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Concert Review: Yellowcard in Oklahoma City

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How should I describe the show to you? I’m at a loss. Do I tell you how fantastic the bands were? Do I talk about the crowd? The girls with their gold four inch heels and the guys with carefully mussed tri-colored hair? The way the music pumped through the floor and into the soles of my feet? It’s hard to describe an experience like a good rock show because going to see a band live is always so personal.  

And this one? It was one of the best live shows I have ever seen. There is just something about seeing a band in a small venue with a good crowd. The experience is so much more personal than the stadium seating with the band that charges upwards of $60 a ticket and you need the light show because the guys on the stage look like ants. I would rather crowd the rail and deal with the one man mosh pit or the girl who sprayed herself with so much perfume you can’t smell the mosh pit man’s sweat.  

yellowcard one

Last night at the Bricktown Events Center in Oklahoma City Lovedrug, Shiny Toy Guns, Yellowcard, and Blue October put on a show that was nothing short of fantastic. This is the first time I’ve seen all four bands live and it will not be the last. I’m not a huge Blue October or Loveddrug fan but they both played a great set. But the highlights of the night were definitely Shiny Toy Guns and Yellowcard. Yellowcard especially put on an energetic show. I don’t care how far I have to drive to see Yellowcard again, I will make that drive.

yellowcard two

Shiny Toy Guns (Jeremy Dawson, synths and bass. Chad Petree, guitar and voices. Carah Faye, guitar and voices. Mikey Martin, drums.) were just fantastic. A ton of energy and it’s a novelty to see a girl and guy who both sing, and boy can that girl sing. I don’t own any of their albums at the moment but it has become my new mission in life to hunt them down. By the end of the day I will have Shiny Toy Guns blaring from my CD player be it EP’s or their album We Are Pilots.

Yellowcard (Ryan Key, vocals and guitar. Sean Mackin, vocals and violin. Longineu Parsons III, drums. Peter Mosely, bass. Ryan Mendez, guitar.)  is out touring in support of their latest album Paper Walls. It’s a great album and while they didn’t play a lot of it last night, they did play a few of my favorites like "The Takedown" and "Light up the Sky." They also played a few from their first two albums and the crowd cheered when the first few chords of "Ocean Avenue" and "Lights and Sounds" began. The guys have such a lot of energy and were really good about getting the crowd to participate.  

yellowcard three

Another thing I love about the small venues is that you make friends easily. Get a couple of drinks in you and stand in someone’s personal space it’s a guaranteed thing. That or a fist fight breaks out. Thanks by the way to the six foot plus guy who took such great pictures for me and then traded spots with me, since he just happened to be blocking my view of the stage. Next time I might just wear a pair of four inch heels myself if it will give me the edge on the crowd.   

It was a fantastic night. Check out Yellowcard’s and Shiny Toy Guns’ site for tour dates and if they are coming anywhere near you, go see them. You will not be disappointed. And then call me because I want to go too.

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