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Confession of an E-Reader Hog!

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I am addicted to e-readers! I love them. I have a Kindle, a Nook and now a Nook Color. I have Kindle and Nook apps on my android phone. I have Aldiko on my android phone just in case there is a book that maybe can’t be read on a Kindle or a Nook!  

I love books of any kind but there is just something about these nifty e-readers. If you are interested in getting one, there is a good article on Top Ten Reviews that gives a comparision of all the readers you can choose from:  eBook Reader Review.

Here are my top five reasons for loving my e-readers:

1. I can read a 500+ page book and not have to worry about getting a concussion if I fall asleep and drop the book on myself.

2. With Nook Color or the apps on my phone, there is no need for a reading light to be on. I no longer have to worry that I am disturbing my husband who is sleeping.

3. I can carry hundreds of books in my purse and not break my back.

4. I can shop for more books from my device and have them zipped faster than the speed of lightening to my reader.

5. There are zillions of freebies for e-readers. I have found new to me authors and read genres that I never would have tried before…..because they are FREE!

I will admit, no one needs three e-readers. One is plenty, but along with being an e-reader hog, I am a gadget geek so I can’t help myself. I figure I am helping the environment while I am feeding my addiction. I am saving trees one ebook at a time. I will never give up my love of paper books, but I will also never be without an e-reader again.  

There I Said It!

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