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conflict coaching

Conflict coaching is intended to help employees avoid conflicts, or resolve unavoidable conflicts. Coaching for conflict resolution aims to create “conflict competent leaders,” managers who recognize trouble spots before they become disputes, and know how to act. Conflict coaching usually starts with human resources, and involves communication skills seminars and training for managers, and sometimes their teams. It sometimes includes mediation and other conflict management services.

Conflict coaching is a conflict management option focused on improving individual skills and thus building conflict resolution capacity to address future challenges. An efficient claims/dispute processing system can reduce organizational costs. To do so, it has to be based on a wide understanding of employees’ motivations to initiate and escalate conflict. It provides a one on one forum for helping leaders and managers address interpersonal conflicts in which they are involved, or which are involving their employees.

Conflict coaching is not individual therapy, counseling, or mentoring; it is not mediation, or a forced remediation process.

Objectives of conflict coaching usually include: improving competence in a private setting; resolving specific disputes; preventing ongoing conflicts from escalating; and getting closure on unresolved conflicts.

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