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Sometimes a weblog is memorable because it is different. I had to look at Conservatives for Kerry just because of its name. Did the proprietor mean something different by ‘conservatives’ than most of us do? Is he in Canada and therefore unable to vote? Is the sobriquet
a hoax like all those far Right groups named to sound pro-civil rights, pro-environment or pro-sex?

The answer is ‘no’ on all counts. Conservatives for Kerry is a blog created by someone who leans to the Right in his politics, but does not support returning George W. Bush to the White House. He has decided to march to his own drummer, not to the beat of Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage. The weblog’s introductory statement explains why it exists.

Conservatives have historically stood as guardians of America’s moral heritage, civic standards and national resources. Recently, however, this proud tradition has been sullied by an administration that uses the word “conservative” but betrays fundamental conservative principles. We have concluded that John Kerry is our best hope for the reinvigoration of our national pride, security and prosperity.

Blogger Jim Cook believes Bush has broken faith with conservatives as well as liberals. He says Bush has violated conservative principles. Cook identiifies those principles as:

Personal Freedom
Honorable Conduct
Fiscal Responsibility
Moral Accountability
Focus on the Family
Long-Term Vision

The weblog has existed for two months. Among current entries, topics featured include the Bush administration’s betrayal of security expert Richard Clarke, its outright lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and a pearl about one of the reasons the GOP says Democratic hopeful John Kerry is not fit for the office he seeks.

GOP: Kerry has the Wrong Ethnic Heritage for the Presidency

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I read this snippet at 2004 Reasons to Boot Bush, and I couldn’t agree more:

“Bush’s attack dogs at the Republican National Committee have dug up what they think is the ultimate dirt on John Kerry: he has a cousin who is. . . French! Do Bush and his cronies really want to argue that a man is unfit for the Presidency because of his family’s ethnic heritage? Apparently, yes. (Source: Republican National Committee Briefing, “International Man of Mystery, March 8, 2004)”

In addition to a grounds for not supporting Bush’s reelection, Conservatives for Kerry provides campaign information and grass roots organizing tips. It is a good resource for persons who might be reconsidering whether they will vote to return Bush to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Note: This entry also appeared at Mac-a-ro-nies.

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  • bhw

    Are you sure it’s not a hoax? ‘Cause when I see coffe mugs with “Conservatives for Kerry” on them, I can’t help but think that it is.

  • I know someone with a “Kerry-Fonda 2004” bumper sticker. I’m guessing that’s a hoax…

  • Hmmm. You may be onto something, bhw. It is hard to imagine Joe Cubicle going up to the communal coffee pot, tossing in his quarter for hours old Maxwell House, and proudly displaying his Conservatives for Kerry cup. In a lot of workplaces that would be asking for it.

  • bhw

    I really can’t tell. He’s got a link to a site promoting Judge Moore [Mr. Ten Commandments], and then he says he’ll have to think about Moore vs. Kerry. I mean, they’re not even on the same planet!

    So half of me thinks this is just some confused guy, and the other half thinks he’s having some fun.

  • I’ll look at it tomorrow when I am less tired, bhw. Follow some more of the links. If it looks like Cook is pulling our legs, I’ll post a clarification. Folks can have amazing bouts of cognitive dissonance though. Maybe he does not realize that supporting Moore and Kerry seems incompatible to most people.

  • This guy’s either a joker or a fruitcake. There’s no frickin’ way that any form of a conservative would support Michael Dukakis’ lieutenant governor, the man most recently named to have THE most liberal voting record in the senate.

    Some disgruntled conservatives might vote for a third party or stay home, but they ain’t voting for this pinko.

    Between these alternatives, a cursory glance at the website would lean toward “fruitcake.” Hmm, he can’t decide between supporting John Kerry or Roy Moore.

  • There’s no frickin’ way that any form of a conservative would support Michael Dukakis’ lieutenant governor, the man most recently named to have THE most liberal voting record in the senate.

    i know several people who are doing just that. one in particular even admits to being a long-time cheney fan (from back in the ford days)

    she says that she can’t deal with the disconnectin between what bush ran on and what he’s actually done. going it alone in foreign policy particularly bugs her.

  • Shark

    re: Al’s law vs Mark’s example –

    It’s not empirical, but I too know a number of Bush fans who have jumped ship in recent months; (one of ’em is my mother-in-law, a dyed in the wool Conservative!) The change seems to be based on WMDs/IRAQ, the shitty economy, and an overall perception that they’re lying a lot.

  • The additional links to Kerry sites and grassroots organizing I looked at are legit. This statement also strikes a note that is at variance with supporting Roy Moore. The blog’s Bravenet message board was down when I looked. Perhaps Jim Cook does not really know where Moore is coming from. On the bright side, none of the links on Conservatives for Kerry I checked lead to XXX-rated porn.

    BTW, the reference to Moore went up after I read the blog a couple of times and posted my entry.

  • bhw

    I haven’t had time to poke around that site more, so thanks, MD. Maybe it’s not a spoof. But it’s right on the edge at times, don’t you think? Sort of the unintentional comedy thing?

  • Uh huh. I wish I could email the guy for clarification, but I can’t find an address on the site. (Maybe he hid it well.) PeopleSearch brings up too many Jim Cooks to bother with.

  • There’s more. A second entry about Conservatives for Kerry can be read here. And, no, I can’t say the situation has improved.

  • Nat Dawson

    Oh puhleaazzze.

    What an obvious, blatant fraud! There’s not one
    legitimate Conservative in America who can even
    stand the sight of of the two faced poodle Jean
    Francois Kerry let alone support him.

    Conservatives liking the best friend of the
    Chappaquidick-murderer Ted Kennedy? Go ahead –
    pull the other one. This site reeks of lying
    Liberal fraud and deceit.

  • Elephant power

    Tonight NBC devoted more soundbite space to a Kerry spokesman than to Kerry himself. Kerry’s answers at his press conference were absolutley brilliant. Tom Brokaw is so blatantly pro-Bush that he did a hatchet job on Kerry. All the nes channels should just broadcast what the candidates say and let us decide for ourselves. Join me in writing a complaint to the FCC about this blatant editorializing.

    Chairman Michael K. Powell: Michael.Powell@fcc.gov
    Commissioner Kathleen Q. Abernathy: Kathleen.Abernathy@fcc.gov
    Commissioner Michael J. Copps: Michael.Copps@fcc.gov
    Commissioner Kevin J. Martin: KJMWEB@fcc.gov
    Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein: Jonathan.Adelstein@fcc.gov

  • Hmmm, I wouldn’t have pegged Brokaw as pro-Bush, but everyone has their own opinion.

    At least he didn’t run with some documents given to him by a guy who got them from a guy who handed them to him at a livestock show, and split, who got them from someone named “Lucy Ramirez” that no one can proves exists.

  • Tried the site, it’s down, says it’s under reconstruction. The site sounds fishy. Even if it isn’t, whoever it is is entitled to their vote. Although I’d belive a disgruntled conservative was voting for Michael Badnarik before they would vote for the most liberal Senator in the nation.

  • Some otherwise conservative people are very concerned about:

    *The needless invasion and occupation of Iraq.

    *Erosion of our civil liberties at home.

    *The encouragement of terrorism that U.S. led abuses in Iraq may result in.

    Some of these people will vote for Kerry, for the simple reason that he can win. Third party candidates cannot. The question is how many conservatives will vote against Bush because of these concerns.

  • “Erosion of our civil liberties at home”

    I’m guessing your talking about the Patriot Act that both Kerry and Edwards voted for?

  • Encouragement of terrorism? When have terrorists ever needed encouragement? The African embassy bombings, the Cole, the first WTC bombing, the 1972 Olympics, the hostages in 1979, the US embassy in Beirut, the military barracks in Beirut, TWA flight 847, TWA flight 840, the bombing of a disco in West Berlin, the bombing of our military headquarters in Riyadh, the bombing of the American Consulate in Karachi, etc., etc., etc.

    Sorry to bring you back to reality, but those all happened before we went into Iraq. I’m sorry, but your premise doesn’t hold water.

  • Ghonc
  • This Halloween, I am scared to death that John Kerry is gearing up for another presidential bid for ’08. I am not afraid that he’ll win, I’m afraid of all the media exposure featuring him that we’d be subjected to. This song is slowly becoming a Halloween classic among conservatives (and a few liberals who love to make fun of me). Feel free to share the new link with visitors to your site:
    Scary Kerry

    Words and music by Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT (c)2006

    I hope all is well!

    Bruce L. Thiessen aka Dr. BLT