates, which are seamless to perform on the Xbox 360, are not pretty on the PS3. Call of Duty 3 required a four-part download that took quite a while to download. Once installed, I was prompted to quit the game using the PS button, and relaunch it. This is all handled automatically, and much faster I might add, on the 360 (for the same game, even).

Besides a component cable not being in the box, you will not find a remote either. This means using the controller and convoluted DVD/BD menu overlay for controlling movies. Sony will sell you a BD remote of course. Microsoft gave you a remote as a bonus for the first shipment of units, it was a nice bonus.

One of the biggest glitches so far — and one that Sony is aware of — is that some games get down-sampled to 480p if you do not have a HDTV that outputs 720p (whereas the Xbox 360 would just upscale it to 1080i.) Sony cannot fix that, and the lack of background downloading, fast enough.

If you have been an Xbox 360 owner for any amount of time, the holes in the PS3 user experience start to become apparent rather fast. Sony needs to create an experience that is equal, if not better, but Sony's software is riddled with a feature set that needs fit-and-finish.

What They Got Right

It is much easier to focus on what is wrong with the PS3, but there are many things Sony did right. The first is the promise of actively updating the firmware, similar to the PSP. The PSP has great features that did not exist when it shipped, I have a pretty good idea the same will come true for the PS3.

The unit is very quiet, a sharp contrast to the Xbox 360. The slot loading drive, and touch sensitive buttons are a nice touch, too.

Borrowing much from the PSP's user interface was a smart decision, using the same universal save system is wonderful, as such, Sony should receive kudos for bringing this feature over. There is work to be done of course, but the Cross Media Bar is a solid start.

On the peripheral side, the support for third party USB a Bluetooth devices, while sketchy at times, is better than the competition.

The PS button menu — which comes up when you hold the PS button for couple seconds — is also nice. This has options to quit the game, turn off the controller, and turn off the console. You are also given indicators for battery life and wireless channel the controller is using (including the option to swap channels — a plus).

Sony's commitment to backwards compatibility is great, and the virtual memory card utility works well.

Plus, you can't talk about the launch without mentioning Resistance. This is the "must have" PS3 game of the launch. And, lets not forget what was available Day One of the PS2, so the games we have right now on the PS3 are pretty good in comparison.

Ridge Racer 7 and Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom round out my top three for the launch of the PS3. Blast Factor is also worth the price tag.


If you are interested in Blu-ray movies, the price point is easily justified. But I believe that most gamers are more concerned with the PS3 being a gaming device. The PS3 is quite attractive for its PSP related features, something I think Sony needs to push more in advertising.

For me it all comes down to games, and the system does not have many exclusives right now. However, Sony does have a list of impressive looking exclusive titles coming out in the next two years — of course these are subject to change, take Assassins Creed as a prime example. Followed is a list of games that may catch your eye:

  • Metal Gear Solid 4
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Virtua Fighter 5
  • MotorStorm
  • F1 Championship Edition
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma
  • Lair
  • Warhawk
  • Devil May Cry 4
  • The Eye of Judgment
  • Heavenly Sword
  • Afrika
  • Killzone
  • Unreal Tournament 2007

Just like the Xbox 360, and to a lesser extent the Wii, the PS3 has a lot of untapped graphics power under the hood. It will likely take a year before we see anything like Gears of War — which took a year after launch of the Xbox 360.

Right now the PS3 has a lot of potential, but the question is: should you buy it? If you are asking that right now, the answer is no. Those who wanted one, got one. In time, the software library will sell the PS3 and ultimately make it a worthy investment.

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  • Sil

    Thanks for the best, and by that I mean the most clear and objective, plain english, review of the PS3 To date. It can’t be faulted.
    However I do believe the PS3 has the edge when it comes to functionality. Movies, music, photos and web browsing to name but a few.
    I’ll do away with my DVD player, Hi-Fi system (it helps to have a 5.1 sound system with 2 x HDMI inputs)and PS2 when the PS3 arrive in London. And no more lugging the Notebook PC into the living room to connect up to the Bravia.
    The PS3 is far more future proof than the XBox when seen as a multi-media device.
    But thanks again for a good read

  • Great, detailed review – now if only one could lay one’s hands on the damn thing!

  • Hell of a piece Ken. Very nice.

  • the Ninja

    Great review I just would like to add that upon comparison between the basic XBOX 360 and the “Basic” PS3 there are many differences, not to mention once you add the HD player for the 360 it is just .02 cents short of the 499.99 PS3.
    Plus if you wanted a hard Drive that wold drive the price $99.99 higher that the “basic Ps3..So,
    after the comparison if you look longterm and upgrade wise, you get more from PS3…

  • John

    Very thorough, although i think its a foregone conclusion that “The PS3 uses the same keypad layout found on the PS3”


  • HA HA, too much typing of PS3 and PSP, thanks for the catch, John – I fixed it.

    Thanks for all the kind words guys. I have a comparison section, but I cut it, because, well, this thing was getting a bit long.

    I might write a comparison piece, but like the PSP, the PS3 does offer quite a lot outside of gaming, and these are features I like, and take full advantage of on my PSP.

  • Bob

    Very Good review. Helped me out a lot. Thank You.

  • billytech

    Hell of a piece?
    Has the edge when it comes to functionality, movies and music?
    Ah, I don’t think,, i KNOW not. I am looking at the recently “HD” upgraded original Star Trek series from film, (The best upgrade available to man) I have say this is awesome. Only on X box live Media. No $ony PS3 will have. After all the things my friends have lacking on their P$3’s I KNOW the 360 is ABSOLUTELY the right choice in gaming and multimedia. The 360 allows me to record and pause live TV thru my Windows PC, Something EVERYBODY has. I can stream music, My 360 even knows what an Ipod is, something the almighty (Cough) P$3 can not comprehend.
    I have over 160 games to choose from, I have a DEDICATED live game system to play the BEST games online with friends around the world. If you have never experienced this you can NOT dis it. You must try Gears with up to 8 of your best friends or complete strangers online in a fight to the death to know what i mean. The shortcomings of the overhyped are OBVIOUS, the extended features and constant upgrades of the underog are seriously downgraded and overlooked by the “bought in” media. Choose for yourself, but if you actually DO look for yourself, the real answer if quite obvious.

  • There is no question that Xbox Live is a better service. It is a service we pay for, and it is a service that Microsoft has taken years to build. Sony is just now, in 2006, starting their own free online service. It is going to take time, and I can only hope that Sony improves it, as it stands now it leaves a lot to be desired for online gaming.

    The Video Marketplace on the Xbox 360 is great. But you know what? I bet that Sony has something similar in the pipeline.

  • RCM

    There’s no point to get this for Blu-Ray if you don’t own an HDTV. I didn’t see that mentioned in this piece. In order to fully exploit PS3 you need an HDTV. Same could be argued for 360 to an extent, although I can experience everything on that console without the monitor upgrade.

    PS3 is the second Sony console in a row full of deceptive cost. Thanks Sony!

  • Kmach

    It bothers me a little when people hint at the “your paying for the systems potential” argument. Sony is charging an arm and a leg for their system and they should have the interface and online functionality to back it up. The Dreamcast was the first system to really dedicate itself to web browsing and online multiplayer. When Xbox entered the market they expanded upon the online idea. Meanwhile Sony and Nintendo sat by all these years doing nothing. I was not impressed with Sony’s online service for the PS2 and sadly they have migrated it over to the PS3 along with the clunky PSP interface. MS is a software company and it took years for Live to get where it is, how long will it take Sony? Some great games are going to have to come out for the PS3 because I don’t think they are going to be able to salvage much as far as the interface/online functionality.

  • To be honest, I don’t think the PlayStation Network (PSN) will get to the level of XBL until Sony moves to a subscription model, which they should do.

    The PS3 has more potential than the Wii, and the 360 when it launched. At the launch of the 360 we pretty much knew what we were going to get. The only radical change from a year ago is that we have the Video Marketplace. At the time we knew MS was backing HD-DVD, or at least leaning in that direction, so it wasn’t a stretch to see a HD-DVD add on there.

    With the Wii, we know what we are getting from the launch games alone, plus the games that we have seen that are in development.

    The PS3 potential is not really clear yet. But as I said, the reason to buy a PS3 should be clear to you right now, if you want one. You are going to want to purchase a PS3 for BD movies, and exclusive games, and if it has your interest, the PSP integration.

    I am also quite impressed with the openness to Linux flavors, as there are a couple PPC distros out there. I am going to be installing Yellow Dog Linux on mine shortly.

    As for the BD argument, I am sure there will be a lot of people who will play BD movies on SD sets. And they will be fine with that. And to be frank, I think you are cheating yourself out of the experience with both the PS3 and 360 without a HDTV.

  • Some Guy

    The Playstation Network does not need to be on par with Xbox Live. PS3 serves a very good working existing network, i.e. the World Wide Web. Live is just Microsoft’s latest attempt to control the Web and like all others it is bound to fail.

  • “Live is just Microsoft’s latest attempt to control the Web and like all others it is bound to fail.”

    Thanks, I needed that today.

    Seriously, with 60% of users signed up for Live, you’re going to have a difficult time sticking to that statement.

    “The Playstation Network does not need to be on par with Xbox Live.”

    So being in the same area of the Live service isn’t important when you’re in direct competition with it? Brilliant statement.

  • Dena

    At least this was a very objective review. You looked at the good and the bad and I thank you for that. However, I am a 360 owner and a PS3 owner and I don’t really find all that many faults as you suggested. Yes, I’d love background downloading but let’s remember that was a feature the 360 received several months after launch. Hopefully, Sony will make a firmware update regarding this and yes, the community isn’t that solid yet as XBox Live’s but again that’s also an issue that I’m sure Sony can fix up as the months go by. Let’s not forget all the little quirks 360 had to fix up. So, now it looks like a solid gaming system but it too also had it’s hefty flaws in the beginning.

  • Xbox Live bound to fail, huh?

    I dont think statements get more idiotic than that.


    So far I would have to say that online gaming on the PS3 is superior to to XBOX 360. I can play resistance fall of man on a 40 person server in multiple game modes on servers in Japan ( I live in California, playing on a Japanese PS3) with no perceptible LAG at all. On xbox 360 max players is 8 and very laggy.

  • Wow. Someone has never played online with a 360 apparently. One game running smoothly doesn’t mean anything. That has little to do with the hardware, and everything to do with that game. Also, while 40 hasn’t happened, you can have a hell of a lot more than eight players in most online 360 titles.

    Besides, Live is about a hell of alot more than multi-player, as will the PS3 service.

  • annonomous

    ps3 sucks and the wii is awesome
    sony sucks!Nintendo rocks

  • Vinnie Hosquelo

    I loved the peice and, being british, it gave me an understanding of what to come. But I just want know what’s better, the XBox 360 or the PLaystation 3??????

    Real nice peice!


  • Vinnie Hosquelo

    And that “anomenous” guy, why’s it so cheap if it’s better???????????????????

  • So the high price immediately means something is a better than a lower priced one regardless of any other factors? Wow. Sometimes I cannot believe the things I read on the internet.

    This is one of those times.

  • Sony is losing exclusives left and right. For my money, I would buy a Wii. But then I have all three systems.

    I have more games for my 360. Take that for what it is worth.

  • James

    I own both the 360 and the PS3/60g. Based on the Blu-ray, the Internet web browser which everyone forgets to mention and the smoother game play of the PS3, I have to be honest and say the PS3 is better. The XBOX 360 is excellent but the PS3 edges it out and since it’s only just now releasing, it’s only going to move ahead that much more. The ability to browse the web with the PS3 is a huge feature that is often not mentioned.

  • Of course you could browse the internet with your computer… I see it as a nice addition for the console like it is on the Wii but a huge factor? Not really, especially if you don’t have a keyboard.

  • Big E

    So… Should we wait to get our hands on a PS3? I hear all kinds of horror stories about the PS3 being loud, overheating, and some even catching fire. I have been a Sony fan for a long time and have owned PS One, PS2, and many Sony TV’s including my current 50″ Sony HD TV. Are the rumors true? How many critics and bad reviews are actually Sony bashers and 360 only lovers…?

  • I’ve heard of no issues with overheating. In fact, this seems to the best hardware Sony’s released to date. It’s also quite as can be with barely any audible noise.

    As for waiting, yes, but for a different reason. Decent software will come. It’s just not out there yet. Nothing is worth the asking price as of this moment.

  • Big E

    Right on, so should I buy a 360 now and PS3 later down the road? Is PS3 worth the wait?

    Thanks for the 411 Matt!

  • As Matt said, the PS3 is not overheating. It is a very nice piece of hardware. It is unbelievably quiet too. And I have run across no stories of it catching on fire!

    It just doesn’t have the software yet. Right now I still own Resistance, Untold Legends, Ridge Racer 7, and Full Auto 2.

    But I have Ridge Racer 6 and Full Auto 1 on the 360. Not too many people liked Untold Legends for some reason, I think it is a great game. That pretty much leaves Resistance and the #1 game on the system. I would say Ridge Racer 7 is the #2 game on the system.

    I would say get a 360 now and a PS3 later. The 360 has more exclusives at this point, and MANY more exclusives coming in 2007. That is what I look at, the exclusives, that is what I really care about.

  • Chinadian

    This was a very nice an thorough article and couldn’t agree with you anymore than what was said. Nice work.

    I just picked a PS3 60GB today. I wasn’t completely estatic about it once I had all hooked up and running. Waiting for downloads are such a pain and not being able to play a game while it’s downloading was just wrong… that is if you I can even get it to download in the first place. Genji demo was only in standard and not in HD. PS2 games look worse on the PS3!! Which as a big disappointment after I popped in my FFXII game only to see jaggys in the cg cut scenes!! I was actually really upset when I saw that! So I rehooked my ps2 again to play my ps2 games until Sony decides to fix that. Another big disappointment was the lack of component cables or HDMI cables for something that’s supposed to be HD! Composite cables?? WTF were they thinking? Luckily I had my component cables for my ps2!! The marketplace just feels really clumsy to navigate through. I was totally disappointed overall after I got this system. The system is lacking in both software and hardware compared to the Xbox 360. The 360 is definitely superior… for now.

    On the plus side of things it’s the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market!! Choosing the PS3 is a no brainer. It also came with a movie which the movie is not bad either. No Emmy materail though, but decent though I think they should’ve found a better movie to come with the package to better showcase the Blu-Ray capability or atleast gave you a choice. I would’ve picked Underworld Revolution instead. The demo for Resistance: Fall of Man is in full HD glory. The graphics are decent and game play is decent as well, but for this machine graphics could be… should be alot better. The fan is really quite compared to the xbox 360 which sounds like a jet engine.

    After all the negatives… which I hope Sony will fix and take que to Microsoft’s example on the 360… I’m still keeping the system. I’m sure that Sony will work things through in due time and there are some games coming from exclusive fanchises such as FF that I like to play. The biggest reason for my purchase is for Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I don’t think Sony will pull ahead like they did with the PS2, but I think they’ll go head to head, neck in neck with 360 all the way through until the next generation of consoles come out. Which I wouldn’t have any other way cuz I own both systems and hopefully soon the Wii if I can find one!!

    I can’t say anything about the Wii right now, but that is the system I wanted to get before the PS3, but I settled for the PS3 as it is more available. The reason I really wanted the Wii was cuz of the innovation on controls and look hella fun to play.

    But if I was the average consumer with enough more to buy a HD console. I’d choose 360… for now. You’ll get more bang for your buck on the 360 even if you gotta pay for the gold memembership. Notice I did mention “for now” cuz I’m looking for Sony to make some drastic changes soon… I hope!!

  • oops

    I hope it’s 10 out of 10!!!

  • Rubz

    I own a ps3 and love it resistance online is awesome so is ridge racer 7 online can’t wait for home to show up. Cons are scaling issues that im sure sony will fix. A great machine !

  • Maney911

    Why is everybody saying that the playstation store is naff?? Surely even the biggest 360 fan has to admit that using the 360’s marketplace is the most annoying and tedious thing on the planet. I haven’t used the playstation store yet as i don’t yet own a ps3 so forgive me if i am wrong, but i have used a 360 and the marketplace, and getting to the download you want is just stupid. Scrolling down the list until you reach you game is stupid… imagine how much of a piss take it will be in two years time with hundreds more titles on the list. And in reply to the guy who said “Also, while 40 hasn’t happened, you can have a hell of a lot more than eight players in most online 360 titles.” please name me a few good racers or shooters that have more than 8 people availiable in multiplayer cause i aint found none.

  • Maney911

    Another point i would like to stress about the PS3 is the fact that it works out alot cheaper than the xbox 360 even though the 360 has been out nearly 2 years now. Here is my proof and itemised breakdown. (All Costs From Play.com apart from PS3 Bundle price as Play.com didn’t do a ps3 with one game so this is from Game.co.uk (Where it is more expensive for consoles)) PS3 with Resistance: Fall Of Man And a HDMI cable £477.97. XBOX 360 Bundled With Gears Of War £299.99. Now i will add all the things to the XBOX 360 to make it as close to the PS3 as possible. HD DVD drive (as The PS3 comes standard with a BLU-RAY Drive (which is better anyway)) £129.99. Two 20 Gigabyte harddrives (As the PS3 Comes with 60 Gigabytes with the premium) £69.99 each total £139.98. XBOX 360 Multi card reader and hub (As the PS3 comes with card readers(the 360 doesn’t) and more usb ports than the 360) £29.99. XBOX 360 Play and charge kit (As the ps3 comes with the usb cable to charge your pads. The xbox 360 just comes with a couple of AA batteries.) £14.99. Xbox Live Gold Membership (PS3 is free, 360 you have to pay again every year so i could be spiteful and multiply the cost by 5 years, the average life of a console, but i won’t.) £39.99. Add all this to the cost of the XBOX 360 and it costs a whopping £654.93. This console is nearly 2 years old The PS3 has only just come out. And the PS3 comes with bluetooth and wi-fi as of yet the XBOX 360 does not even have this option. I think my point is made….. PS this review was extremely helpful, clear and precise Thanks.

  • the ps3 must be the best system out there then.that explains why only sony fanboys like you will buy it..microsoft is about choice if you want it buy it if you don’t then don’t buy it.you can throw all your information out there if you want to but face facts the ps3 is not the system the majority of people want it’s still to expensive and does not have enough quality games and if blu ray is so much better then why is it not selling? don’t even answer that question because fanboys will only come up with a lame excuse anyway.

  • Blam!

    HALO 3 FFS!

  • Maney911

    Be quiet freaky. If you actually took time to read my comments i never said that the PS3 is the best system. I actually quite enjoy the 360 and i am personally waiting to see if the PS3 can pull anything good out of the bag. If it does i will buy it if it doesn’t and fails miserably because sony thought they could control the market when obviously they can’t i won’t and i will instead buy a 360. All i was trying to do was give a message that wasn’t written by a PS3 hater or a 360 hater giving, instead, just facts. And Blu-ray actually is selling better than HD-DVD due to the fact it has a shit load more backing(8 major hollywood studios have chosen Blu-Ray as there media, compared to just 1 for HD-DVD.). Blu-Ray titles are already outselling HD-DVDs at a rate of 2:1. And in the future it will be even bigger as games such as MGS4 are that big they just won’t fit on any other format (This is an actual fact from Konami by the way.)So please at least get your facts right and read things properly before arguing with anybody ever again ok. Thanks

  • mustang93

    i have both playstation 3 and xbox 360 and i must say the playstation 3 is hands down better because most of the time the xbox picture will freeze up or i get the dreaded redlights on the front of the console so just because xbox has more games out if you you can’t play them it is kind of worthless i have had all three playstations and i have never had a problem with any of them and i still play ps2 and i have owned one since it launched and played numerous times for 10 hours straight and never had overheating problems for me sony is superior in every way save yourself a headache buy playstation 3

  • gossett

    you may save yourself a headache but you won’t be saving 600 dollars just because you have’nt had issues with your systems does not mean other people have’nt. not everybody has gotten the red lights on their xbox and if you did it was free to fix and if sonys machine is so superior why in the world did you buy a 360?

  • While it is a very good review, it is in need of updating. Some of the cons mentioned have been rectified. For example, background downloading is now possible. Many new features have been added, such as the capability to access the media on your PC and display it on your TV such as movies, photos, etc. More goodies are planned, so keep watching, and if you haven’t picked yours yet, what are you waiting for! ^_^

  • That is not a reason to update the review. Should we update reviews such as Gears of War, MotorStorm, Dead Rising, etc., when new features or bug fixes are added in this “release first, patch later” console world that we now live in?


    Should another article be written? Sure.

  • steve

    all i have to say is that Xbox360 has a 33% failure rate. PS3 is less than 1%. after going through 2 360’s nuff is a nuff, all the stuff your chattin about means nothing if your console spends most of its life to and throw from the service centre. You get what you pay for, the extra in cost between the two is worth it when it comes down to build quailty

  • I guess I will point out the obvious here. We don’t play consoles, we play games. When Sony gets the games on the shelves, then I will play the PS3 more. Until then, I will deal with the RROD (which I have experienced, sadly).

  • Steve

    All i know is when you buy a product which did cost me £280 at the time, i show think that its going to last a good long time. But when a product has gone wrong on you, you would feel cheated. So after 3 months having my xbox360 which I had hardware problems and most of my mates too. I wasn’t happy but also to top it off it took 5 weeks for my new one to arrive. I wanted to own both 360 and PS3 but after what I went through I sold my replacement and got a PS3. It’s already out lived the life span of my 360 I had. And I now know my PS3 is far more powerful and in 2/3 years the games will be far more bigger thanks to Blu-Ray. So as a long term investment I would get a PS3, and because Sony are a hardware company I would trust Sony’s reliability which Sony is best known for, so I will last the £425 I paid for it.
    You’re better of with a PS3, with updates allowing media streaming and upscaling etc, and knowing what the new features I’m getting is making me rather excited. Since I got my PS3 I now own 5 Blu-Ray films which is amazing and knowing that Blu-Ray is wining the format war it’s justifying what I’m saying.
    Playstation 3 will be the better console to invest in; it will out live the 360 in terms of games and power etc. With any new console you will always have to wait for the first year of its life to open up. With HOME a few months away it will brings PS3’s PSN to a new level. XBL CANNOT compete with home, and will the never ending advancement through firmware updates the PS3 is going to be very strong.
    Also what I would like to point out that slowly 360 are losing exclusives/lead platform honour. AKA Haze, which is going to be made around PS3 because ½ of MS customers have the core pack, and Haze requires a hard drive as standard. So with games getting more and more likely to require a hard drive, game developers will soon switch more over to PS3 and with Blu-Ray taking off, HOME coming out, more games, lower prices of PS3’s I predict that PS3 will be as successful as PS2.

    MS hove sold about 11.5M consoles would wide. 33% have gone wrong. Which is about 3.79M gone wrong. You take the cost of the 360 to make which just to say is about £150 for the core unit. £569M loses is a lot of money. Its just over 1 Billion dollars. The Xbox 1 gave MS 4 Billion in loses over the 5 Year life. With 1 Billion in over a year of life it looks like they are going down the same path as before. PS3 will have at least 70% share at the end of the life of 360.
    Just remember that when this does come true remembers this comment I sent.

  • Steve, thats great. I have had my PS3 since launch and I own 1 Blu-ray, do you know why? Because it is a *game* (I did not buy it, nor use it for, movies.

    Microsoft replaced my 360 with no questions asked. Sure, it took too long, but it was free.

    And I hate to sound like a fanboy here, but these are the facts: the 360 has great media streaming, I can stream from my Mac and my PC. Also, do you really want to bring up upscaling? The PS3 has piss poor upscaling (it has no hardware scaler chip.

    And for the record, we did not have to wait a year for a solid stream of games on the 360.

    If you are comparing Home to Xbox Live, you need to step back from the Sony Reality Distortion Field. They are two different beasts. Home is a social networking architecture. We have yet to see if it will work. Xbox Live is an online gaming community, a platform that we know works.

    You seem to be missing another point here. I am sorry to say this, but your argument has some major holes in it. The Xbox 360 sees two major firmware updates a year. These firmware updates contain pretty substantial software upgrades and additions. Sony and Microsoft have a different strategy on pushing their firmware upgrades out the door.

    The 360 is losing exclusives? Wow, I am not even going to go on about the exclusive games that the PS3 has lost, it is not worth it for this discussion.

    Haze? Hmm, thats funny, I thought that was a timed exclusive. Sony is getting a couple timed exclusives. Sorry, that doesn’t count as an exclusive game.

    I agree, in time, the PS3 will likely be as successful as the PS2. I own both the PS3 and Xbox 360, and right now there are more games worth playing on the Xbox 360. But I own both systems because they both have games worth playing on their system.

    The failure rate of the Xbox 360 is not known, so stop throwing 33% around as if it were fact. It is obviously high, and they are taking steps to correct it.

    Thanks so much for your comment. It made me laugh. Back up your argument with facts and not rumor.

  • Steve

    Cheers ken for directly responding to my post but i have to disagree with some things that you have said.
    I understand that MS gives 2 firmware updates a year but you got to understand that you just cannot do anything more to the 360. with PS3 it can be given anything, aka adding printer support is something which u wouldn’t normally find on a gaming console, but it does show that with PS3 anything is Possible. it just takes time to program the system to do such things.

    First i agree that yes Playstation 3 does not have a dedicated scaling chip, but the emulated scaler is a touch better then 360’s chip. So if your trying to compare the two systems in terms of movie playback of any format you are so very wrong. Because of the fact 360 uses a conponant cable to display a HD picture its still not at top level, PS3 uses HDMI which is a digital transfer of data, which is so much better then a analogue connection.

    Oh and when i said exclusives i admit i failed to metion that yes a timed launch. but still yes there will be many devlopers moving around but i think you missed my point, i meant that in 3 or so years we will have so many more exclusives flying around.

    Also you got home so wrong, HOME is also a online gaming community and social networking community all in one. which does work very will and it will be a massive hit.

    I dont understand why people keep trying to back up a product that is only good for a year. PS3 is a long term investment and thats the point everyone is missing. Come on the Xbox is not even next gen.

    Example: 360 uses buttons.
    PS3 uses touch sensitive buttons.

    360 uses RF for its controllers
    PS3 uses Bluetooth for its controllers.

    360 has only a detachable hard drive.
    PS3 has a replaceable hard drive.

    360 has a tray system for its discs.
    PS3 has a Slot system for its discs.

    360 has not got wireless Lan
    PS3 has!

    360 has a external power supply (Massive)
    PS3 has it built in.

    360 has a very poor cooling system.
    PS3 has a very quiet fan & efficient.

    360 had no HD compatibilty as standard.
    PS3 has Blu-Ray which is winning.

    Just those few examples show that 360 is not next gen, it uses the most basic mothods of achiving HD on a gaming console.
    Basically the 360 is more expensive than PS3 if you had to match like for like.
    adding the HD drive and buying the wireless lan card paying for online gaming over year and its a piece of poo as a piece of hardware.
    Software is the only thing that is keeping 360 alive and once Blu-Ray kills of HD-DVD which MS is supporting.
    also more software on PS3 which is about 1-2 years, we will start to see PS3 taking off and again Sony will have around 70+% control of the market. and MS will be stupid to continue to compete in this industry.

    the real rate of failers is said to around 30% – 33% which is very high. PS3 is less than 1% which is only about 55,000. better than over 3,000,000
    shame from any company. if anyone was think on a logical level then they would understand what im saying. and there is nothing 360 had on PS3 in terms of hardware. Software is a on going change and we all know the tables will turn when software gets on par with 360.
    but well all know on a hardware level PS3 outstrips 360 in every way.

    Anyone noticed that a PS3 takes less than 10 secs to turn on and sign in.
    360 takes over 30 secs to turn on and sign in. lol

  • Ah Steve. Our fellow fanboy friend. How misinformed we can be.

    “with PS3 it can be given anything, aka adding printer support is something which u wouldn’t normally find on a gaming console”

    First, why would you want printer support. Second, why can’t the 360 do it if they wanted to at some point down the road?

    “because of the fact 360 uses a conponant cable to display a HD picture its still not at top level, PS3 uses HDMI which is a digital transfer of data, which is so much better then a analogue connection.”

    360 also has HDMI if you need it. You have the choice to buy a console with it. Also, you’re forgetting VGA. It’s still analog, but it will upscale DVDs and is definitely a step up from component.

    “i meant that in 3 or so years we will have so many more exclusives flying around.”

    And you got that from where exactly?

    “HOME is also a online gaming community and social networking community all in one.”

    If you’re on Home or on Live, you’re part of the online gaming community. Having additional networking options or a cool interface doesn’t really change that.

    “I dont understand why people keep trying to back up a product that is only good for a year.”

    How do you figure that?

    “PS3 is a long term investment and thats the point everyone is missing”

    If I’m paying $600 for anything, it had better be able to produce something to justify that price from the moment I buy it.

    If you bought a high price car for lets say, $50,000, would you expect it to have air conditioning now or later since it’s a long term investment? You can’t justify the priced based on what’s coming. Things change or don’t even happen, especially in this industry.

    “Example: 360 uses buttons.
    PS3 uses touch sensitive buttons.”

    And so many games have used that feature extensively with such stunning results… err.. wait.

    “360 uses RF for its controllers
    PS3 uses Bluetooth for its controllers.”

    And both work just fine.

    “360 has only a detachable hard drive.
    PS3 has a replaceable hard drive.”

    Wow. Seriously? You know the 360 drive is replaceable too, right? How the hell is an internal replaceable drive better than one I can snap off at any time if it needs to be replaced?

    “360 has a tray system for its discs.
    PS3 has a Slot system for its discs.”

    And neither is any less prone to breaking down. One simply looks cooler.

    “360 has not got wireless Lan
    PS3 has!”

    No complaints there.

    “360 has a external power supply (Massive)
    PS3 has it built in.”

    Given overall bulk of the hardware itself, you’re not saving much space with the PS3.

    “360 has a very poor cooling system.
    PS3 has a very quiet fan & efficient.”

    Agreed, though what the problem is exactly with the 360 is unknown. Doesn’t always mean it’s the cooling system.

    “360 had no HD compatibilty as standard.
    PS3 has Blu-Ray which is winning.”

    That’s great. What if I didn’t have a HDTV? I’d rather save $200 on the hardware and get the features I may be able to use in the future, well, in the future.

    “Software is the only thing that is keeping 360 alive and once Blu-Ray kills of HD-DVD which MS is supporting.”

    Blu-Ray winning the home video war will have no effect on the console war. The 360 will still have the better software selection, which is of course assuming something doesn’t radically change in the next few years.

    “also more software on PS3 which is about 1-2 years”

    You don’t know that. At the rate the PS3 is losing exclusives, Sony is up against a wall. The only thing that could change this is lower priced, consumer friendly hardware. Thanks to their call to force Blu-Ray, drop the cheaper models all together, and force other unnecessary features on their users, that’s not going to happen.

    “Software is a on going change and we all know the tables will turn when software gets on par with 360.”

    How many times you plan on saying that without backing it up? Better yet, why not show up how the software battle is changing? They came into E3 with one major exclusive, which was Killzone 2. Looked great, but I’m not dropping $600 to play it either.

    Besides, I’d much rather have Virtua Fighter 5 with online play, Gears of War, Fable, Mass Effect, and duh, Halo 3. The PS3 isn’t offering the software to justify it’s high price.

    Keep talking technology justifying it with its slot loading drive. Please, it’s too funny to stop.

    The key advantage is hardware reliability, and I have full faith Microsoft is taking steps to fix the issues.

  • Steve

    I think you missed the point, i dont know why your braking down my points and trying to give an answer to them. my point i was trying to push was the 360 in terms of hardware is so not next gen. I trust that PS3 will deliver in 2 or so years in terms of software. Anyone remember how the PS2’s life started, it turned out is was the most successfull console in history, by miles.
    Blu-Ray will affect the console war. use your common sence. well we will see init. i will post a comment here in 3 years to rub it in. Ps i aint a fanboy if you read my first post then you will know im no fanboy of anyones.

  • Printing? Steve, if Microsoft found out that people wanted to print from the Xbox 360, they would add it. There are already a number of things in the 360 Dashboard that would not have been there if not for user feedback. Microsoft is not going to put it in the software just to have another bullet point, they will put it in the software when people request it.

    You are flat our wrong about the PS3 being “a touch better” at upscaling. Also, lets not start confusing things, shall we? Upscaling and using HDMI vs. Component are two different things. Oh, yea, and the 360 now has HDMI if you really want it (which is not needed, Component does just fine, contrary to what many people will try and tell you).

    Only good for a year? I got my 360 replaced, for free, no haggling with anyone. Would Sony do that? Maybe, maybe not – I can’t say. I have had my 360 since November 2005 and it has given me the most enjoyment per game than any of the other two systems, regardless of THEIR release dates. The 360 has a large library of exclusives (none of this timed exclusives crap) both retail and XBLA, and that is why I get more enjoyment out of it.

    Home has yet to prove itself. Lets wait until it is out of beta and into the hands of everyone. So far Sony has not convinced me that it is anything more than a social networking platform.

    As for the multi-platform release, I play those on the 360 as well. Why? Because of Xbox Live, there are tons of people playing it, and more importantly, more people I know, so I play multi-platform games on the 360. If I knew more people who played the PS3 online (and let me be clear, I don’t) then I would play multi-platform Game XYZ on the PS3 instead. Remember, I am not playing the console, I am playing the games.

    Not even next gen?

    The PS3 does not use touch sensitive buttons. It uses touch sensitive controls (the oscillator inside the game pad). The PS3, like the PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, etc, all have pressure sensitive buttons.

    I have played every game on the market for the PS3. The only one where the SIXAXIS motion controls even made sense was while playing the Warhawk beta. The rest are tacked on, and thank God they were optional.

    It is irritating that the 360 has no built in wireless, you have a great point there. So add $100 for the Wireless addon. The 360 still costs $100 less than the PS3.

    Your other points between the two consoles are nil. It is differences in the design of the two systems, nothing more. Your arguments for “next-gen-ness” are just pathetic attempts to grab at the differences in the two systems.

    The Xbox 360 obviously has a design flaw in the cooling department. But Microsoft is fixing it. The PS3 has shown to be a very solid piece of kit. There has been very little in the way of reports of PS3’s dying. See Matt’s article on this subject.

    If I could have bought a PS3 without Blu-ray, I would have. I am glad that Microsoft does not shove HD DVD (or BD) at me. I don’t care about HD movies on my game console.

    You really seem to be stuck on the hardware aspect of things, along with minute and meaningless details. Since I have not gotten this across before, I will rephrase it: gamers do not play hardware, they play software.

    Sony needs to show us the software, it needs to show us exclusive software, or at least multi-platform games that have something added in that make it worth getting on the PS3 (Ninja Gaiden Sigma, for example).

    Oh and Matt and I break down your points because it is absolutely hysterical.

    In 1-2 years Sony very well could have as many exclusives as Microsoft, but at the rate that things are going right now, I doubt that. But since we cannot see into the future, we will not know until we get there.

    For the immediate future, that being this holiday season, I am quite happy to see what Sony showed off at E3. They will have some great exclusives, and more than one or two! But look at the Microsoft lineup for the holiday season, look at all those exclusives.

    This is why I am glad I have both systems. But up to this point, I have gotten way more bang for my buck our of the Xbox 360. And that, again, is because of the software, and not the hardware.

  • Steve

    i was talking about the touch controls on the unit, not about the control pad.
    The software will come. i argee that the games does sell the hardware. but i use my PS3 for more than that. Its a media hub which fits into my home just fine. i use my PS3 for more than games, so as a piece of hardware it counts abit dont you think. and dont you think that MS is pushing its console as a media solution, and i think that PS3 is far better when it comes down to it. i can stream content as well as 360. but i can also do it through my PSP also. and for storing PICS & Videos etc and as a HD player too it kills 360 2 times over. but as for now everyone seems to be just only backin 360 in terms of games, but soon to forget what it also can do which its second best at it. Software will be available, please dont even think for a second that PS3 will have a shit selection. It will win this console war.
    All im saying that once you own a PS3 first why buy a 360. but its funny that most 360 owners will buy a PS3 at some point.

  • Wow, man. You got me there. The two super-cool touch sensitive buttons on the front of the unit totally blow the Xbox 360 out of the water. That clinches it for the PS3!

    Seriously, again you are going on about design choices that the designers made. That has absolutely nothing to do with the games, which, last I checked, was the reason for purchasing a video game console.

    People will buy the PS3 for exclusives like MGS4 and FF13. Oddly enough, they will also buy it for the latest version of Madden.

    The 360 hit its second and third generation of software right when the PS3 was leaving the starting gate, due to the fact it launched a year before the PS3. If it was the other way around, things would be much different I believe.

  • cool

    ps3 and x360 is not good cause the main problem of downloading the file like the pc that is .I’d rather stick to ps2 or the Wii

  • Conrad

    I read all comments with interest.
    Being a gamer for 25 years my advise to all comments is as follows:

    1. If you have the money – buy all systmes and enjoy it all.
    2. If you dont have the money buy Xbox360 now as you get more for your money-presently or buy PS2 and enjoy the older games that is realy cheap.
    3. BUT if youre wise you will wait and see, but then you could die and did not even enjoy the games.
    What should one do?

    One should in my opinion buy a xbox360 if you obviously want to play Halo 3 or Fable 2 and enjoy the system and games (even Resident Evil 5 is coming to 360), and later,buy the PS3 which will or might be smaller then (just like the PS2) and cheaper. By that time you enjoyed the 360 games and then the PS3 will be cheaper and if there are exclusives,that is worthwile you can enjoy the new ones and the older ones you might have missed.
    Bottom line is what games do you want to play?
    If there are games you like on the 360, buy it.
    If the PS3 gets cheaper buy that then.
    If you wait too long for PS3 the Xbox720 might be out. The timing of the PS3 was a bit late in my opinion.

    HDTV – nice if you have the money, but what happened to the old days where a game machine was just a game machine?
    Thats why Wii is doing well. Just fun and cheap.
    But I must confess the PS3 will look extremely good in 3 years time.
    But the 360 looks good now, so enjoy it now and buy the PS3 later – I will.

    Best regards to all game players, enjoy the systems enjoy the games and stop fighting over what is best. I have a 360, my friend a PS3, we do not have internet but enjoy going to each others houses and play different games on different systems with a few beers.

    Software will win the console war not hardware and at present – 360 is winnig, but it might change.
    Where is JAx & Daxter for PS3?
    I can think of only 3 exclusives for PS3 at present that interest me – FF13, Killzone and MGS4.
    The biggest down for me concerning the PS3 is THERE IS NO RUMBLE!!! SONY WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES.
    FPS and racing games are not the same if you cannot feel the feedback – DIS SOMMER KAK.
    Or feel yopur heartbeat etc.
    SIXAXES is poor, very bad, if you want motion buy Wii.

    Wii, wii under the tree, ha, ha, ha (-:

  • 1 i currently own a gamecube and two ps2s one doesent work and has an internet adapter the other one does work can i get those games on ps3?

    2. do you need to hook up the internet?

    3. i have about 40 games and 10 movies that i use on ps2 can i get those 4 ps3 without buying them again?

    4 can you get classic games like galaga?

    5. can you get jak 1 2 3 x and daxter?

    6. can you get ratchet and clank ratchet and clank going commando ratchet and clank up your arsanal ratchet deadlocked ratchet and clank size matters and ratchet and clank future tools of destruction?

    7 do you need a memory card 4 music, videos and pictures

    8 can the ps3 be upgraded at any time or do you have to buy a new one for a fully upgraded versian

    9 can you transfer ps2 games to ps3
    10 can you transfer ps3 games to psp?

    11 how good are the ps3s graphics are they as good as people say so?

    12exactly how good is the controller

    13 can you plug your ipod into the ps3?

    14 can you turn off the motion sensetive controller and use the analog stick like with the ps2

    15 does the controller need charging? if so how do you charge it and what happens if the controller runs out of battery on you in the middle of a game? what if the controller gets lost and its fully charged and you want to play?

    16 can you even pouse games?

    17how easy is it to hook it up

    18 what happens if the laser eye breaks can you fix it

    if you know answers post them on this site

  • ps3 is horrible the power is too much to handle and freezes often, the games that it has stink. The only great thing about it is the graphics. In my opinion and my work mates at System Experts co. think that the ps3 would come in 3rd, the xbox 360 in 2nd and the wii in first.

  • The Power is too much to handle and freezes often? Yea. That makes complete sense. Do you even have a PS3? Because mine doesn’t freeze often. It freezes about as much as my 360 does.

    As for the previous post, that is a heck of a lot of questions. While I am happy to answer them, I suggest hitting up Google too.

    1) Only the 60 GB PS3 has full hardware backwards compatibility with PS2 games. The 80 GB has software back compat. with PS2 games, and the 40 GB has no back compat. at all. Good luck finding a 60 GB PS3, they stopped making them.

    2. You do not need to hook up to the internet, but it is easy too as it has Ethernet and internal Wi-Fi. Firmware updates are distributed via the *free* PlayStation Network.

    3. See Answer #1 above. Though I do not understand “buying them again.” The PS3 will play DVD and Blu-ray movies.

    4. The PS Store has a number of classic games, Galaga is not one of them. Sony has a site that shows what is on the PS Store.

    5. See Answer #1 above. Daxter is a PSP game.

    6. See Answer #1 above. Size Matters is a PSP game. And Tools of Destruction is a PS3 game, so it will obviously play on the PS3, as it was built for the console.

    7. No memory card required for any kind of media. Though if you are going to put a lot of music, photos, and videos on the hard drive, I would suggest installing a bigger drive (which is easier than you may think).

    8. You can add a new, off the shelf, hard drive. That is the only type of upgrading you will be doing. The instruction manual tells you how to upgrade the hard drive.

    9. PS2 games are on a DVD, so I am not sure what you are asking here. You can transfer PS2 game saves to the PS3 with a first party adapter.

    10. So far no PS3 games work on the PSP, though they have talked about being able to play Calling All Cars on the PSP at some point. If you download PSOne games from the PS Store you can play them on the PS3 and/or transfer them to the PSP with a USB cable.

    11. The graphics are very debatable. They are on par with the 360, especially if you are talking about a game that is not a port of an existing 360 game. I will leave it at that.

    12. Did you like the Dual Shock 2? Its the same thing, just feather light and with motion controls. The Dual Shock 3, which has rumble is not out yet but I would assume it would be similar in weight to the Dual Shock 2.

    13. The PS3 does not have plug-and-play support for the iPod like the 360 does (after an ipod support file download on XBLM). The iPod puts the music in a special folder structure, and that makes life interesting for the PS3.

    14. This is a setting that some games have. Others, like LAIR, do not have these settings and force you to use the motion controls. Thankfully, Warhawk does allow you to turn off the Sixaxis controls and use the analog sticks. So it is a game by game crap shoot.

    15. What if the controller gets lost? What? Then you are obviously SOL. The controller charges through USB. There is a great third party device that plugs into the wall that charges it pretty quickly, too. I have never had a controller die in the middle of a game, as you get an on-screen display that tells you that your battery is low. I would assume the same thing happens when your battery is completely dead on the 360, you get an on screen prompt to reconnect the controller, and the game pauses.

    16. Yea, I am not understanding that one. Can you pause games? We have been pausing games for over 20 years. Yes, you can pause games.

    17. It is as easy to hook up as the PS2. Imagine that.

    18. There is a slip of paper that comes in the box. I think it is yellow. It has a number on it for Sony customer support. If the laser breaks it would be a good idea to call them. I would not recommend trying to fix it yourself, or you will likely get no help from Sony at all.

    The PS2 laser was “easily” adjustable, but then it was also well documented.

  • im of suspision someone is going to give me a ps3 and someone else a psp 4 c-mas but 1 q why wouldent the 80 gb work on ps2 because they are better and i saw a 60 gb at best buy.

  • can you save your game while the controller is out of battery

  • thx ken

  • insomainiac – this is an issue that a lot of people don’t understand, and it is confusion that I think that Sony could have avoided.

    The 60 GB PS3 has the PS2 hardware inside of it. The 80 GB PS3 does not, and uses software emulation to run games. After watching comparison videos of really popular PS2 games running on both the 60 and 80 GB PS3 (games like Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid 3) it is clear that the software emulation in the 80 GB model is sub-par.

    If you are worried about the hard drive space, don’t be! I recommend getting the 60 GB PS3 if you want FULL backwards compatibility (the 80 GB does not support every game under software emulation). The instruction manual tells you how to replace the hard drive. You can get 2.5″ hard drives pretty cheap. Soon I am going to be putting a 160 GB drive in my PS3.

    As for the battery in the controller and saving games? Completely unrelated. It is not like your game is going to shut off if the battery dies in the controller when you are using it. Just plug the controller into one of the USB ports on the front of the PS3 and you are back in business.

  • insomaniac

    so i can buy a 8o gb ps3 then put in a 60gb

  • I think you have that one backwards. You want to get the 60 GB PS3. It has the PS2 Emotion Engine hardware in it, they took that our of the 80 GB PS3.

    Once you have the 60 GB PS3, you can put a bigger hard drive in it, be it only 80, or something like 100, 120, 160 GH.

    It is not the hard drive that matters. It is the hardware that plays the PS2 games, and that is only in the 60 GB model (well it is technically in the 20 GB model, but they stopped selling those a long time ago, and the 20 GB model is missing other things mike media card slots and wi-fi).

    So, the absolute short of it is this: you want the 60 GB PS3 *if* you want to play your PS2 games on it. Some people don’t care about backwards compatibility, but I do, especially with the size of the PS2 library.

  • insomaniac

    thats gonna stink be3cause i cant get the emotion hardware can i?

  • Ronald

    Hey, can someone please answer this question who HAS a PS3. I read every reveiw and none of them really answer it. How good is the online multiplayer for the PS3??? I’m pretty sure it isn’t as good as the 360. But does it lag? Are there always people playing online like the 360? Please respond.

  • PS3 is no less laggy online that 360. I find the experience to be a bit better on the 360. This is partly due to the fact that I know many more people *in real life* that have Xbox 360. The PS3 doesn’t have the community aspect of online gaming that the 360 does. I sure wish it did.

  • Andrew Ogier

    Oh come on now Ken, PS3 is MUCH more laggy with online games than 360 – with wired connection or wireless, especially for people outside of the US.

    Ping times for me vary between 100 and 300, which is, quite frankly, completely unacceptable.

    Also, unlike 360, PS3 owners are restricted to only playing gamers from the same region, which makes you wonder how in the hell can the ping times be so bad???

    360’s pings stay around 150 – 250 when I’m hosting a game and playing someone in Japan, someone in the US AND someone here in Europe, and when I’m playing other people in the UK, my ping is a much more reasonable 30 – 60.

    PS3 is MUCH laggier, and with no dedicated bandwidth reserved for chat, it gets worse the more you use your headset.

    It’s a plain and simple fact, PS3’s online service is inferior by an absolute mile…and that’s just considering the actual playing online part. If you factor in the difficulty of arranging games and friends and the sheer lack all of that other stuff we’re now taking for granted after being spoilt with Xbox Live, and PS3 stinks for online play.

    Even the Wii’s online system is better. You may not be able to play many games on it, and it’s a hassle inputting those damn friend codes, but once you’ve done all the faffing around, you get smooth, lag free online gaming.

  • Andy I can’t exactly blame you for being so raw about it, I mean Sony really is giving Europe (and Japan for that matter) the shaft.

    And no one would argue that Sony has a long way to go until PSN is up to even feature parity to Xbox Live, I see no more lag when playing PS3 games to when I am playing 360 games. I am in the U.S. however, and not in Europe.

    I am also not sure how I regularly play Japanese players in Ridge Racer 7 if the system is restricting online play to your own region. Maybe it is a per-game thing, I do not know — I have never looked into it.

    But don’t condemn online gaming on the PS3 to nothing more than a pretty slide show just because Sony is giving Europe the middle finger. But hey, last generation it was Nintendo, so they are taking turns.

    I have been playing more and more PS3 games online (for the simple fact that there are more games to finally play on the PS3) and my online experience has been no worse than the lag that happens on the 360. But again, I live in the U.S.

  • Troy

    the ps3 is koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • insomaniac

    hey ken sorry i havent been on in a while i got a ps3 and its 60 gb even though you said its impossible to find and andrew is out of his mind i have no trouble online and i never got disconnected but the only online game i have is guatair hero 3 also why do you care who you vs as long as you vs someone and for ronald i (of course as i mentioned it)i do have a ps3 but why would anyone care if the ps3 is big THE GRAPHICS ARE AWSOME!!!!!!! I have ratchet and clank future tools of destruction and BEST GRAPHICS I HAVE EVER SEEN! the downside is that without the hdmi cable(sold sepertly a like $300)you dont get full graphics AND WHAT THE HECK IS A PING!


  • You can get a HDMI cable for under $20. Do you have a 1080p set? If you do not, you will not see a huge difference between component and HDMI.

    Ping is a computer network tool used to test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP network. It works by sending ICMP “echo request” packets to the target host and listening for ICMP “echo response” replies. ping estimates the round-trip time, generally in milliseconds, and records any packet loss, and prints a statistical summary when finished.

  • Franklin

    Most of what I’m reading here is a 360 vs. PS3 debate tacked on to the end of a good review. Times have changed since the review was written, and several of the issues mentioned in it have been addressed. I’m not going to talk about the 360 at all here, just my PS3.

    I bought my 80GB PS3 around Christmas because 1) the price dropped $100, and 2) it came with 15 free Blu-Ray movies (yes, 15!). I couldn’t pass up that deal.

    Positives: I have several games for it, and they are all fantastic. I was blown away by how amazing these games can look on a big-screen HDTV in 1080p. Wow. The system is very quiet and has not locked up once, even during “marathon” gaming sessions. The sound is great. I have seen no video glitches. All of my PS2 games also work well on it, although I have the 80gb version. This isn’t much of a concern for me as I’ve beaten those games anyway. 🙂

    I can watch “normal” DVDs with it too since it upconverts them for my 1080p tv, and they also look just as good if not better as they do from my upconverting Magnavox DVD player. I actually moved that DVD player to another room because the PS3 does such a good job with upconverting. Obviously, Blu-Ray movies are outstanding, and I am blown away by all the extras that they can put on a disc now.

    Although others here have said they don’t like the PS store, I think it is pretty well-organized, with all the newest games and demos on the front page. I have had no slowness or disconnect issues when playing with others online. I don’t have much reason to use the built-in web browser, but it is a neat little extra touch. I also like the Sixaxis motion-sensitive controller… I don’t feel as goofy using it as I do the Wii’s controller.

    Negatives: Not enough games yet! This was the one major factor that was keeping me from getting a PS3, even after the price dropped. The special offer with 15 free Blu-Ray movies convinced me to go ahead. There are only a handful of RPGs available, and that’s what I like to play the most.

    Overall: This is a great gaming system that just needs more games. Fortunately there are more coming out every week now. There are plenty of sports and racing titles out, but that’s not my main interest. It also is a Blu-Ray movie player, with amazing quality. It also upconverts your standard DVDs so they look quite nice on your big-screen HDTV. Quite a piece of hardware here.

  • Thanks Franklin, it is nice to see a comment that is on topic, thanks. If you have not already I highly suggest Enchanted Arms from Ubisoft and Eternal Sonata from Namco. Enchanted Arms finally got ported to the PS3, not sure when. But I have played both and are solid RPGs, I recommend Eternal Sonata over Enchanted Arms, but both are worth the time to play through.

    I think it is an interesting commentary that many people, just like you, are taking the plunge for movies and not games. On the flip side, people buy the Wii and the 360 on games alone.

    I saw the 15 free blu-ray deal myself. They have been running a 5 free blu-ray deal for a while now too (as has the 360 HD DVD add-on).

    I have the launch 60 GB and wish it had a bigger drive, so I am going to replace that soon. At least it is easy and cheap to do that on the PS3.

    Sony is doing better with the PS Store. They did not used to have thee “new games” and “new videos” categories setup in the Features section of the store. They have improved it from the launch. It still feels clunky compared to navigating the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    Games, yes. What is with the games? The PSN has some good titles. Uncharted is a good one, as is Ratchet & Clank. Hot Shots 5 is coming in a few months. But right now I am playing Unreal Tournament 3 on my PS3 now while I wait for more games to come out for the system.

  • MD

    Look, i think the ps3 is not as bad a console as many people make it to be. i bought one, fully aware of the price, the extra weight and you what? im enjoying everyday gaming on this masterpiece.

  • insomaniac

    i relly think the ps3 is the best game system ever made. it has the best graphics ever! i have a 60gb and i got it for $500 even though i dident get any blu-ray movies because the consel was sent to the store before they gave that offer i still think its awsome i have the games: rachet and clank future tools of destruction gutair hero III legends of rock and orange box i think they are all awsome games but #1 vote is for ratchet and clank. i think the ps3 matches the wii by farrrrrrrrrrrrrr on the wii they dont have the motion sencers they were promising

  • insomaniac

    dear ken,

    im thinking about buying The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.i was wondering wats the diffrence between the regular version and the game of the year version game of the year is 30$ more so i was wondering whats the big deal?

  • insomaniac

    one of my friends are gonna visit this site hes probebly gonna get a ps3