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Confrontation at Ma’ale Levona

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Traveling up the road to Ma’ale Levona from Sinjil at 17:30 in the evening, the vehicle I was riding in was confronted with and the road blocked by two Israel Police vehicles. After some discussion, the police agreed to move the vehicles and allowed the vehicle I was riding in to pass. Traveling from there to the main road into the village, I could see a long line of traffic backed up on the main road. The following is reported live as dictated to my son, Shimon, who typed this as I spoke.

At the entry road to Ma’ale Levona there is a tremendous road block. There are border guards in full combat gear, there are police, and Yassminikim in black. The main road into the village was blocked with stones and we ran over them at 17:40 this evening (7 December 2009). Fortunately the vehicle was not damaged. It is impossible to enter Ma’ale Levona at this second. The presence of police, military vehicles, and the stones in the road seem to indicate that there either is or has been a confrontation between forces of the state and the residents of Ma’ale Levona. This is confirmed by the presence of a large number of residents at the gate of the yishuv (village). A barrier of rocks is slowly being removed from the roadway and we are progressing home. Walking into the village, I was stopped by a kid who wanted to make sure I live here.

The following are the observations of my son Shimon.

At around 2:15 p.m. one of our neighbors told me Border Guards wanted to get into the yishuv (village) to inspect it for new buildings. However the residents would not let them in. Buses that stopped by the village were not allowed into the gate at all. So the passengers who desired to enter either walked up the road (about ? kilometer) or waited for a ride from the village to get in. The reason I know this is that the bus I was on returning from Jerusalem was stopped at the gate, and I was allowed in by my neighbor, who knew me.

The Background Story

Apparently, it was the turn of Ma'ale Levona to be "inspected" by the "building freeze" officials from the Israeli government. They were stopped in their tracks today (7 December 2009). This writer was on hand to see them leave at about 17:45 in the evening.

According to my neighbor, Danny Kransdorf, a tour operator, he received a phone call from a tour group that he has in the country that Border Guards and police were gathering at the gate at Ma'ale Levona. He wasn't sure exactly when he got the phone call, but according to him, he has been at the gate all afternoon. Residents put up a barrier of stones behind the yellow fence that guards the village. I do not know if the fence remained closed, and according to Danny, one girl from the ulpaná, the girl's high school in Ma'ale Levona, got shoved into the stone barrier by the Border Guards.

The police climbed over the gate along with the inspector who was supposed to deliver documents implementing the building freeze here. According to Mina Browdy, a teacher at the ulpaná, the police attempted to enter the village starting at 11:00 in the morning. At 15:00, the Yassam (SWAT team) as well as Border Guards (in full combat gear) arrived. At 16:00 they climbed over the fence, advancing up the steep road to the village entry way. The inspector, accompanied by police, did not succeed in getting past the main bus stop at the entryway of the village. They were blocked by the residents of the village, and by a crowd of girls from the ulpaná.

One of the issues that might have brought the police to Ma'ale Levona is the planned construction of actual dormitories and a school building for the girls who study here. At present, the entire ulpaná operates out of what are called caravans in Israel, which are mobile homes that are falling apart from over-use. Even though the construction of public buildings is not covered by the "freeze," it is possible that this show of force was designed to impress the villagers.

According to Mrs. Browdy, "It was the girls from the ulpaná who provided much of the 'manpower' that stopped the police. The police were stopped by demonstrators who stood in the pouring rain in the evening and who engaged in non-violent civil disobedience," she said.

"We stood strong in the pouring rain against the police," Mrs. Brody continued. "We will continue to stand strong, and build, and we are sorry if our actions must temporarily pit us against our brothers."

This story was also covered by Arutz Sheva, along with other confrontations that took place today in Samaria.

According to Arutz Sheva, Border Police and special ”Yassam” police units were caught on video on Sunday manhandling girls in non-violent protests in Kedumim, in violation of standard operating procedures. From the article:

One 11th grade girl from Kedumim told Arutz 7, “I told the police they have not right to touch me. What can they do to me? Arrest me? They won’t put me in jail, but I am prepared to sit in prison for the sake of the Land of Israel. The government is shooting itself in the foot. Netanyahu does what the Americans tell him to do.

“What are we? Ragdolls of the Americans? We are fed up.”

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Hi!! Thanks for coming to my article! I was raised in Brooklyn, was graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a BA in political science and public administration there. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years. There I managed restaurants and wrote stories. We moved with our children family to Israel where we now reside. My work can be found at Ruvy's Roost, Jewish Indy,, and on Facebook under my full name, Reuven Kossover
  • Ruvy,

    If I had any prayers I would say them for you and for Israel. I don’t, so you have my very best wishes instead.

    President Obama’s administration belatedly got around to recognizing the realities of the situation in Honduras. It must have been painful. Maybe, just maybe, it will get its head out of its posterior and do something right for a change in Israel. That seems unlikely and grossly out of character, but I can hope.

    Maybe even Netanyahu will have a change of heart.


  • Thanks for the kind thoughts. Arutz Sheva insists that the army returned to deliver its “freeze” orders. But I haven’t seen any evidence of this. Their report was posted at 18:55, when I was working on this article.

  • Ruvy, this is the kind of news that needs to be reported more often here in the U.S. American Jews need to realize that Netanyahu is NOT the Savior of Israel as they seem to believe. American Jews also need to understand that the affairs of the State of Israel must and can not be dictated by the U.S. government. The Israeli people – whether Christian, Muslim or Jew, have the right to define their own destiny. We in America would best serve the people of the Middle East by spending more time concentrating on our own domestic problems.

    Imagine if we tapped into the ingenuity of the American people. If we could find alternatives to petroleum, we would become less dependent on Middle Eastern nations for our very survival. If we learned how to make textiles more efficient we wouldn’t have to be dependent on clothing being shipped to our shores from Asia. And if we learned that taking care of ourselves was more important than saving the Holy Land, we’d be more Christ-like.

  • This too needs to be reported out of Israel; and this. You need to see that we can and do laugh – at ourselves and at you.

  • The good news was that residents of P’sagót kept out the scum from the Civil Administration in a fashion similar to the way the residents of Ma’alé Levoná did.

    The bad news is that a huge demonstration was scheduled for this evening in Paris Square, near the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem. police are preventing buses from reaching the site in Jerusalem.

    Another example of selective enforcement of the law by the illegal régime of American puppets in Jerusalem. It is time to draw out the steel of Matatayhu to deal with the scum at the top, who worship the evil prince of the setting sun, Barry Soetoro/Barak Obama.

  • Unfortunately for us, we are so full of ourselves that most of us can’t recognize real news when it hits us on the head.

  • Happy Hanukkah, Ruvy!

  • Amen to what Christine and others said, Ruvy. For those who want to get current, here and here are two places to start. My guess, from afar, is that civil war is on the horizon.


  • Ah Lichtige Chanukah, Ruvy! Gay ga zinta hate.

  • Shavúa tov – Hánukka sameáH!

    Thank you for all your kind wishes. It will truly be a happy Hánukka for me (un a lichtige Hanukkeh far mir) when the government annuls the Oslo Accords, dissolves the PA, takes the Temple Mount out of Arab hands, and places tender orders for the construction of 20,000 Jewish homes in Hebron, and 100,000 Jewish homes for the rest of Judea and Samaria.

    Till then – well…. we await the steel of Matatyahu to right things here.

  • Ruvy, I listened to Sophie’s My Yiddishe Mamma this morning and thought of you. Hope all is well there this day.

  • Silas,

    I don’t speak Yiddish with an American accent, as did the late Sophie Tucker. I speak it with a Yiddish accent from eastern Poland. I learned that language from contemporaries of hers – MY father, uncle, aunts and cousins. When I first learned prayers in Hebrew, I learned them in the accent used in the tiny shuls in eastern Poland where my father would pray. It is very different from what I hear and speak now in Israel. The Haredí Jews, with the long sidelocks and black coats, imitate this accent in their prayers. To me, a Jew who is virtually a secular pig in their eyes – this accent comes naturally. It’s painful to listen to these Haredím make a mockery of my father’s style of prayer – not because they are making fun of it but because they just do not know. They mock their ancestors in Poland, Russia and Austria with their ignorance. Better that they should pray in the accent of the modern Hebrew they speak every day in the market. Then they could pray from the heart.

    I listened also to Sophie Tucker. Better, you should listen to this recording in Yiddish – slower more mournful – filled with tiny mistakes. But the accent is from Poland – and is on the money.

    From the recording:

    A Yiddishe mame,
    Zi makht dokh zis di gantze velt,
    A Yiddishe mame,
    Oy vey, vi bitter, ven zi felt,
    Yihr darft dokh danken Got,
    Vus Ikh hot yihr nokh bay zikh.
    Oy vey, vi troyerik zu sein.
    Ven zi geyt avek tzu gikh
    In vásser, in fayer
    Volt zi gelófn far yir kind.
    Nisht hubn zi tayer,
    Dus is gevis di greste zind.
    Oy vi glíklekh un raykh
    Iz der mentch, vus hot
    Az a shayne metune geshenkt fin Got,
    Nuch an altishke Yiddishe mame,
    Mame Mame mayn!


    The Jewish mother makes the world sweet.
    A Jewish mother, how bitter life is when she is not there.
    you must thank God that she is still with you.
    How sad to be when she passes away too soon.
    She would run through fire and water for the sake of her child.
    It is the worst of sins not holding her precious.
    Happy and rich is the man who has got this beautiful gift of God,
    to have still an old Jewish mother
    Mother Mother of mine.

  • And now to move from the sentimental mush of yesteryear to the cold realities of today. “Occupied territories” are a mere myth. Therefore, foreign pressure to force us out of our homes should be dealt with as the acts of war they are. This means that actions must be taken against not only the traitors in Jerusalem, but the pernicious scum in London who have for 8 decades tried to sink a Jewish entity here.

  • Fuck Jewish entity. It should be human entity, if you know any better.

    If I were your God, I’d be the first to disown you for your hatred and your sinful, evil heart.

  • That’s okay Roger. You are not any kind of god, and folks like me are grateful for it. If you were, I would feel terrified never knowing whether the sun would rise the next day, or whether the earth would suddenly begin to fall into it. A woman would not know whether she could even walk the streets at all without some “divinity” coming down for a quick feel and a fuck. A more confused, disordered and disheveled universe could not be imagined with you as its “divine entity”. Even Foucault and Hannah Arendt would raise their fists condemning “god”.

  • To return to more serious events: Ynetnews carried reports of the OIC calling for “intervention” in the torching of a mosque near Shekhém. Apparently the alleged arsonists were Jews, as Hebrew grafitti “we will burn all of you” and “price tag” was found near the mosque. The term “price tag” refers to retaliation for the police or army destroying Jewish homes in Samaria or Judea.

    I do not know who did this torching of a mosque – but I’ll say this. There is much retaliation against Arab violence here that has come due, and if this was a Jewish act, the Arabs should be grateful that an attempt to destroy the mosque with worshipers inside was not made. For example, just from this evening, and Israeli car was attacked near Bethlehem. Earlier in the day, an Arab was caught near Jericho with a knife and tear gas. At the same time, Arabs stoned a car near the village on Hushan in Judea. Fortunately nobody was wounded – but seeing what Arabs routinely do in rock attacks, that was not likely the intent. What I have reported above is just from a three hour interval of time.

  • zingzing

    ruvy: “A woman would not know whether she could even walk the streets at all without some “divinity” coming down for a quick feel and a fuck.”

    ahh, christian mythology. the “loving” god.

    dan: “My guess, from afar, is that civil war is on the horizon.”

    that would be pretty quick, wouldn’t it? what a horribly stupid thing that would be. of course, the economy and housing situation would be less pressured, as, you know, there aren’t as many people because they’re dead and stuff… so that would be an end to the problem.

  • That was quite a soliloquy, Ruvy. But as it stands, Arendt and Foucault and sundry already raise their fists against God, such as he/she is.

    And what’s wrong with with “a quick feel and a fuck”? Zeus have done it all the time, and the women were grateful for a “touch of divinity.”

  • the touch of …

  • An Arab stabbed a woman in the back Saturday night and fled. This was not a personal feud, this was an attack on a Jew because she was a Jew. Attempted murder, based on terrorism, in other words. I don’t see any reason why I should regret Jews burning a mosque, considering what the Arab bastards did to Joseph’s Tomb, and what they have attempted to do to Rachel’s Tomb and a number of other synagogues. The Arabs have it coming. And with each murder they attempt, the more vicious the revenge that will be on the way. They will be made to pay for their bloodthirst, just as Jewish traitors in J-lem will be made to pay for cooperating with foreign imperialists against Jews.

  • Some good news, finally. Israel’s relations with the Vatican are on the verge of collapse, according to Arutz Sheva. Vatican demands for control of Mount Zion, for example have been put off for 15 years. At least so the Vatican appears to be complaining.

    Good!! These Jew-hating bastards deserve NO role in what happens in OUR country. They should be grateful we do not take over the Vatican properties altogether and kick the bastards out.

  • Boaz Haetzni has a habit of telling unkind truths in Hebrew. Anyone who wants to understand about Netanyahu and what a weak asshole he is, needs to read this opinion piece in Arutz Sheva.

  • Yes, Ruvy, the correct response to a crime is another crime. That always works.

  • Ruvy

    I’m so glad you approve, Chris. Your approbation is always an important part of my day….

  • While the murderer, Peres, preached love and peace, an Arab showed the true face of their love and peace, and Hamas made plans to extend its love and peace to Judea and Samaria. I go on patrol tonight. If an Arab shows his face and doesn’t produce damned good reason for being on our grounds, I shoot to kill. I also believe in “love and peace”….

  • A license to kill, Ruvy?

    I already picture you in James Bond movie.

  • We do what we have to do, Roger. You have to drink sourmash in Kentucky – I have to guard my home.

  • So it is a Wild Wild West back there.

  • Yup, it’s the Wild Wild Middle East, Roger. It always has been and staying in Tel Aviv 50 years ago hid that fact from you. The Israeli culture you learned as a high school kid is gone – all gone. In its place is a badly smudged carbon copy of America’s sick porn and consumer culture spreading out like a cancer from the People’s Republic of Tel Aviv, and an emerging culture of self-reliance and independence here in Judea and Samaria.

  • But that’s been happening all over the world, Ruvy, and Israel in that sense is a microcosm. The decadence of the West and rabid, uncontrolled capitalist system is finally catching up with us and claims its victims.

    The world is about to undergo radical change.

  • Then, Roger, start a list. Among the victims of the radical change that the world will undergo will be the United States, much of Europe, and the sick secular régime of Netanyahu-Barak, a régime that will die in war. Among the survivors will be the culture of independence and self-reliance emerging here in Judea and Samaria, which will transform into a kingdom ruling all of Israel.

    Mark my words and note that I’m making a prediction. If, in 2013, you are still on an internet that is not radically different from the one you are on today, I will have been proven wrong. I do not think I will be proven wrong.

  • I see a different future, Ruvy. Self-reliance and independence for individual communities may come later, and only in the context of a united and peaceful world – not before.

    The concept of nation-states is becoming obsolete and dysfunctional. Eventually, it will be scrapped, but not before a great deal of resistance, economic wars, etc., formation of economic blocs, temporary domination by China, until some day all humans will hopefully realize that we’re all in it together. But we shall not be around to witness the happy ending.

  • I’m more optimistic than you in some ways. I foresee terrible war here, and a more terrible series of wars overseas – but I believe my children will live to see peace and prosperity under a kingdom of Israel. Elsewhere, nation states may collapse, but a kingdom here will not. I do not know what I will live to see. I can only pray on that subject, Roger.

  • Well, your views are informed by the vision of a religious community and the prophesies, mine by the eventual triumph of human reason.

  • the eventual triumph of human reason.

    G-d is more important than “human reason”. G-d is Perfect. We are imperfect. G-d is Infinite. We are most finite. That is why I find belief systems that praise the “triumph of human reason” to be rather empty. Another difference in how we look at the world, Roger.

  • I said “eventual,” Ruvy. And if we’re truly made after his image, then perfection is ours to grasp. In that sense, human and divine reason are one and the same.

  • I didn’t miss the “eventual” in your statement, Roger. We cannot see the universe the way G-d does. We are bound by gender and laws of entropy – issues that G-d doesn’t deal with, as the limits of gender and laws of entropy are His creations in the first place. Thus, perfection is something or us to reach for, but never to attain to. That is why G-d in Infinite, and we are finite. While in some sense we can approximate Divine Reason, we can never fully reach it.

    Even this explanation, puerile as it is, is an attempt at approximating Divine Reason. But no matter how I try, I cannot truly imagine being outside of Time, and not being a man. And neither can you.

    There is much that G-d can reveal to us – if we are prepared to receive the revelation. But I suspect that neither of us are – at this point in time, anyway.

  • I didn’t miss the “eventual” in your statement, Roger. We cannot see the universe the way G-d does. We are bound by gender and laws of entropy – issues that G-d doesn’t deal with, as the limits of gender and laws of entropy are His creations in the first place. Thus, perfection is something or us to reach for, but never to attain to. That is why G-d in Infinite, and we are finite. While in some sense we can approximate Divine Reason, we can never fully reach it.

    Even this explanation, puerile as it is, is an attempt at approximating Divine Reason. But no matter how I try, I cannot truly imagine being outside of Time, and not being a man. And neither can you.

    There is much that G-d can reveal to us – if we are prepared to receive the revelation. But I suspect that neither of us are – at this point in time, anyway.

  • I don’t think the gender difference is as unsurmountable as you suggest. A mind is an androgynous thing, some would argue. And the expansion of consciousness is the road to perfection. It’s like seeing the world more and more with “the God’s eye.”

  • Your comment is not that much of an issue. …the expansion of consciousness is the road to perfection. We can walk the road, but we will never reach its end. We are born and we die – thus are within the laws of entropy.

  • Yup, it’s the Wild Wild Middle East, Roger.

    Damn. If any Arab or Israeli guys are strolling through the countryside, I may have to apply for resident status in Israel, Ruvy. I’m a sucker for cowboys — except George W. Bush.

    And if we’re truly made after his image, then perfection is ours to grasp.

    Perhaps this mission to seek perfection is where we’ve got it all wrong. Maybe it’s in the entire concept. The Universe is a puzzle. Everything within it are the pieces from a hydrogen molecule to a gaseous planet. While there may be a universal “harmony” per se, we’re unable to grasp the enormity of it all because our brains are just not capable of fathoming that which is so simple.

    A mind is an androgynous thing, some would argue.

    Um. I think of Arch and I think that this statement has been disproved.

  • I meant strolling through the countryside in chaps and a ten gallon hat, by the way. Even Cindy might entertain a trip to Gaza for that sight.

  • I’m not talking about that kind of perfection, Silas, of being able to unravel all of the world’s mysteries – only the perfection as regards the human heart.

  • Arabs and Jews and all the sundry, all strolling together like God’s children.

    And Cindy, too?

    What a sight!

  • Good point, Roger. In my experience when it comes to matters of the human heart, imperfection prevails. When I think with my mind, I try to be logical. When I think with my heart, I’m practically ovulating and ovulation as such leads to a complete breakdown in logical thought.

  • The idea is to make both faculties work in harmony – with the heart at the lead. And that’s one thing we can do, because it is the matter of the will, no?

  • It is a matter of the will but that matter is eclipsed by our environment. Roger, you and I are of Polish extraction. I was raised with the notion that Germans and Russians were intrinsically evil and only cared about the extermination of Poles. I was also raised to believe that the road to salvation was not paved by Christ but by Our Lady of Cz?stochowa, the Black Madonna.

    Growing up, fellow Roman Catholics who were not of Polish origin, criticized the portraits of the Black Madonna around our house because we had pictures of a n*g**r and Mary, the Mother of God was white. That’s right, I heard that more often than not. We lived in a very WASPy suburb dominated by Episcopalians and Baptists. The fact that I went to a Catholic school made me the butt of plenty of jokes and torment. During my childhood we had some domestic issues and we turned to our parish priest for counsel. His answer? Give mom Valium. No prayers. No Scripture. Valium. When Granny went to her Confessor to discuss the sexual abuse I suffered as a child, her priest advised doing nothing, saying nothing. Just pray to God and make a Novena to St. Jude – all will be well with the world. So if I’m a little overly sensitive about religion, forgive me. Religion harbors more hatred and vitriol than secularism. On that point I don’t think there is any debate.

    What ever happened to common sense, Roger? Are we so out of the loop as a species that we’ve forgotten that which is most apparent?

  • I think we’ve both outgrown the parochial circumstances of our birth, Silas. Deep down, I do believe we have a choice over the kind of persons we want to become – and that’s in spite of the initial condition of ignorance.

  • Yes, indeed, we do have choices, Roger. Sometimes, however, circumstances and environment hamper the choices we should be making. But, enough of that. How the hell are we going to achieve world peace and prosperity, Roger?

  • By becoming less self-centered, Silas. We’ve all got to realize that ours is a common future and that we’re all interdependent. What affects one affects all.

  • When the rabbi sins, when the priest sins – religion is nothing but the haven of the hypocrite and the liar. That is the painful lesson that colors what Silas writes above, Roger.

    None of us ever outgrows the “parochial circumstances of our birth”. Those “parochial circumstances”, more often than not, shape who we become. You are perhaps an exception that proves that rule. You left one rat’s maze, Communist Poland, to live in Israel with family – and then having sort of dealt with the Israeli rat’s maze for a couple of years, went to America. It has been that rat’s maze that you’ve worked for nearly fifty years, and it is the one you understand the best. So, you have “outgrown the parochial circumstances of your birth”.

    Most of us do not have that experience at all, and many of the few of us who do sink ourselves into the new rat’s maze rather completely. Think of a little boy raised in Lebanon in private schools – would you know that about Dave Nalle if he hadn’t told you all so and written a few articles about the Middle East?

    Theoretically, you are right; we will have to become less self-centered to realize that ours is a common future and that we are all interdependent. But right there, you run into the human ego. Something in the human ego has to change to end the self-centeredness of mankind, and it is not the “triumph of human reason”, eventual or otherwise – for “human reason” is similarly dominated by the human ego. That is the big lesson of the scandal over the falsified data over global warming.

    That is where you need something bigger than humanity to work the solution – where faith, not “religion”, becomes the path to Redemption. Which is why, in spite of the seeming enmity between Arabs and Jews that seems to prevail today, I firmly believe that there will be a reconciliation and that the major powers of the planet, having sold and worked nothing but death and murder for 6,000 years will fall.

  • Well, Ruvy, the reason must follow the heart. That is the key. Only then the problem of the human ego dissolves.

    Something bigger than humanity to work the solution? Yes, if we judge humanity by the existing state of affairs. But a humanity “transformed.”

    Anyhow, that’s how I understand the saying that “the Kingdom of God” is already upon us.”

  • When I think with my heart, I’m practically ovulating and ovulation as such leads to a complete breakdown in logical thought.

    Peeks out the window at the state of the world wrought by the apparent ‘logisticians’. Takes such ‘logic’ over to the toilet and sends it to accompany what it most resembles. *flushhhhhh*

  • I know, Cindy. I just have this thing for throwing cheap shots out there just to make sure you’re listening, LOL!

    Besides, there’s a reason why hysteria and hysterectomy share the same root word.

  • Interesting point, Silas, however much the product of mistaken diagnosis.

  • *says to Silas* ‘look, look, it’s the lead actor from The Man from Earth…you’d better hurry if you want to see him!”

    *trips Silas as he runs by*

  • Some of you may have read the first article I ever wrote for Blogcritics Magazine, depicting the events Hanukkah celebrates for what it really was – a civil war.

    Four years later, on 11 December, a secular Jew wrote a similar article as an op-ed piece for the New York Times – depicting the events surrounding Hanukkah as a civil war – but of course, being an American assimilated Jew, he could not reach for the truth of the matter. And being a blinded secular American Jew, he cannot see the terrifying reflection of events 2,100 years ago recurring once again today. This is no surprise. The thumbnail of education he brings to the matter helps him not at all, and similar Jews whine that he has ruined their holiday – so says this article in Ha’aretz comparing ‘fanatic’ Maccabees to modern ‘Jewish hard-core’.

    From the Ha’aretz article: Some readers declared their holiday “officially ruined,” calling on Brooks to be ashamed, while others praise him for shining a light on the true nature of the lovable winter festival.

    In his article, Brooks seeks to trace the historical underpinnings of Hanukkah, thus refuting its governing myth of “the story of unified Jewish bravery against an anti-Semitic Hellenic empire.”

    The writers emphasizes the fact that the Maccabean Revolt took place in a time of internal Jewish discord which culminated in what he sees as a Jewish civil war.

    While the Maccabees, who the writer says are “best understood as moderate fanatics,” were “fighting heroically for their traditions and the survival of their faith,” Brooks emphasizes the fact that the language they chose to justify their rebellion was in fact that of Greek law.

    “They were not the last bunch of angry, bearded religious guys to win an insurgency campaign against a great power in the Middle East, but they may have been among the first,” Brooks wrote in his New York Times article.

    What a fool. What fools his whiners are. The truth always hurts when you’ve been taught lies all your life.

  • You can read a more correct version of this comment at my blog-site, Ruvy’s Roost.

  • Cindy says: ‘look, look, it’s the lead actor from The Man from Earth…

    Cindy? Are you really Erica Kane?

  • The pigs attacked again – this time at Tzufim. At issue was building equipment for a project started before Netanyahu’s – no, make that Obama’s freeze – kicked in. There will be more violence at Tzufim – Yassamnikím (the Israeli version of a SWAT team) comprised mostly of secular Russian immigrants who hate our guts – have been called in. It is only a matter of time before a bullet is fired and someone dies. It’s time for us to take off the gloves and stop treating these Hiloní bastards like fellow Jews and treat them as the pagans they really are.

    Given that the American PA puppet, Abbas, has ditched the Oslo Accords altogether, and that he regards the freeze as worthless, we should view the PA as having lost its legitimacy and close the whole terrorist enterprise down – both in Judea and Samaria AND Gaza.

    This means “Cast Lead II” – with the goal of finally executing the entire Arab terror leadership and any Arab bastard who goes along – and annexing the whole territory to the State of Israel. That is worth sending troops in for.

    If the surrounding Arabs or the EU fuckheads don’t like it, we can nuke them, if needed, along with the EU naval force off Lebanon, Riyadh, and Tehran.

    It’s time to clean this shit up, and finally to bring OUR peace to OUR land – including getting rid of all the pagan Hebrew-speaking bastards who are the useful idiots of the Jew-haters overseas..

  • There are updated videos from the police pogrom at Tzufim that took place today.

    The fools in Jerusalem, the poisoned thorn, Barak, the coward, Netanyahu and the bitch, Livni, will finally get the civil war they are looking for. But when it comes they will be swept away into a trash can like Ceausescu was 20 years ago in Romania. And the violence dealing with the Shaba”k here will be as bad, if not worse, than the violence was in dealing with the Securitate in Romania.

  • This analysis from Debkafiles is brief but to the point – pointing the finger of blame on the two incompetent American puppets at the top of the Israeli “government” and at the American puppet whom I suspect is doing just as he was instructed by the Americans – attempting to de-legitimize Israel altogether.

    The Israelis traitors who are allowing a civil war and allowing terrorist unrest to break loose in this land must be arrested, charged with treason and hung by the neck.

    A government of real Jews – people who do not give two shits about the Americans or what they want – must be installed. The Arab terrorists in jail must be executed. The American playing godfather to the new terror army of the Arabs must be kicked out – or killed – and the PA destroyed in a military campaign that will make clear to Arabs once and for all that the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

    This will mean nuking Tehran and Qom as well, as Tehran now stands directly behind Hamas. If the Persians can kick out the mullah bastards in Tehran, then Tehran and Qom can be spared.

  • This 20 minute video is worth watching. The blunt points made here explain ALL the bullshit that passes for the “case against Israel” and any Jew who buys any of this bullshit that passes for the “case against Israel” has lost his or her moral compass. Indeed any human being who falls for any of this “case against Israel” bullshit has lost his or her moral compass.