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Concert Review: Video Games Live!

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July 6th marked the advent of Video Games Live! at the Hollywood Bowl. In a evening of supreme bliss for all fans, the LA Philharmonic played some truly memorable gaming anthems.

Before the concert proper began, attendees were given the opportunity to meet with the composers and creators of the games being featured. Simply put, this was a great idea on the part of the concert planners. Getting to meet your gaming idols in person is just sublime.

Any gamer knows that a moving musical score is what stays with you long after you’ve finished playing. A few notes from a particularly emotional piece from any Final Fantasy still have the power to pull at my heart strings.

Unlike Dear Friends and More Friends, Video Games Live! featured music from a wide variety of games. This was a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, obscure gems that have been waiting for the orchestral treatment (like Beyond Good and Evil) finally got it. On the other, games that probably deserve their obscurity (like Headhunter: Redemption) were also included.

Most enjoyable was hearing the classics being skillfully played, from old to new: Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Gear Solid, WarCraft, Halo

Another plus was having Martin Leung, the “Video Game Pianist,” play both before and during the show. He’s quite a formidable talent!

Yes, there were laser lights and people in costumes, but the main attraction of the evening was definitely the music. I’m glad to see that game music is finally getting the respect it deserves!

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  • Cool!

    Thanks for the mention! Glad you enjoyed it!!

    Tommy Tallarico

  • They blew it with Vai’s guitar.

  • that is to say, we couldn’t hear it.