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Concert Review (Las Vegas): Legends in Concert at Harrah’s

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The Harrah’s casino on the Las Vegas Strip is home to the longest-running celebrity tribute show in the world, Legends in Concert. The show consists of five “superstars,” which change quite frequently, to keep things fresh and to keep audiences coming back.

Each tribute performer is backed by a live band, backing singers, and dancers. There’s VIP seating at the front consisting of theater-like seats in rows, but with cup holders so that you can keep your drink with you – this is Vegas, after all. There are booths with tables in the center and towards the back, and as you get farther back, the level is raised, so I should think everyone gets a good view. There are two large screens at either side of the stage, used very cleverly to show footage of the real star along with live footage of the stage show as it happens.

The show I saw, on a Sunday night, was pretty packed. We had dinner in the casino’s Asian restaurant – service was speedy, as we told them we were going to a show, and the food was very good. The audience members’ ages varied widely and everyone seemed to be having lots of fun.

Our first performer was a Michael Jackson tribute. The dancing was fabulous, from him and from the backing dancers; they did a great rendition of “Thriller” and he even moonwalked. He didn’t score as highly on sounding like Michael Jackson as he did on dancing like him, but he did pretty well.

The second performer was a Justin Timberlake tribute. I refer you here to the name of the show: Legends. I do know one Timberlake song, but they didn’t perform that one. Again, more excellent dance routines, and the singer was charming and funny. As we left I heard other people commenting on how a Timberlake tribute had got into a Legends show, a strange choice in my opinion too.

Our third performance was a Blues Brothers tribute. These guys were getting on in years, but still danced up a storm, like the real thing. Great soul and blues songs, great jokes, a nice, playful set.

The next show was put on by a pretty convincing Tina Turner tribute artist. She was a fit and lithe older lady with an amazing set of lungs, just like the real thing. More great dance routines and some killer songs. Since it was Sunday, she did her version of Tina’s version of “Proud Mary.”

Our final performance just had to be Elvis, didn’t it? He did the classics, interacted with the audience beautifully, made us sing along, and made us laugh. This was the section with the best costumes, and the showiest lights, but then, that’s how it should be for Elvis!

The show lasted around an hour and 15 minutes. There is a bar in the theater, so you can keep drinking if you wish. To my mind, the greatest stars of this show were the backing dancers. Even if I didn’t know a song too well, and that’s always a possibility when you see a mixed show like this, they entertained me. The backing band, singers, and dancers were on stage for the whole show, and if they were tired from working so hard they didn’t show it. The costumes were incredible and we got at least one costume change per performer. It’s a treat for your eyes as well as your ears. The only drawback is that you don’t know which five “stars” you will get for your show.

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