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Concert Review: Mashwork Orange at La Lanterna, Yonkers, 9/8/11

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And there rose like the sun Ludwig van himself with thundery litso and cravat and wild windy voloss, and
then I heard the Ninth, last movement, with the slovos all a
bit mixed-up like they knew themselves they had to be mixed-
up, this being a dream:
–excerpt from A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Mashwork Orange is a pop/hip hop/rock cover band based in Nyack, NY and managed by S.T.A.R.S. Productions. Always energetic, this six-piece group is known locally for their ability to seamlessly play an eclectic variety of music, showcasing their clever song mashups in live performances at favorite watering holes and nightlife hotspots across the Northeast. 

The individual band members are referred to by stage monikers alluding to popPhoto rights reserved by Laurel Schrockculture icons and idols: Rheyonce is the confident and sultry-voiced female vocal. Dan I Am also leads vocals as a charming jokester. Mikki Stixx keeps the beat as drummer and, quite often, crooner. R2D-Bot is Mashwork’s synthesizerist, using complex, melodic undercurrents to fuse the mashups together with Tone Def, the spot on, rocking bassist, and Gavimus Prime’s keen ear for perfect delivery makes one feel like they’re listening to favorite guitar riffs remixed for the radio.

Many mashup bands tend to gravitate toward DJ remixes of the original works, but Mashwork Orange redefine one’s expectations of this art, as I soon learned at La Lanterna in Yonkers this past Thursday night (9/8/11). They embraced the DJ style set-up with a relaxed humor and intensity, replacing records with finetuned musical ability. Each member expertly plays their instruments and the singers belt out easily recognized lyrics with practiced ease. Crowd pleasers were “Enter Telephone,” a mix of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” and “Last Boy,” combining Rihanna’s attitude in “Rude Boy” with Papa Roach’s “Last Resort.”  Mashwork is constantly working new material into their set list, but you can view their current song list online.

Mashwork Orange sells out shows regularly; their local name precedes them and usually guarantees venues a packed house. However, a stormy overcast sky threatened the promise of an outdoor dining/concert  and a key highway exit closure led to a modest, initially uninspired audience. Mashwork performed with exuberance and tireless enthusiasm despite these setbacks. Dan I Am unabashedly wove in between the tables interspersed with diners and appreciative, but seated listeners, encouraging eager and shy women alike to dance.  Rheyonce had everyone clapping in sync to Mikki Stixx’s rhythms. Several onlookers happily contributed their breakdance moves, while the attentive wait staff swayed and danced behind the outdoors bar, making sure everyone was taken care of and enjoyed the show. 

As the sky darkened, La Lanterna’s illuminated trees and Mashwork Orange’s stage lights created a warm, party atmosphere. Although it began to drizzle, the audience’s energy picked up and many started to join the dance area in front of the band. Most tables soon emptied, patrons’ drinks abandoned, as they surrendered to the irresistable pull of Mashwork Orange’s personality and music. Bring your friends out to see them for a night out of excellent music and escapism entertainment.

Visit MashworkOrange.com for MP3 clips and a schedule of their upcoming shows. Also ‘Like’ their page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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