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Concert Review: Sanctity of Brothers Tour, Congress Theater , Chicago – Sept. 9, 2006

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I went to this show because my youngest son was attending and asked me to drive him and some of his friends into the city. When I saw Terror was playing I decided to go to the show myself. I saw Terror a year or so ago and greatly enjoyed their Southern California, tough-guy hardcore. I recently picked up their latest release, Always the Hard Way, and liked it a lot.

Animosity opened the show and played a competent set of death metal with tinges of hardcore but frankly, the mix was so bad I really couldn't form a decent opinion of them. The crowd really liked them, though.

Through the Eyes of the Dead played next and they, too, suffered from a deficient mix. The singer had so much top end on his voice that it was difficult to listen to him. They seemed like competent musicians but the poor sound kept me from being able to enjoy their set.

Terror was up next. I admit that I am biased towards them. I like their live show and
recorded output very much. They did not disappoint. The sound was vastly improved for them. You could actually understand what Scott Vogel was singing and the band was tight and crisp.They played some older tunes and stuff from the most recent release, Always the Hard Way. It was great to watch the metal kids really get into them. The pit was crazy with plenty of push moshing, windmilling, and two-stepping, fueled by some massive breakdowns.

It was good to see a crowd of metal kids and hardcore kids having a good time together and digging each other's music without some of the bullshit posturing that often goes on when these two crowds mix.

I have never been a big fan of Bleeding Through's brand of metalcore. But they are good
musicians and put on a very professional show. Their singer has a strong voice and they
played a mix of older and some newer material. Much of the crowd was there to see them and were not disappointed. The sound was excellent throughout their set and they employed some creative use of lighting.

Unearth closed the show with a crushing set of hardcore laced metal. Strong vocals, kick-ass guitars, incredible drumming, and some tasty breakdowns kept the dancers going. The material ranged from a song off their first EP to songs from The Oncoming Storm to newer songs from III: In the Eyes of Fire. All the common descriptors like crushing, brutal, heavy, and so on don't begin to fully describe the sonic assault that is Unearth.

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  • Adriana

    I was thier at that same concert and i agree with you the unearth did had kick ass guitars.