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Confessions of A Womanizer

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Stephen E. Chatman’s True Life Memoir: Confessions of A Womanizer Is A
Startling Revelation and a Must Read.

Stephen E. Chatman enters the literary world not only as a first time author, but one who is remarkable seasoned, intelligent and here to stay. In his staggering autobiographical tale; “Confessions of a Womanizer,” (Must Read Books: ISBN 0-9727149-1-X) Chatman wields his pen like a master swordsman, as he opens the doors to the corridors of his mind.

Men and Women across the world take note: Husbands, guard your wives with love and compassion; Chatman could be your worst nightmare, Women, be on your guard, Chatman is everything your parents warned you about! The author however, does not boast of his escapades, or reveal names, rather questioning his inability to commit to long term relationships and the psychological upheavals he faces.

Confessions of a Womanizer is a book Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times notes as, “A thought provoking and eye-opening look at intimate relationships.” Written cleverly in memoir style, Chatman gives the reader deep insight into the dates, places and his mind set at the given times, be it Chicago which is the main setting, New York or even Jamaica for that matter.

It should also be noted that the book is sponsored worldwide by Mayer Labs the makers of Female Condom, which highlights Chatman’s position and objective to have awareness before sexual acts occur. Principally to protect against sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS. “I strongly endorse the use of the Female Condom, not to sidestep male

sexual responsibility, but because it offers women additional control over situations that men are not directly burdened with,” stated Chatman. “Issues like abortion and unwanted pregnancy arise out of situations that are not carefully considered. Hindsight will not heal
what some medicines cannot.”

Stephen E. Chatman was born in Chicago but has lived all over the country. He attended college but took no classes in psychology or sociology. He is armed with hands on experience, and tutelage by way of trial and error. He is a product of reading Playboy and Penthouse magazines and learning of love, life and self through the hearsay of older boys and the whispers of grown women. He still lives in Chicago, alone and with few valid intentions towards a steady relationship as he struggles with commitment.

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