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Concert Review: Prince – Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington – 12/19/2011

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On December 19th, 2011, Prince left thousands of concertgoers unsatisfied after a far too short show at the Tacoma Dome in Washington State. How do I know they were unsatisfied? Very few people left the arena, even long after the houselights came up and the stagehands began disassembling equipment. There seemed to be a collective feeling of disbelief among the large crowd, many of whom were likely well aware of the lavish praise Prince’s current Welcome 2 America tour is receiving. The folks I talked to after the show were outright pissed – and with good reason: the good seats were around two hundred bucks a pop (to say nothing of the VIP tables near the stage). Couldn’t Prince manage a two-hour show at the very least?

Not on this night, as it turned out. It’s especially unfortunate for those who were seeing Prince for the first time. It was my sixth Prince concert, but it’s the first time I felt like I didn’t get my money’s worth. The show started late, but not absurdly so. The stage – in the shape of Prince’s patented symbol that once served as his name – was in the center of the arena. He’s done this before and I was happy to see this type of presentation again. It gives the audience a much better view, one that favors the entire arena rather than only those closest to the stage. There were a few false alarms with the lights going down briefly and coming right back up, amping up the anticipation prior to Prince and his band taking the stage.

Now would be a good time to say I love Prince and consider him to be, bar none, the baddest man in all of music. He’s truly in a class of his own as a live performer, breathing a rarefied air known only to the likes of the late Godfather of Soul, James Brown. His bands are always incredible – with legendary sax man Maceo Parker taking on a co-starring role on the current tour. Parker has been playing with Prince for years now, but he’s best known for the groundbreaking funk solos he played during his many years with James Brown. When Prince was onstage in Tacoma, he put on a solid show as usual. At barely an hour and a half, there just wasn’t enough of it.

Even worse, the set was mostly predictable. Many of his biggest hits were present, which was undeniably nice for casual fans. The opening trio of “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Delirious,” and “1999” was energetic and a great way to kick things off. “Take Me with U” was performed as a duet with Andy Allo, while Shelby Johnson tore up the part once sung by Rosie Gaines on “Nothing Compares 2 U.” There was a fun, funky medley of “Raspberry Beret” and “Cream.” I wasn’t wild about the reworking of “Little Red Corvette” as a torchy ballad; in fact I thought the arrangement was sluggish and ground the show’s early momentum to a halt.

Much better was a loose run-through of the old Time track “Cool,” a welcome obscurity. They even threw in a bit of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough,” handled by the quartet of female backing vocalists. But the surprises pretty much ended there. Maceo Parker was duly spotlighted several times; at 68 he’s blowing as strong as ever. Other band members were given solo spots as well, including keyboardists Cassandra O’Neal and Morris Hayes.

As is fairly customary during a Prince show, the band left at one point, leaving Prince alone at a keyboard. But instead of a solo piano medley, the man who proclaimed early in the show that he was bringing back “real music” proceeded to sing over snippets of prerecorded samples of a bunch of tunes. I don’t think “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” even had live vocals, just Prince boasting about how many hits he has, while the single version played for about thirty seconds. “Darling Nikki” was teased – just the intro played before Prince abruptly stated, “I don’t want to sing that.” He disavowed his more explicit lyrics a number of years ago. But at any rate, despite a suitably bluesy vocal on “Forever In My Life” and a tantalizing bit of “Hot Thing,” I wanted to hear the band actually playing these songs.

“Purple Rain” brought the house down to close the main set, featuring a killer extended guitar solo. Sparkly gold confetti sprayed out from all corners of the stage during his signature song, which helped signify that we were nearing the end. The problem was it just didn’t feel like the right time for this grand finale. Without a supporting act and a nearly half-hour late start, the show wasn’t much past the one hour mark when “Purple Rain” started. When it finished, the crowd got rowdy and more than a bit impatient hoping for an encore. Prince and company finally reappeared and played an intense version of “Controversy.” But that was it, one song for the encore. No one wanted to leave, with even the security advising people to stay put for a while. Morris Hayes hung around his keyboard station, graciously talking to fans and posing for pictures. But as it turned out, Prince was already on his way to the aftershow.

And apparently that’s where the REAL party started, at Seattle’s Republiq, where Prince and the NPG funked up the joint for over two hours. That’s according to the accounts I’ve read, as I regrettably wasn’t there. Relatively speaking, very few people get to attend Prince’s legendary aftershows (the only one I ever managed to get into, Prince didn’t even make an appearance). Every Prince fan worth his or her salt knows these late-night shows are incredible (there are many amazing examples available from, ahem, unofficial sources). But man, I hate to see it take priority over pricey main concerts.

I try to avoid missing an opportunity to see Prince perform, and would I never discourage anyone from seeing him. I’ve talked to more than one non-fan who became a convert after seeing him live. He delivers in a big way, leaving arenas full of people with a tremendous high. The December 19th Tacoma Dome outing was a rare and disappointing exception to the rule.


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  • Thanks for the comment Andrew – glad to hear the Sydney show was so great! I’ve been to numerous Prince shows, and the Tacoma one I reviewed here was definitely the rare example of him having an off night.

  • Andrew Jane

    Sorry to read so many bad reports of the tacoma gig. Prince is currently Down Under and I went to the first of four Sydney concerts. 30,000 people left stunned (and still dancing) by what an amazing show it was. He played for 3 hours with 4-5 encores, not 1.5 hours and he was clearly having as much fun as we were. He simply rocked the place to its core. I’ve been to quite a few big concerts now and this was the best.

  • Sherri

    What happened to the REAL musician we all know and love? We seriously got ripped off! Prince and his band normally put on a highly professsional and Quality show! Not this time! The entire show was like a band rehearsal,starting with their very casual garb. I’ve been to Prince’s show before. He is usually dressed to the”Nines”! Very disappointing! I was so excited to get 2nd row seats (at $200.00 a pop!) I really couldn’t afford this (especially at Christmas time!) but it was PRINCE and I’m a die-hard fan! I always will be, but after that weak performance, I have lost a lot of respect for him. He only played parts of songs and with a lot of taped music behind them. This is not the perfectionist we know Prince 2 B! It was like he rushed through the show just to get it over with. He didn’t even play for an hour and a half. Why didn’t we get the same show as other cities on this tour did? I have seen clips and reviews. We paid the same amount of money for tickets as they did! I don’t want my money back. I just want Prince to come back and give his loyal fans the show they deserve and paid 4!

  • shawn

    There was about 15,000 people there and everyone owns a phone and comes with those phones are camera’s and video’s. What does he expect. People paid good money for this show and all Prince is crying about are photo’s and video’s. Come on!! I have been to all his shows in the NW. He owe’s us big

  • I saw Prince on Dec. 8 in Winnipeg, along with 10,500 fans.

    The show was supposed to start at 8 pm but it was 30 minutes late. This may have been due to the security checking everyone for probably cameras and cell phone cameras.

    As I entered the seating area, security were handing out flyers warning people not to take photos. As far as I could tell, few people did.

    The show itself was 2.5 hours long, with four encores. Amazing performance, very satisfied with the $130 ticket that had me five rows off the floor, fairly close to the stage. I felt that people who paid more to sit right beside the stage on the floor, cafe style, were ripped off. They couldn’t see the entire stage, just whoever leaned over the edge above them.

  • Elembee

    I went to the show on Monday night, I too have been a long-time Prince fan and seeing him in concert was on my “bucket” list as well. I have to say I did enjoy his show, he’s an incredible performer–like no other. The negatives–it took an hour+ to even get to the parking lot from I-5, and I was there early–we missed half hour of the concert. I also thought the concert was far too short and didn’t feel like I/we got our money’s worth. I won’t go to another Prince concert and definitely not at the Tacoma dome.

  • @ Mike – I saw your comment about the traffic on the P-I site – looks like they took all the comments off.

    I didn’t experience the traffic situation, I guess I got there early enough or something. It’s kind of a separate issue from the concert itself really.

    Oh and @ LizB – I ain’t no “critic” – I’m a fan with a realistic perspective.

  • @ LizB – “epic whining”? Yeah, right – 200 dollar tickets and everyone should be happy with whatever we get?

    I like unpredictability too – which is one of the reasons I didn’t care for the show. Playing nothing but hits sort of defines predictable. I could care less about the confetti – I was hoping for a more varied set list.

    From the looks of traffic you don’t blame him for bolting? He had to bolt because he had another gig to get to. You know, for the money Prince makes doing these shows, the very last thing on my mind is what traffic will be like for him while he sits in his limo.

    I’m glad you felt you got your money’s worth at the T-dome, but you got yourself SOME NERVE talking about “epic whining” – I wish you had paid for the VIP seating to be quite honest.

  • Mike

    None of these comments addresses the exceptionally poor traffic management issue. I left a detailed commentary on the PI’s concert review sight that pops up initially with a google search. Spending 50 minutes in gridlock traffic, to get from the I5 (Southbound) Tacoma exit to the parking garage was ridiculous. The Tacoma Police are to blame for this portion of the evening’s fiasco. They should have frozen the traffic lights and manually directed traffic. If the Tacoma municipality wants to enjoy the venue fees and revenue from selling “refreshments” (beer and soda) to 20,000 people, they need to do a better than terrible job of hosting the event!

  • Wow. Some epic whining going on in here.
    It was my first Prince show and I loved every minute of it, including the variation on Lil Red Corvette as I love unpredictability or I am easily bored.

    The critic says the surprises stopped at MJ’s “Dont Stop” but I have to disagree, I was talking to someone who has seen more than a dozen Prince shows and she said she had never seen confetti during Purple Rain. The confetti was gold mylar and purple paper.

    I dont know if Prince performed for 90 minutes because someone was taking photos or a fan sneaked under the stage but from the looks of traffic after the show Id say I don’t blame him for bolting.

    All in all it being my first Live Prince show Id say I was satisfied. Would I have wanted him to play for 3 hours? Sure thing! I wouldnt have complained.

    On another note, I considered getting the VIP seats, Im glad that I didnt. Most of the folks in that section seemed like they were bumps on logs, not dancing, as if they were there ‘to be seen’. Too close to the stage, which was really high up in cramped area. My seat was 2nd row on the floor in front of them and they were perfect. The folks around me were getting down, old school and new school 🙂

    I also made it to the after show in Seattle which was a funk fest. The tickets were 60. plus service charges which ended up costing about 70. My only complain is the address on the receipt was wrong, it directed people to Belltown but I lived downtown Seattle for some time and I knew something was off, asked a cab driver who directed me to the correct 1st Ave. This is part of the set list – Stratus, Pass the Peas, Calhoun Square, Dreamer, She’s Always in My Hair, Which Way is Up, Everyday People, wanna Take U Higher, Better Way, Lets Go, Waiting In Vain/Crimson & Clover, Lets Get it On, Empty Room, Peach. You’re My Everything.

  • @ C. Vamp – I hear ya, like I said in the review, Maceo was blowing up a storm – damn near stole the show from Prince!

    That said, putting it into perspective would mean comparing the show to other from this tour. How about the 3 hour and 15 minute Toronto show that had six encores? No, not every city gets the same show, but everyone shelled out big $$$.

    I agree there is a difference between leaving people wanting more, and leaving people unsatisfied. And this was truly a case of leaving ’em unsatisfied.

  • Ronda

    I would have loved a longer show.. I drove 1 hour & 45 minutes from Everett to see him. Left @ 4pm for the 8pm show… I would have gone to the after show had I know… and paid the $100 more. But of course I don’t think the general public gets invited to those. I enjoyed his show but wished it wasn’t so short & wasn’t so far away.

  • C. Vamp

    Come on now, it was still a great show. No, it wasn’t his best night, but let’s keep things in perspective, he is still one of the greatest entertainers alive and that was more than evident in the show. Prince and the band were tight and they had Maceo funkin’ Parker with them and you were “unsatisfied”? Don’t fake the funk people. There is a big difference between “leaving people wanting more” and leaving people “unsatisfied”. This was the former, not the latter.

  • Patricia

    I’m glad that the patrons of the after party really enjoyed themselves and was treated to 2 hours of pure funk at its finest. I am glad that they got their $60.00 worth of royal Prince entertainment. Being so bold as to speak for those who attended the Dome performance and spent considerably more than $60.00….the Dome performance could have been infinitely better. His career long fans know that when Prince is in the right vibe, he can bring a house down and leave you fully satisified. Sadly, although a good performance compared to a lot of performers, it was not Prince worthy. I hope Prince returns to the Tacoma Dome, sooner than 7 years, and gives us the show that we will feel to be priceless at any cost.

  • Michael Dean

    My date performed at the aftershow. 🙂 Not sure how many people. Heard it was sold out. Small stage. The main area was PACKED, there was a upstairs. The VIP section was huge. It was aight back there..but I wanted to be out with the other fans at the stage. I’ll save the rest for the podcast. Can i just say DJ Rashada is FINE!!! LOL

  • @ Michael Dean – nice, I will definitely check it out. Your date must have had some pull, sounds like a nice bonus getting to go backstage.

    Approximately how many people were able to get into the aftershow? I’ve never been in Republiq before.

  • Michael Dean

    I will give a full run down of that nite. I do a Prince Podcast. I will post it in a few days, if not tomorrow.

    The aftershow was not free, $60.00. (tho I did get in free) 😛 The ticket info for the after show was posted on Prince.org at least the day before the show. I’m sad about the dome show..but I cant lie I still had a blast that nite. My date dragged me backstage to met Shelby J and India Arie.

  • @ Patricia – wow, long comment – just wanted to add that as far as I know, the Republiq aftershow was not free. I know that doesn’t invalidate your point at all, you just mentioned “non-paying public.” I heard the aftershow tix were 60 bucks (maybe Michael Dean can confirm or correct that?)

    Anyway, yeah I agree with everyone saying the phone pics and security issues aren’t something everyone should be punished for.

    But that’s IF these factors were in fact why the show was lacking. After all, many of us longtime fans know the man doesn’t always have his fans’ best interests in mind (not releasing his latest album in the U.S., but giving it away for free in the UK, being just the recent tip of the iceberg).

  • rm

    The energy and excitement before the concert started was really great. So many long time fans, such as parents with their young adult kids, all in such good spirit. And the concert was good, but never really felt like it went to someplace special, and the goofy bit at the piano with a verse from lots of songs was something from Lawrence Welk. But then to end the concert so short was just insulting. It was one of the saddest things I’ve ever experienced at a concert, thousands of people waiting in disbelief after the concert had ended, hoping they really weren’t cheated. And then to find out the real concert was for folks in the know with an extra hundred to spend above the $200 the Dome tickets cos (and who didn’t have to get up and work the next day). Prince, I have always loved what you do (and still do) but I will never pay to see you again, and always see you as someone who’s in it for the money, and doesn’t really care about his fans, or their money.

  • @ Michael Dean – if you get a moment, I’d love to hear some more details about the aftershow – that’s great you were able to go.

  • Patricia, Federal Way

    I attended the Prince Concert held at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma Washington Monday night 12-19-2011, the last leg of the Prince’s Welcome 2 Canada Tour. This was the first time since 2004 that Prince graced the Northwest (NW) with his royal presence. To boldly speak for my fellow Prince fans….we were anticipating an epic concert from THE best LIVE entertainer/performer of our time. We the previously ignored NW fans; we spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars to attend a Monday night performance. (Money that most of us will be paying on for quite some time.). When we heard Prince was coming to Tacoma; we didn’t care if we had to take vacation time to leave early from work if we worked the day shift or take vacation time to miss a day of work if we worked the night shift. We didn’t care if we had to fight traffic, park a distance away, in order not to pay for parking, and to walk or bus in. Some if us didn’t even mind paying $25.00 to park on top of all of our other expenses for the concert. All we knew was that Prince was coming to Tacoma Washington and we the Ultimate fans of a Consummate performer would be there heck or high water. We his NW Ultimate fans just wanted to see Prince, because we knew we would get our monies worth and so, so, so, so much more!!

    Unfortunately, Prince was not his usual royal powder keg of energy and funk. As a fellow Gemini who is 10 days younger than Prince, I believe his twin was performing last night. Yes, he performed his chart topping hits. Yes, he danced and held school on guitar and piano playing. But something was off. In my section we were singing every word to every song and waiting for the next royal explosion of funk. Unfortunately, we didn’t get quite the burst we had anticipated. I felt we were short changed. What we got was barely a 90 minute performance that fell flat about 45 minutes into it. I don’t know if it was the obvious acoustic problems, lighting problems or what. The epic concert we all anticipated turned out to be an mediocre event, that included Prince singing to a sound track at his piano. (I believe…however I think at that point in the performance he had asked the lighting technicians to turn up the house lights, and they turned them OFF, so I can’t positively confirm that he was singing over a prerecorded track I can only rely on my hearing.) As I said something was off last night and before you know it…..it was over., quite abruptly. For any other performer that would probably be acceptable, but for Prince it was beyond disappointing to us, his career long fans.

    When we first heard that Prince had included Tacoma Washington as the last leg of a Canadian tour; some of us did wonder if Tacoma was entered as a last minute afterthought. Frankly, after the performance we witnessed last night, I would sadly say that the answer to that question is a resounding YES!

    I’ve read in many comments posted to various reviews of the 12-19-2011concert that patrons to the concert thought Prince was upset that so many people were taking pictures and videos, so he cut the concert short. Considering that Prince is a mega superstar and the fans just wanted to capture a picture of him to relive their experience…..well anyone else may see that as an ultimate compliment.

    Other comments I’ve read were that Prince was upset because some over exuberant ignorant female fan breached security and got in under his stage, so he cut the concert short. (That would be scary…..considering the number of psychos in society today.) I understand the concern. But why punish the unsuspecting thousands for one ignorant fans’ action.

    Regardless of the issues; I feel Prince owes Tacoma fans another opportunity to see him put on a live performance on the royal level that we all know that he is more than capable of giving. After all it seems he gave his nonpaying public at the Seattle Republiq Club a royal two hour post concert/after party performance. Was that why he left so abruptly? I hope not.

    And the Tacoma Dome owes at least a discount to 12-19-2011 ticketholders at least a fifty percent discount on the future concert.

    My personal request to Prince, if you or one of your staff happens to read this posting: Prince, I am not a fair-weather fan, I will see you perform again in the future somewhere. However, whatever the problems were at the Tacoma Dome on 12-19-2011…..don’t allow those problems to put a bitter taste in your mouth. Come back to Tacoma….don’t take another 7 years….but VERY SOON. Come back and WOW your fans the way we deserve to be WOWD.

  • Michael Dean

    The Dome show was Super short. I hate to admit it. I went to the after show in Seattle. THAT was the real funk. Started around 2:15am. That club was SWEATY! Shelby B was on fire.

  • Sheila

    I was so excited to see Prince in concert last night. I had seen him in the past and he put on an amazing show. I expected a similar experience and I was surprisingly disappointed with the show. Myself and the people around us were confused as to wether the show was over or not, when the lights came partially on. He had the audience sing as well as have his band carry the show, singing medleys as opposed to playing the whole song. To spend that kind of money during this expensive holiday season was really disheartening. If he wasn’t going to give his all and only put on half a show, he should have rescheduled. Instead he took the money people work so hard to make. It’s just…unfortunate

  • dnamj

    I thought it was a weak performance, and a serious disappointment. When you have a crowd that size, and a band of that caliber, to throw away that opportunity by holding back and cutting the show short is unworthy.

    After insulting the crowd (does the name James Brown mean anything to anyone? Yes. It does. More than the name “Prince” does in fact), playing nothing more than snippets of his 1980s hits, wanking on his synth, and strutting around pulling call-and-response tired BS for 70 minutes, he pulled out the Purple Rain and one encore song and left.

    To bail after a short show in order to play a club date (which was an additional $100) is a douchebag move.

  • Mark

    Soooooooooo disappointed. This was my third (and last) Prince concert. No way he gave me my money’s worth. Not even close. This was more like a Superbowl halftime show than a full concert. I basically paid him $3 per minute. Although, if you consider his actual time on stage it was probably more like $5 per minute. That’s a bit unreasonable. I lost a lot of respect for Prince last night. Real music? Real ripoff.
    On a positive note, Maceo Parker is amazing. I’m so glad he was there.

  • Chickie

    Great write-up, summed it up very well. Maceo Parker was the best part of the show and there was definitely a James Brown influence going on. The Hardest Working Man in Show Business would not have approved of last night’s show, however. I went online first thing this morning to look for concert reviews and read an earlier review from a blog at Seattle Weekly. Honestly couldn’t figure out if the author was at the same concert….

    I’ve been a long-time Prince fan and this was my first Prince concert. I might try to see him again another time to see if last night was an anomaly, but the boyfriend won’t be convinced to go again, he wasn’t much of a fan before and really isn’t now.

  • Holly

    I also totally agree with your review. It was my 3rd time seeing Prince in concert, and I was very disappointed.

  • Cyn

    It took longer to find my all purple outfit (boots and all) than it did at that concert. I went to the one in 04′ and was late (second show) and was LONGER than the one last night. I didn’t know anything about him performing at republiq… AND…your gonna take it out on fans cause of the crazy lady fan and the cameras? I did not appreciate the tease of Darling Nikki (he knew he wasn’t gonna perform it so don’t tease)… And thank goodness I paid $37 bucks for my seats cause they were great. I will be a fan of Prince, but I do feel like I was slapped in the face!

  • Ronda

    I saw the Key arena show & thought it was a bit better. I love seeing Prince & will go back to see him again & again when I can. I do think it is sad if he did punish all of us for some people doing what they were asking not to do. But it also isn’t like he isn’t getting his money. The quality of pictures I could take w/my camera or my cell camera would not be one that would earn me $50,000….. or even the price of the ticket. I do wish artists would undertand we want a memento of the evening thru a picture that we took even if only before the show started. I was going to buy a shirt but they didn’t have one in my size that said America on it.. I didn’t want the Canada one (no offense).

  • After seeing Prince’s amazing 2004 Musicology show at Key Arena, I so wanted to be at the T-Dome last night. After reading this and some other reports though, I’m glad I didn’t spend the money.

    That said, on a good night, Prince is still one of the most electrifying performers on the planet, and his 2004 Seattle was one of the best I’ve ever seen from anyone, period.

    I’m just glad I’m able to keep my memories of the many great Prince shows I’ve seen over the years, and not have that tarnished by what sounds like a rare, off night complicated by weird outside factors (like the mysterios girl under the stage).

    Nice reporting though, Chad.


  • Sherry

    @Java – it was a pretty good show. This review mentions quite a few highlights. However it was pretty short compared to what he usually does and what he has been doing recently. The Toronto show was reportedly over 3 hours with six encores. It’s hard not to feel short changed.

    I thought the extended segment with him singing to just a pre-corded backing track was a little strange. “Real Music?”

  • @ Heather C. – my wife did say she saw some of security dealing with picture-takers, I just guess I wasn’t paying attention. I loved the ’04 Key Arena show to. I didn’t see the symbol guitar at all last night.

    @ Java – glad you and your wife enjoyed the show! I think this being your first Prince concert probably helped your overall enjoyment level. Don’t get me wrong, the performance itself was still very good.

  • Java

    I guess I’m in a minority? -1st time to a Prince concert and still on a contact high. One of, if not the best, concert I’ve been to in over 40 years of attending many concerts. My wife, who isn’t a fan, feels the same way!

  • Heather C.

    Purple, TAFKAP symbol guitar?*

  • Heather C.

    I think I saw that lady who got under the stage being escorted out by 3 security men.

    I’m surprised you missed people getting busted for taking pictures, even on the way into the Tacoma Dome there was a man paid to tell everyone, “No taking pictures or video”. I felt pretty bad for a lady in front of me who was taking a picture of the stage way before the concert started…just for taking a picture of the stage, a man in a red shirt that said “Alcohol Enforcement” on the back, was so rude to her and continued to harass her even after she cooperated fully and deleted the picture. She then was sending text messages and he came down and “swore” she took more pictures and harassed her some more.

    I’m disappointed, in 2004 Prince had a show at Key Arena that blew my mind. He had the same sage set up, which was fine for last night but somewhat added to the disappointment once everything was said and done. I may be incorrect here, but did he even play with his purple, TAFKAP symbol?

  • JB

    I’ve been a Prince fan my entire life, but the concert last night was absolutely insulting. We paid $1000 for our family to enjoy a quality show during the holidays, and he didn’t even play for 1.5 hours. Of the music that we heard, he sang MAYBE half the time and his band picked up the rest of the show.

    At least we get to make fun of him for wearing those bad costumes for the rest of our lives. It looked like he stopped off at Hollywood Costume Mart before the show to pick a few items off the sale rack.

  • Christina

    This was my first Prince concert and I have been a LONG time fan. I was disappointed in how short the show was, especially since I was one that paid for the higher priceed seats. I only did because it was my first time seeing him, and it was seriously one the top things on my “bucket list” of things to do. I kept hearing from several people who have seen him that he does several encors and goes on for hours, Be sure not to leave until they tear down the stage. We did just that. Sat and waited, but nothing. In reading the previous posts, I can understand him getting upset about security, or cameras, but to punish ALL of the fans that were there? I’m still a HUGE fan, that will never change. And if I get a chance to see him again, I will.

  • @ Teresa – so the plot thickens… Thanks for the info.

    Oh, and since my previous comment, my wife told me that she saw people getting busted for taking pics too – I guess I was oblivious to all that!

  • Teresa

    I was at the show last night too. I was right by the piano (not the VIP seats though). Security was in front of us the whole time and I wanted to take a picture so bad but they were busting people left and right. Also, some stupid chick breached security and got under the stage (through the VIP section). I think Prince found out and that pissed him off and that’s why he ended early. The t-dome security people told us that Prince’s security people were pissed that the chick got through. I think that had a lot to do with him leaving early.

  • @ Kristen, oh really? I don’t think I noticed anything going on like that, but what a shame if its true. In this day and age, phone pics/vids are inevitable and usually of such low quality that it shouldn’t be regarded as a big deal. Anyway, sorry your first Prince show wasn’t one of his better ones.

    @ Heather C., thanks for the comment. It pains me to write a less than sterling review of a Prince show.

  • Heather C.

    I completely agree with the entire article.

  • Kristen

    I read that he stopped abruptly because too many people were taking photo and video. I saw it too; security guards were spotting people taking photos and they grabbed the phones of the guilty parties and deleted their photos.

    This was my first Prince show and feel that I paid way too much to see less than two hours. I’m actually saddenned!