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Conquering Context

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“… our country … attacks … the … foundations of … freedom ….”

 —G. W. Bush

I’m not making this up. Bush used these words, in this order, in his August 20, 2005 radio address.

I suggest that it’s high time that we hold our elected officials responsible for such obviously outrageous orderings of words. We, the informed public, with the rational capacity to discern, temporally, the significance of the context of free speech, need to pinpoint and promulgate the suppressed messages that lurk just below the surface of modern speech.

Pundits pick passages and phrases from public documents and present them as premises in arguments against predetermined patsies — why not do some further fact-finding to ferret out their fundamental, but furtive, motifs? Isn’t our responsibility as rational agents, required by constitutional righteousness, to repudiate the wrongs rendered against the disenfranchised rabble who are mainstream media’s main constituency?

Let’s take back the concept of context — for The People! For Democracy! For Freedom!


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