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Concert Review: Lonestar, Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, November 21, 2008

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It was country. But it was also rock. The band Lonestar has sold ten and a half million albums since their start in the early 1990s and have achieved ten, Top 10 albums. Their country/rock concert at the Canyon Club Friday Night November 21, was packed with fans. I was one of the many and, when the lights went down, I was not disappointed.

The band consists of Cody Collins (Lead Singer), Dean Sams (Keyboards), Michael Britt (Lead Guitar), and Keech Rainwater (Drums). They played sixteen songs plus an encore. Hits included: “Amazed,” “I’m Already There,” “Walking in Memphis,” “Tell Her,” “What About Now?,” “No News,” and a bunch of other Lonestar hits from the past.

They played all my favorite hits, as well as three songs from their new album, The Future — “Let Me Love You,” “You’re the Reason Why,” and “Live, Life, and Love.” I really enjoyed them to be honest. The album comes out in the first quarter of 2009 and I’m going to preorder it off Amazon. It’s only a six song CD instead of the usual ten or eleven, so the six songs will be perfect. The goal was to make the songs radio hits. You can listen to “Let Me Love You” on the Official Lonestar Website. I think “You’re the Reason Why” is going to be the next “Amazed.” It’s a slower, love song. It’s pretty cute. I liked it.

When I look through the notes I took at the concert, one thing that kept appearing was how impressed I was with Cody Collins. (Pictured Left) Cody is not the original singer of Lonestar, so I was curious as how he would sing Lonestar songs from previous albums. To be honest, I like Cody’s singing better that Richie McDonald’s.

In an exclusive interview with Blogcritics, Keech (Pictured Right) said about Cody, “Oh, yeah (I’m definitely satisfied with him.) Cody’s such a great addition to the band. Richie leaving the band was a pretty big change and it was a big challenge to find somebody to fill his shoes. Maybe even step it up a notch. He’s (Cody) young and exciting. A really talented singer. A real cool guy. Years ahead attitude wise and professional wise of his actual age.” I do agree with Keech on this one. Cody was absolutely amazing.

What I really thought was cool was that the band really cared about the fans. Someone in the crowd requested “Smile” which wasn’t on the line-up for the night, but because of this request, Lonestar actually played the song, which I thought was extremely cool.

If you live in Agoura Hills or nearby, consider going to the Canyon Club. I hadn’t been there before and I really enjoyed it. The line getting in wasn’t long and they served a three-course meal that was absolutely amazing. It started with salad. Then, I got a wonderful fillet Mignon and ended with a slice of chocolate cake. The decorations are beautiful and the acoustics rock. And every seat in the Canyon Club is a great one. Upcoming artists at the Canyon Club include Jon Lovitz and Willie Nelson.

The Lonestar concert was incredibly excellent. The boys looked like they were having fun and the audience definitely was. They seemed passionate about what they do. I just know one thing: When Lonestar come back to California, I’m definitely buying tickets.

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