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CongressClods to Form Anti-Piracy Caucus

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Copyright industry congressional nipple-biters are SHOCKED by prevalence of P2P:

    Three members of the House of Representatives are creating a new congressional caucus devoted to combating piracy and promoting stronger intellectual property laws.

    A letter sent to some members of Congress on Friday by Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Fla., warned of the threat of “ever-changing technologies” and asked colleagues if they would like to join the caucus. “The concerns of the thousands of Americans whose livelihoods depend on intellectual property protection are not being fully debated or addressed,” said the letter, which was obtained by CNET News.com.

    A representative for Wexler said Monday that planning for the caucus–formally titled the Congressional Caucus on Intellectual Property Promotion and Piracy Prevention–is still in its early stages. “We literally just submitted the papers at the end of the last week, so it’s just in formation,” the representative said, adding that many possible Republican members have not yet been contacted.

    Wexler co-sponsored a bill last year, backed by the major record labels, that would authorize copyright holders to disable PCs used for illicit file-trading. He also serves on the House Judiciary subcommittee that writes copyright laws.

    ….Joining Wexler as co-founder of the caucus is Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., who helped author a note last fall to 74 fellow Democrats assailing the Linux open-source operating system’s GNU General Public License as a threat to America’s “innovation and security.” Smith’s district includes the Seattle surburbs near Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash., headquarters. The third founder is Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Fla., a first-term congressman and former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives who was once Gov. Jeb Bush’s running mate.

    ….Hundreds of congressional caucuses exist, covering topics ranging from the Congressional Kidney Caucus to the Congressional Natural Hazards Caucus. Some, like the Congressional Black Caucus, are muscular enough to take an aggressive role in legislation. Others, like the Congressional Internet Caucus, are a way for the caucus’ advisory board–in this case, groups like AOL Time Warner, Microsoft, eBay and the RIAA–to exert political influence. [CNET]

Strangely, no mention was made of the Congressional Douchebag Caucus, of which, coincidentally, all three of the piracy freaks are members. We all want creators to get paid, but legalized hacking of personal computers by the RIAA? Open-source software called a threat to America’s “innovation and security”? What planet are these dimbulbs from? Maybe the one ruled by Queen Hilary and Grand Poobah Gates.

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  • Freedom4Everyone

    It is amazing to see how a dim-witted politician like Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash can be persuaded by the powers to be from Microsoft to assail Open Source as a threat to America’s innovation and security (Assumed since it is more than just a coincidence that Smith’s district includes geography around Microsoft’s office…hey we were not born yesterday)

    For starters, let’s define American innovation? Does it only encompass Microsoft’s innovation?

    Does Microsoft have the sole right to (presumably) ‘innovate’ and be the only American contributor to software development, judging by approximately similar senseless barkings from some Ballmer fellow? What do other technology companies think of that- of not being American innovators since they are not Microsoft? And what about companies like Red Hat? Are their actions non-American? Is Red Hat not innovating, providing employment etc. rather than following a seemingly unofficial Microsoft policy to dictate terms to developers (who by the way are normal human beings and part of the American public), to the software community and to the general public?

    Has this idiot Smith ever visited http://www.apache.org or other open source web sites? What does he call that? Destruction of innovation and lack of creative thought? Does he even know what levels of creativity surge through the minds of those who work on computer programs and software code? Any person can follow the links on the left side of Apache’s web page to see what it is really all about. If one were to follow the logic of Mr. Smith, it would be apparent that any product (in any industry) not produced by the market leader is a threat to its industry, to innovation and to the American people.

    Finally, open source is all about choice, about freedom. This is a right from the American constitution to the people. And people consider themselves free to think on their own, free to develop (as they want) and provide their fruits of hard labor to the Open Source community and the public. This logic clearly indicates that any politician worth his name or one even honest enough to care about the people would know that Open Source is the single most beneficial thing happening for people in the software industry, since their greed for commercial benefits does not come close to that shown by a politician like Smith.

    America is all about its people, their efforts and their freedom to choose. It comes from the heart. If a politician does not understand that, it is shocking how he or she can sit in a seat eating people’s hard earned money from the public system of taxes while clearly exhibiting complete lack of respect for Open Source developers who are very much part of the American public and who desire personal freedom.

    Here is a question in logic…although unrelated but included to send those Microsoft supporters thinking:

    What does a person think when he has to choose between a VCR tape that only works on a VCR model he does not own and a VCR tape that can work on any VCR model from any company, including his? No doubt, he would go for the tape that can work on any model. And so with any purchase of any product by the common public.

    But by Microsoft’s logic, the public must assume software that works on several platforms (Java) is technologically inferior to that which runs on only one proprietary system (the VB technologies).

    And let’s not get started on the archaic C# language that seems a throw back to the old age style of software coding in C++….. apparently, Microsoft junkies and their politicians just NEVER GOT IT.

  • Thank you